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Rays Sweep But Yankees Not Gonna Weep

The Tampa Bay Rays are scary.

The team is young, fast and has talent.

The last two nights it was all Tampa Bay Rays, as they took both games in the Bronx.

Are they better than the New York Yankees?

When the Yanks are all well, my answer is no.

Just a month ago down in Tampa Bay the Yankees were healthy, and they took two of three games from the Rays.

This is not the same Yankees team, and they still made the Rays earn both wins.

Finding flaws are far and few between looking at the Tampa Bay Rays roaster.

Their biggest weapon is speed. Whether it is at the plate, on base or in the field, this group hustles and distracts opposing players.

Still, the Rays inexperience was evident last season. There is so much baseball left to be, and things can change much faster than people realize.

Rays skipper Joe Madden has an aura about him that I am not to fond off, but need more time to figure out why. What he did so effectively in 2008, but downright flopped in 2009 with the same team tells me something is just not right.

Attitudes need to stay in check.

Tonight when Tex picked off Jason Bartlett on a signature Pettitte fake-out move, he looked half asleep out there. Bartlett is fast as hell, and if he had a reason to be ready he would have been.Such a young ball-club cannot start being to over-confident because it will spread like a virus.

My prediction for the Rays is that within a month, their true colors will surface again.


Vince Lombardi described losing in a nutshell.

“If you can’t accept losing, you can’t win. –Vince Lombardi

It is simple formula that is not only pertains to sports, but to life; how a team or a person loses reveals character in the most honest way.

We a witnessed it in 2009 from the Rays after they went to the World Series in 2008. Collectively as a group, this team should have had more desire and fight in them. It was the worst display of individuals, not a team.

When the Yankees closed the historic Yankee Stadium in 2008 it was the worst finish in over a decade. Missing the post season, and disappointing anyone who ever played in the House the Ruth built. Timing could not have been worse.

How did the Yankees respond?

Obviously like champions.

The Rays are acting like the season is over in a month, but it is not.

I can promise you this…the 2010 New York Yankees will fight till the last out to keep the championship in New York.

As a fan, you cannot ask for better than that.


Right now the Yankees have injuries galore, which is just a fact. When the line-up is healthy, there is no team better in all of baseball.
No one will deny the fact that the Yankees gave it their all against Tampa Bay. The team is tired, beat-up and really could use a day off to rest.
The players who are on the DL now are Granderson, Posada, Thames and Johnson. Posada and Granderson definitely would like back quickly, as they make Yankees stronger.
Nick Swisher played tonight but I am sure that was all heart, as he has sat the last three games with a tear in his left bicep.
Chan Ho Park was just activated on Monday, after a stint on the DL since April 16th. Park looked much better tonight; even though he gave up a home run he also struck out the two batters before that.
Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Alex Rodriguez, and Derek Jeter all have had minor issues, which I am sure have not disappeared completely.
Jeter and Rivera have struggled lately and it probably has something to do with not being 100%. That is expected, especially of Jeter who won’t let on to any injury, ever.

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