Ranting, Instead of Respecting... Ranting, Instead of Respecting... Ranting, Instead of Respecting...

Ranting, Instead of Respecting…

As a Yanks fan it is understood bias…..so when we lose a game, like last night it becomes frustrating to watch.

I went on and on about how the Yanks screwed it up and even went as far as to make some suggestions. I want perfection when I watch the Yanks play and in the heat of the moment I will rant and criticize easily so I can feel like I have the right to be as emotional as I feel.

Granted, something by the way of a winning-streak is needed ASAP but more respect should have been shown to Roy Halladay because he is amazing! His pitching is the best in baseball. Here is a quote from Teixeira published in a NY Times article on April 3, 2009 about Halladay, “All his pitches start in the same place and end in a different place.” 

I thought I was reading the stats wrong on TV last night when it had (7-1) next to his name for wins-losses….I went and looked it up on my computer as I thought that it included Spring Training; or whatever else but no way has this guy won 7 games this year!!

He has won half the amount the Yankees have….and he must pitch more than every 5th day considerong the season is just starting out here.

Well to my surprise, I was astonished that this was correct. I knew Halladay was a good pitcher but when CC is all you hear for months and the $161 million paycheck you forget that other threats exist! Let me say that Halladay is lights-out more than any other pitcher in all of baseball.

Just a little fact that Damon is the best hitter overall against Halladay’s career but even Johnny quoted saying “When I get the hits, it’s with nobody on base.” Stats out of 80 at bats Damon has had 1 homer and 2 rbis’…..I mean come on that is sick!!!

So what I am trying to get to the point of is that I apologize to the Yankees as he is the one pitcher I should have eased up with the blame of hitting…I wrote that post mid-game so I was hyped up. And I also thought AJ pitched really well and hated to see it become a loss for him but his mentor is Halladay and he has taught AJ well. And where I should have paused and thought for a minute I instead starting pointing my finger like a jack ass!!

I have since taken a TO from last night and concluded this:

I want to nod my head in absolute awe of Ron Halladay!! Ability is something that is natural but when it’s as good as he is it is a gift. Motivation and attitude are what a person chooses to do with it and how well you do it….I think his humble spirit and his drive to be the best is something that we all could look up too. He should be the face of Nike who might not be familiar to most but he is someone who I have more and regret not showing it last night, respect for; as he brings ability, motivation and attitude to the game. Thank you Roy Halladay for the example!!

That said Yanks I hope this is the start to winning a bunch….you can do it!!!