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Tuesday night, baseball fans across the country watched in anticipation to witness something that has only happened four other times in MLB history.

I have to say that the game between the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers lived up to more than anyone could have expected. It was one of the most intense, well-played baseball games I have ever seen. Both teams played with such heart it was inspiring and I am a Yankee fan.

And to hear the Tigers, who just experienced a loss of that magnitude, more than gracious remarks after the game speaks volumes of the ball-club from Detroit.

The respect that the Tigers gained last night from all fans will not mend the wounds but all over the sports world today it was mentioned. Losing graciously after that game just summed up the capability of this evening.

The City of Detroit should be extremely proud of the Tigers.

The Minnesota Twins claimed more than just the AL Central on Tuesday.

This is a hot team, finishing 11 of 12 to end the regular season, winning a playoff deciding tiebreaker and literally flying into the playoffs to play the Yankees.

Safely, I can admit that as a Yankee fan I was scared death before tonight’s win against the Minnesota Twins. Keeping in mind that it is one game but I forgot and got a nice reminder.

A reminder because for a minute I truly forgot, how good my Yankees are.

How could any New York fan not be worried? The amount of reference to David is going to meet Goliath remarks all over newspapers and ESPN the minute the game ending hit a nerve.

Thoughts of Arod leaving runners stranded on base and just thinking of CC’s last game in Tampa were rampant in my head all day.

The team with all the “heart” will win was said to me over the TV and even by my own doorman, the prime example of the Yankee fan who never gives them any credit.

Some might call it brainwashing but any NY Giant fan knows the David besting Goliath theme all to well.

Than I realized that the Patriots and the Yankees were not the same team. My Yankees have heart and anyone who says that is not true has not seen the Bombers play this season.

The Yankees are loaded with money, players and stadium so the scrutiny comes with the territory, granted. Does that make the players heart-less or less deserving? Does being born into a more fortunate family than you co-worker make him/her automatically have a better character? Does someones at work get more praise because you have a nice home?

No it doesn’t in life nor in sports. A bad attitude has nothing to do with money or wins. It has to do with the individual spirit and that is why the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007.

The G-men played with heart just as the Twins, the Tigers, the Rockies, the Cardinals, the Red Sox, the Phillies, the Yankees and many more teams have done all season long.

Game one was not a perfect night for New York but good enough. CC preformed very well, not a lights out night but he did his job. The hitters worked to get a comfortable lead. The bullpen’s Hughes to Joba to Coke to Mo finished the game nicely.

Arod drove on two runs and this Arod seems to be here to stay. Alex has been a reformed man this season, blame it on Kate Hudson but also the relief of the letting the world know the truth seemed to life a lot from this super-star’s shoulders.

In the post-game interviews the Yankees are very aware that the Twins were tired and that Minnesota is a very hot team. The Yankees are not the Patriots of 07′ and are very familiar with the feeling of losing.

The Yanks struggled in the first half of the season. The Red Sox swept the Bombers eight games before the All-Star break. The Yankees overcame many obstacles this season and fought their way to the position there in today.

As a fan I will do my job better and not let Sports Center or Pat my doorman get me to jump off the bandwagon so easily ever again.

My Yankees deserve as much glory as any other team. Attitude and performance are what champions are made of.

The Tigers were the perfect example of a winner, when they lost the other night.

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