Pretend you are Yankees GM Brian Cashman who would you keep - Lady Loves Pinstripes Pretend you are Yankees GM Brian Cashman who would you keep - Lady Loves Pinstripes Pretend you are Yankees GM Brian Cashman who would you keep - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Pretend you are Yankees GM Brian Cashman who would you keep

Can you pretend you are Yankees GM Brian Cashmanfor a second? 

Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Ok not literally, but say you had his job and you were just named the new GM for the New York Yankees.

And your first order of business is deciding is deciding who gets to live another day in pinstripes, and who will get handed their walking papers.

A few things to keep in mind:

–       Hal and Hank are putting the kibosh on the free spending ways of their dad so money is now an object.

–       When picking remember that the added Wild Card has turned September into baseball’s version of March Madness; and the 2013 marks the first season that inter-league play will be year round so things will be even more crazy.

–       The waiting game for decisions from Mariano Rivera, who ESPN’s Andrew Marchand reports that he does not know yet if he will return for a 19th season; same old song for Andy Pettitte but CBS Sports got word from President Randy Levine that he thinks the southpaw will return in 2013; and does Hiroki Kuroda want to end his career in his native to Japan or come back to the Bronx for one more go of it. These decisions impact how the GM moves forward.

–       A-rod is NOT part of this poll because to the demise of Yankee Universe he is here to stay so get used to it already. Find me a slugging third baseman the Yankees can afford, while paying another team to play A-rod and than we’ll talk.

So, time to put on your GM hat as you have some tough decisions to make. 


  1. @undefined says:

    On top of what i voted, I would resign Granderson just to trade him for minor leaguers (any of these: CF, 3base, a 2nd base). I would also trade Iván Nova in exchange for any of the following CF/3B/2B + a fireball reliever + a starter (to use him as long relief), and give Phelps a chance to start.

    You could also make a few more trades, like moving Cervelli + Eduardo Núñez for pitching, David Robertson for good young infielders (prospects), or move Teixeira for pitching and teach Eduardo Núñez to play first base.

    • @undefined says:

      LOL i am @Mikhel2 in twitter, I don't know why this thing changed my name LOL

    • LLP says:

      @Mikhel2 trade Nova, he just had a sophomore slump and Phelps will start for sure in 2012….Tex isn't going anywhere either. Cervelli is going to get nothing on the open market and Nunez can hit the hell out of the ball so work on his sloppy defensive and he could be a star.

      Cano will be at 2B for years to come….

      And FYI….I woud have added more choices to the survey but poll-daddy will only allow 10-max unless I want to upgrade to a paid account, which I just don't need for $200 bucks a year. So, I apologize for not having every option in the poll.

  2. YankeeMILBGURU says:

    Why would you trade anyone for 2B? The three most ready prospects the Yankees have play 2B, two of them have changed positions to give themselves a better chance to make it to the majors.

    Fireball Reliever? Sign on to MILB site and study up on the minor leagues please. 150 strikeouts in 92 minor league IP means you already have one there too.

    • LLP says:


      Also, OF slade hedgecock has potential. I want one of the Uptons to take over for Swisher, keep Grandy, Gardner and sign Ichiro and circle those four all season. Yankees need Grandy's HRs…… so they will pick up his option.

      • YankeeMILBGURU says:

        Aren't B.J. Upton and Granderson the same thing, homers, lots of strikeouts and free agents at the end of the season? Add one year of Ichiro to that equation and you are rebuilding the outfield again next year. Tough spot for the Yankees outfield future right now. Expect Austin in '14, Williams and Heathcott maybe in '15, Flores, Santana, Figueroa soon after. Who to keep, who to trade and how to fill in the blanks in the meantime?

        • LLP says:

          Yes, but I think Upton has way more natural talent and he just turned 28 years old. With the right motivation, I think Upton could be a 5-tool player, but he has displayed a bad attitude in the past by playing lazy etc. Yankees would straighten him right out.

          Are farm system that was so stacked has been depleted as the Yankees draft these kids and don't know how to develop them properly. They are so scared of youth, that they trade them or overuse/underuse them. It is a real shame.