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Sports Are No Different!!!

What am I talking about now is
……professional athletes have rules too!! But it seems in this day and age every profession is dirty and that want and greed blindside people with a lack of appreciation for hard work and talent. And sadly regarding baseball players like Jeter and Rivera will be known as playing in the ‘Steroid Era’ when they played by the rules!! Money is the motivation behind taking steroids cause the stronger you get the better you play the larger the check….and due to books being written by Conseco cause he was broke so he ratted out teammates with no hesitation for his own reputation as long as he got paid. Selena Roberts…I think you get it!!

Too many athletes get caught up in the whole spotlight and then cry that their not celebrities and I agree with their reasoning if it wasn’t bullshit half the time. It is whining that same excuse when in reality as a professional athlete you have the responsibilities of being a role model to kids all over the world!! That is something that is overlooked so much in sports especially as of lately cause we hear the story of being broke and making a glove from scraps and playing with a tennis ball cause couldn;t afford a baseball and look that guy is making millions, his ‘crib’ is on MTV, he dates hotties blah, blah blah but then he goes and gets a DWI or shots his driver by accident or shots himself…..I know everyone makes mistakes but I am no the face of companies ads and kids do not have me on their t-shirts or wear certain sneaker because I do!! With the access to scandals made so easy due to technology being so advanced in the last decade the term ‘privacy’ needs a new meaning.

What I am attepting to get across is….even more then ever the talent needs to be appreciated where the attitude is a display of its deserved respect. I know life is hard but the Jeter’s of sports are becoming the minority, not in numbers but in attention. And if rules can help or force responsibility on athletes I believe it could only hinder their appreciation, which can only be positive for everyone!!!