Red Sox John Lackey Needs Tommy John Red Sox John Lackey Needs Tommy John Red Sox John Lackey Needs Tommy John

Red Sox John Lackey Needs Tommy John

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Well, the good times are no longer rolling up in Boston as the Red Sox clubhouse turned frat-house will be without one founding member for the 2012 season, pitcher John Lackey.

Ben Cherington confirmed the news during his first official press conference as Boston’s new GM.

Cherington said that Dr. Lewis Yocum out in Los Angeles recently examined Lackey’s elbow and he determined that Tommy John surgery was the way to go.

Lackey has been a mess since arriving in Boston, and he made a ritual of beer drinking taking precedence over supporting fellow teammates during games. Lackey was dealing with off-the-field issues this season, but that is no excuse to be disrespectful.

Many people in the world deal with severe personal issues, and they still show up to work and do their job. The whole Lackey-issue seems to be a lack of immaturity, but even more worrisome is the negative effect it had in the clubhouse.

If Lackey actually rested his throwing arms in between starts, instead holding brewskies all the time, maybe he could have avoided this predicament in the first place. Whether the Red Sox would have made the playoffs if Lackey weren’t around, my answer is yes they would have.

Now Red Sox fans should be jumping for joy, as finally you are getting some good news; as Red Sox Nation needs to get back on its feet in 2012. And sans John Lackey is the right direction because winning was the norm before he showed up in Beantown.

“Look, I don’t really know where we should take this bus.  But I know this much: if we get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus, then we’ll figure out how to take it someplace great.” James Charles Collins author of “Good To Great”