Robby Cano Don't You Know Well Now You Do - Lady Loves Pinstripes Robby Cano Don't You Know Well Now You Do - Lady Loves Pinstripes Robby Cano Don't You Know Well Now You Do - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Robby Cano Don’t You Know Well Now You Do

Robinson Cano is a darn authentic baseball player, but after years the discussion of Cano’s promise to excel seems to be unfolding.

Cano is leading baseball in hitting, with .407 avg, eight home-runs, five doubles, one triple, 17 RBI‘s and .444 OBP.

To understand the importance of Cano’s impact, just compare Albert Pujols‘ stats, a .333 Avg, seven home-runs, six doubles, zero triples, 19 RBI’s but has struck out 16 times at 84 at-bats. Cano has 81 at-bats and only 10 strike-outs, so you catch my drift.

Cano’s monster has followed him to second base, as his defense has been just as remarkable. Last night bottom of the third, Cano’s play off Orioles Nolan Reimold’s hard grounder to get the out at first will be a Web-gem for the next month.

Cano is the darling of the town in New York, and also of his team. With the Yankees power twins, Arod and Tex, still slumping away could have hurt the team if it were not for Cano.

With Jeter, Posada and flashes of Swisher keeping the company afloat, Cano batting in the fifth spot soften the blow or lack there of the two dead bats ahead of him. Cano also stepped it up with Posada not starting last night by hitting two home-runs and a double.

This is the charge fans had been dreaming of since 2005, when Cano arrived. Now everyone is salivating over his month of April.

No doubt, Cano is the player of the month.

Finally, the Yankees are back in the Bronx, and the Chicago White Sox will be in town.

White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen always brings added flare where ever he goes, so should be a enjoyable series. Yankees pitching has to be intact because White Sox have some heavy hitters with Konerko, Rios, Quentin and Kotsay.

This would be time for Arod and Tex to get going. May 1st is on Saturday just in case Tex forgot.

NOTE TO SELF (Arod and Tex): must take Cano to an elegant dinner, not at Mustangs (Arod’s watering hole).