Someone might want to remind Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner what he promised us cause this is not it - Lady Loves Pinstripes Someone might want to remind Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner what he promised us cause this is not it - Lady Loves Pinstripes Someone might want to remind Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner what he promised us cause this is not it - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Someone might want to remind Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner what he promised us cause this is not it

This past October during a radio interview with Mike Francesa on WFAN, Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner made a promise to the fan base. 

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The 189 is a goal. It’s important, and it’s certainly a goal that we take seriously and we’re going to strive for, but as I’ve said before on numerous occasions, it’s not going to come at the expense of fielding a championship-caliber team. We know that’s what we’re expected to do, and we’re going to do it.” (Click HERE to listen to the entire interview.)

Friday’s signing of Carlos Beltran for 3-years and $45 million, leaves the Yankees with about $5 million left to spend before going over the $189 million in payroll.

The Yankees have holes all over the place, with the biggest at second base since letting their best player, Robinson Cano sign with the Mariners.

The Mariners handed Cano a 10-year deal worth $240 million, which at point-blank is an absurd contract when it is not.

In order for the irrelevant Mariners to get one of the top five best players in the game to come to Seattle, they were going to have to hand over the kitchen sink.

Cano’s new contract falls under the same “relevancy” category that Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire‘s 5-year, $99,743,996 deal does. Teams overpay a superstar to get fans back and entice other players, it happens in all walks of life. 

Getting back to Hal….John Harper of the New York Post reported yesterday that the Yankees didn’t even budge when Cano’s camp called to tell them of the Seattle deal.

What makes no sense is that the Yankees wouldn’t go above $175 million and seven-years for Cano, but were willing to shell out eight-years and $169 million to get Jacoby Ellsbury?

Why did the Yankees not counter with an eight-year, $200 million offer?

The only logical answer is because they were afraid Cano might accept that number, and reality is he was not apart of the Yankees plans to begin with.

Any one with a half-a-brain knows this whole ordeal stinks of the Yankees scheming to make Cano look greedy, when they did not even pursue him.

The fact here is baseball-wise, Cano is far superior to Ellsbury in every aspect, unless the Yankees can front office cannot do math at all.

In my opinion, the issue here is that Hal only breaks out the calculator for payroll because that is all he ever cared about.

Are you wondering how the heck I know this fact about Yankees inherited owner Hal?

It is not some big secret, as you know already whether you care to admit it or not.

And that is the current, Cano-less and Beltran gained state of the Yankees is NOT a championship caliber team and it will take a boatload more than $5 million bucks to make it one.

Signing Beltran was kind of pointless when you think about it, as the outfield was already over-loaded and considering all the other holes that are still not filled. Obviously, Beltran was signed to soften the Cano-blow, and distract fans anger when homegrown Brett Gardner gets dealt.

The bottom line here is if Hal Steinbrenner was a man of his word, he would have at least made a counter offer for eight-years and $196-$200 million to keep Cano. 

Why, you ask?

The Yankees took a major step backwards yesterday, and are trying to pin it on Cano when they treated him so carelessly.

Fact is the team as it stands is way further away compared to last off-season from being the championship contender we were promised. 

**Almost forgot….. the A-Rod salary factor can be chalked up to good timing, if he gets suspended like the Yankees brass is praying happens for the whole season. So please don’t let the Yankees and Hal make A-Rod the villain again here when they might announce signing Bartolo Colon in the next week.

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  1. Richard says:

    Your snow flakes are making you flaky as well. Get over Cano, he's gone.

    If the Yanks had offered, 8 yrs, $200 million, they would still be short 30-40 million or so, right? Let the greed Cano go and see if he can run out those doubles ( which should ne triples in Safeco).

    Signing Beltran puts him in Right/DH and adds back in 30HR/yr. I love the move. And we get someone that is clutch not to mention a switch-hitter.

    You wait and see what this team looks like in March and then let me hear your whining. It's way better than last year already.

  2. Richard says:

    Kate, write this down and put it in a safe:

    Based on this current lineup ( without A-rod) and adding say Infante for 2nd base, the Yanks will be:

    176-190 HR ( 3rd or 4th best), 2013 14th Best
    760 Runs Scored ( 3 or 4th best), 2013, both best

    Big assumption regarding our pitching, but if those pitching stats can hold then this is a playoff team !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Richard….the Yankees have $5 million left to stay under $189 million so Infante isn't coming get ready for Kelly Johnson to be Cano's replacement.

      Gardner is a goner….which is unfortunate as I am a big Gardner fan.

      And if you read what I wrote, I NEVER said the Yankees should have given Cano near what Seattle is paying him. But they should have offered him 8-years at $200 million as a counter offer, especially considering what they are paying for Ellsbury.

      The Yankees never planned on keeping Cano because it would be impossible to stay under $189 million and keep him.

      You are crazy to think the Yankees are going to be a playoff team as they have terrible pitching all-around. They need two more starters, a lefty specialist and a closer cause D-Rob is not there yet. He loads the bases to much and why move him when he is so good in the 8th inning?

      Hal doesn't care about winning because this is NOT a playoff contending team. It is a bunch of veteran, all-stars with concerning injury histories. Team is too old to contend and wait till the injuries start mounting up….worse than 2013.

      And another thing, Hal said that Ellsbury was signed over Granderson because he is a better defender and Grandy strikes-outs too much. Beltran rated as the worst outfield defender in baseball last season and he has terrible knees so how does that make giving him a 3-year deal a good idea? He will be 37 on Opening Day.

      Richard the Yankees have feed you their bullshit and you are eating it right up. Think about why they never went after Cano at all…..he was only the best player on the team. Yankees insulted Cano and gave him no choice in the matter.

      • Richard says:

        1. Cani was lazy, selfish, could not carry the team and who cares what the Yanks offered, Cano would not have resigned. PERIOD!!!!!!

        2. The $189 will be exceeded.

        3. How many times must I remind you that we have 3 months to fill in more holes.

        4. We just spent a gazillion dollars on FA's and Hal does not care. Brilliant!!!!!

        5. I can see with my own eyes what we are doing, so I'm not fed anything. But thanks.

        6. I think we got Beltran for his 30+ HR's he will hit, didn't we??? And a 3yr deal was the only way to get him.

      • Lolo says:

        So young, so naive.

        Yanks needed another 60 million to reach Cano. Sorry $170 million is insulting. Do the math.

  3. Richard says:

    You take contrarianism to a whole new level.

    I hope we do keep Grandy. If we do trade him it better be for Choo, which I'm sure you won't like either or a SP.

  4. Tom says:

    Here is some math for you per LoHud:

    " A month ago, MLB Trade Rumors ranked baseball’s top 50 free agents. Four of the top eight have signed, three with the Yankees. Six of the top 12 have signed, four with the Yankees."

    Other than that Hal has done nothing.. Just admit that nothing the Yanks do will make you happy. That would then explain a lot.

  5. John says:

    I am a Yankee Team fan from 1960-Present. Only Mattingly and Jeter come close to being True Yankees aver the last 25 years. Cano is a selfish player, not a true Yankee. CC said it best " playing your career in pinstripes".

  6. frank says:

    If you think the Yankees are making and not making moves is/are for the fans, you're cracking up.