The Real Truth about Yankees Alex Rodriguez The Real Truth about Yankees Alex Rodriguez The Real Truth about Yankees Alex Rodriguez

The Real Truth about Yankees Alex Rodriguez

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has been under fire since his first day in pinstripes.

Yankee fans love to hate A-rod, but I am proud to say that I am not one of them.

Still, one would think with the way the Yankees are tearing it up on the baseball field right now, just won their 10th in a row for crying out loud, that fans would be content but no, not here in the Big Apple.

I guess that is why I should have been less surprised when I received this email from a very good, friend who happens to be a diehard Yankees fan?

SUBJECT: A-rod: Reality Check

Let me first stat that the writer of the above email is a dear friend whom I adore, but that doesn’t change that he is a hater-fan.

Fact is the Yankees are winning as a team; and fact is A-rod is a big part of the team.

Is he the same player he was five seasons ago?

No, but unlike the majority of us, A-rod’s daily job consists of physical activity and it exposes things that the rest of us take for granted.

In a sense, you have to remember that pro-athletes have no choice but to wear their ages on their sleeve; and that is a luxury the rest of us can cover at work for decades longer.

If Yankee fans could stop being jealous and angry over A-rod’s salary they might realize a few things.

–        A-rod is just like the rest of us except, including the Yankee fans find a reason to blame him for everything.

A-rod, Jeter & Cano during the seventh inning stretch at Yankee Stadium.

–        Yes he took PEDs but so did a majority of players who did not have the courage to come forward and admit he was wrong on live TV. Clemens, Braun, Bonds are all in denial; while Big Papi seems to slip though the cracks as his name was on the same list as A-rod’s. All of us have done stupid things in life and gotten away with it.

–        It has been said over and over that A-rod works harder than any athlete to perform at his best, and you can’t ask for more than that.

–        You cannot call yourself a baseball fan if you try to deny that A-rod is not God-gifted with baseball talent. And who won’t want to hit a baseball and be paid millions for it? Problem is majority of us can’t.

I think you get the point that I am defending A-rod, as enough is enough here.

It is time for Yankee fans, like my email friend, to stop acting like entitled buffoons and get over it already.

Over the course of this whole A-rod debacle I always thought of something renowned writer H. L. Mencken once wrote:

“It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.”A Little Book in C Major

So my message to all Yankee fans is…. if are going to embrace the Yankees, relish in their victories and call yourself a fan then it is time you also forgive Alex Rodriguez.

Find a new hobby because it is boring, annoying and honestly embarrassing.

The Yankees goal is to win, and all the players on that roster are committed; Alex Rodriguez included.

As my old high school basketball coach, which I later found out she stole from Michael Jordan, used to say:

“There is no ‘i’ in TEAM, but there is in WIN.”

And winning they certainly are.


  1. coolnewyorker says:

    Now that Kate cannot bash “useless” Phil Hughes “you lose” anymore, she decides to gush…on A-rod? Really!

    A-rod has no more excuse. He is supposed to be healthy. So far he has been an average player at best, who bats clean-up. He has been so not a clean-up quality presence that pitchers have no scruples challenging him or walking Tex. So far, many times, he looked like a sure out…not unlike pitchers at bat. That resigned pained countenance the camera captures each time he fails on clutch situation has become disconcertingly painful to watch.

    Except for 2009, he has been so not clutch, especially in the play-offs . In the sport bars, I used to hear a collective bemoaning sigh when A-rod came to bat on critical clutch scenarios. I remember I used to wish “anybody else” but A-rod. And that included Cervelli. Yep, Cervelli has been more clutch hitter than A-rod. Except in 2009, I repeat.

    I still maintain A-rod is one , if not the worst of Yanks’ regrettable acquisitions…
    along with Giambi. Regardless of salary. When money is put into equation, definitely the worst spending.

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    Unlike Kate, I do nor hate any player. Nor do I bash anyone.

    Just saying it as it is: All these years, except 2009, A-rod has not been clutch. Worse, he has been infamous in his disappearing acts in the playoffs. Sadly, because his name is A-rod, it seems preposterous to demote him from clean up position. Exactly because of this, he is a liability, actually has been so from the start, except (I repeat) in 2009.

    Yanks will and can and do win without and/or despite A-rod.. I am aware Yanks have lost many many games because of his failure at clean up to clutch produce.. That’s how fans are clear about how he differs from Jete. It is no wonder that Jete is beloved while A-rod is not. Not at all.

    From now on, let’s just savor his usual acts.: putting up numbers to his name on his way to HOF. But I refuse to gush. I am not like Kate, I repeat. Not the least bit.

  3. Richard Griffith says:

    Your email friend was stating basic stats for 2012. What's wrong with that? He's not hating . He stating facts . I thought you like facts. Answer this question. Two outs, man in scoring position, bottom of the ninth, down by 1. Who do you want up there? A-rod not even in my top 5.

    I'm still waiting for what K-Long said is A-rod's Monstrous Year. We are stuck with A-rod. He's insulated within a good lineup. Imagine if he was The Man!!!

  4. thomas catanzarita says:

    I think when we talk about A Rod and his contract people seem to forget one thing. It was upper management that gave him that contract. I do not blame Arod for signing that contract I would have
    done the same thing!! Is he earning the money that was given to him? So far i would have to say no