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Something $$ Can’t Buy…..

First off nice win today, even if it was walked in by the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays are the surprise of 09′. I was confident after last year that the Rays would be the team to beat this season. Young and talented were the adjectives everyone would associate with Tampa Bay. Evan Longoria is a weapon but an injured one (seen today with his limping to first base in the last out) but if you read the names on Tampa’s roaster there is an artillery. The Rays are playing the toughest teams right now and their can easily compete so lets not count this team out at all.

The Yankees look great! I have said it before the biggest asset to any team is not one pitcher or two batters but the entire roaster is in it s a team. When one area is struggling the other guys want to help him out. The 2009 Yankees are an example of the essence of team. Coming back 20 times to get the win, defending the honor of teammates regardless of the consequences. Ahhhh that reminds me of the late 90’s teams which were so dominate because every opposing team know that the Yankees game was never won until the last out in the ninth inning. And that is the kind of presence only a team can bring.

Here are some examples over the past few weeks that give me goose bumps:


  • 1 – AJ Burnett throwing in defense of Mark Teixeira, high, inside and within purpose. Clear cut mess with one you mess with a team. Watch below: sorry video removed.



  • 2 – All players up and down the batting line-up are hitting. The confidence in each other makes the players relax and not feel so much pressure all the time. Look at Melky he has been outstanding in the clutch and all over the field as well.In addition the opposing pitcher’s even getting one Yankee to strike out, get absolutely no relief on the mound. Why? As simple as the next Yankees in the batting order is good, even our catchers can hit. So pitchers are sweating all over baseball at just the thought that they better bring their ‘A’ game.
  • 3 – Pitching is outstanding with all of the starting rotation pitching their hearts out. Rivera is not a machine but he is still outstanding. Phil Hughes in the middle is a dream to have him ready to move back to start which I think will happen. Joba is destined to take over for Mo, it just fits. Also, Hughes is a better starter than Joba or at least will be. He has the calm, patience and confidence that is needed to be a starter . Joba’s enthusiasm to win is inspiring!! Just a few days back he dove on a play that was athletic to the point of almost stupid if he had hurt himself but he is a fist pumping, emotional player which would light up at the end! Watch video below to see this play….(hit it made #1)



  • 4 – The old timers are not playing like the veterans of the team. Jeter and Damon are as far as I can see the smartest idea Girardi has made. The combo is the toughest 1/2 lead off hitting punch in baseball right now. Follow that with Tex/Arod as the 3/4 and that might be a pretty nice cushion to know is on next. Damon and Jeter have both become so consistent it is almost scary. In the situations when its either hit, score or lose the game the two veterans of the team are an example to be idolized by the younger teammates.
  • 5 – New Yankees just fit in the puzzle Cashman should be patting himself on the back. Brian is not a mind reader but the personalities are in sync. Somethings money can’t but and that is the essence of team. I do not care who bitches about how much money the Yankees spent on the new additions this off season cause each one is worth every dime. It is a fact of life that you cannot buy people into bonding and wanting to be more then just a teammate you happen to be on the same payroll as.


This years Yankees are every managers, coaches, fans and players dream team. Any sports fan knows money doesn’t buy championships or spirit but could these group of men even have been together without the large contracts? No way in h*(&*!!!

Aristotle had the best definition for team,

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

And that is something you cannot buy or expect to achieve because of how much you paid. If I was buying a car I would expect the best quality for what I paid for but we all tend to forget that these athletes are people too.

The Yankees players all make money so their choice to become a team is their choice. When individuals inspire each other the team gets formed and the friendships become more then baseball. The Yankees finally really like their team and that has been a long time; we all almost forgot how that looked from the stands and fact is the wins are showing how true it is on the field!

Big week is only going to get bigger….…Keep it up and lets bring out a brooms in Boston!!! My next post is something dear to my heart….And might make the fan question where my head is.

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