Sloppy Or Not A Win Helps The Yankees Stay On Top - Lady Loves Pinstripes Sloppy Or Not A Win Helps The Yankees Stay On Top - Lady Loves Pinstripes Sloppy Or Not A Win Helps The Yankees Stay On Top - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Sloppy Or Not A Win Helps The Yankees Stay On Top

Normalcy has finally returned to the AL East, as the Red Sox and Yankees are back in charge once again.

Still, the AL East is as strong as ever.The Rays have been dethroned. The Blue Jays become a reality check. While, the Orioles are consistently getting worse.

The AL East is not a conspiracy theory. The division just happens to promote the Red Sox and Yankees who must continually fight season after season.


The Rays have lost 7of their last 10 games and are now faced with their biggest challenge ever.

Given the fact that everyone is well aware that Tampa‘s talent is compelling to the point of scary. This makes the team’s future depend on what attitude is brought to the ballpark, day in and day out.

It is about time for the Rays to verify whether 2008 was a coincidence or not.

The Rays will determine if the AL East is now a three-headed animal or not.

Fans need to determine if this is a ‘team of fighters’ or ‘entitled individuals’. The odds are in the Rays favor, but inexperience needs to be acknowledge by the players in order to survive.


With summertime being official, it is no wonder the Blue Jays true colors are showing, and it is not pretty.

The Blue Jays continue to emerge hot out of the gate, but once they encounter a typical drop its all over.My opinion is that Toronto will sit in 4th place for the rest of this season, which comes as no shocker to any baseball fan.


The Yankees just wrapped up another series win, beating the Arizona Diamondbacks 2-1 in games.

Once the news that both the Red Sox and Rays lost on Wednesday night, winning the third game of this inter-league series became crucial.

Somehow the Yankees won because they played horribly. Call it accidental or whatnot because a ‘W’ is a win no matter what.

Still, the defending champs are well aware that they have to do better because October baseball is what is at stake.

Currently, the Yankees have to use these rare opportunities to expand their first-place lead if they want to stay atop the division. The Red Sox are likely to come back after a frustrating series against the Colorado Rockies.

For now, they are 2.5 games over the Red Sox and the Rays, who are tied for second place.

Both analysts and fans predict each time that the Yankees and Red Sox days are over. Some have gone as far as crowning the Blue Jays and Rays kings of the AL East one week into to the 2010 season.

Well, hate to break the news to BBT crew but the Red Sox and Yankees are not going anywhere, anytime soon.

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