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Rarefied Ray

What motivates is the man?

Ray Lewis

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Anyone can deliver a powerful speech or words with the intent for actions to occur. Everyone can talk the talk, it’s easy, it sounds good and maybe even believable for a minute.

What is the answer?

It’s the man who talks through is actions and makes you want to follow by example. Not anyone can walk the walk, by backing up the inspiring hunger that is louder than any words heard. Easier said then done if you play in the National Football League.

In this decade, true, inspiring athletes, who love the game, the competition of their sport are on the decline. It is nearly un-heard, that an athlete carries so much spirit in his heart. Never letting his teammates, nor his fans ever doubt for a second to stop believing.

How could players not want to win playing next to him?

How could anyone not cheer for him when he wins?

No one can and everyone does.

This man is the NFL’s rarefied air. His name is Ray Lewis.

Lewis is the leader of the Baltimore Ravens, at 34 years old, now in his 14th season, he still walks the talk.

If Tony Robbins ever needs a swift kick, Ray Lewis would be the man to do it.

Just turn on a Ravens game about seven minutes before kick-off to view this for yourselves.

The theme is pretty clear, if Ray Lewis is going to do what he says, any player next to him should do better. This a player that is all about team.

Lewis speaks from the heart, with the wisdom, the kill and the belief that winning is not an option, it is a fact. Ray Lewis has never lost a beat. His teammates, his opponents and his fans adore him for it. Lewis speeches are backed-up by his athletic ability on the field. He is one of the best linebacker’s ever to play the game. At the beginning of his career, most NFL scouts were all skeptical about the young Ray Lewis. To play linebacker at 6’1 and weighing 250 lbs just was too small to effective.

Regardless of his critics, in 1996, Lewis entered the NFL Draft after three years playing for the University of Miami, better known as the “U”. In the 1st round, with the 26th pick, the Baltimore Ravens unknowingly changed their franchise’s future for the better.

Since that time all the doubts lay to rest. He is living proof that mind can over come matter and that size is only how you look, not how you think.

Thus far, Lewis has had one of the most successful careers as a defenceman in NFL history. has won best defensive player of the year in 2000 and 2003; has ten Pro-bowl appearances, named an Associated Press All-Pro eight times and only the second linebacker in NFL history to win the Superbowl MVP award. In 2003, a poll taken of NFL coaches selected Lewis as the most dominant player to venture on the field. He is the only defensive player ever featured on the cover of Madden NFL video game.

This is just to name a few of the honors, as expected the list is very long.

For the Ravens, life without Ray Lewis is completely inconceivable, and a time no one wants to ever come. Baltimore ownership made that abundantly clear as Lewis just signed a seven-year deal at the end of last season, keeping him a Raven till 2015.

The work hard, play hard attitude is a blessing to his teammates. Thus it has earned Ray Lewis utter respect across the sports world.

Watching a Ray Lewis performance is something to treasure, because this player is a dying bread on the verge of extinction in the NFL.

A man, a player and a captain, who appreciates the unusual gift that God has given him and embodies that time and by giving everything he’s got day in and day out.


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