Press Needs To Lay Off New York Yankees Derek Jeter Press Needs To Lay Off New York Yankees Derek Jeter Press Needs To Lay Off New York Yankees Derek Jeter

Press Needs To Lay Off New York Yankees Derek Jeter

New York Yankees Derek Jeter has a lot more working against him than turning 37 this past Sunday, and I am referring to the local New York press.

In my opinion, age is just a number and the Captain is without a doubt hitting the later part of his torrid career. Instead of embracing Jeter before he returns from the DL just six hits short of making baseball history, the NY media extorts him.

How do I know this for a fact?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation 2011 Golf Classic. This event’s purpose is to raise money for the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation; a program that enlists professional counselors to teach children about abuse while providing a safe haven for them to talk about any problems they are facing.

As a press-newbie, I was so excited to here from Mr. Torre about this wonderful program that has already helped over 10,000 kids. I had my questions written out, and even if my nerves got the best of me, I could always just record responses to the other reporters’ questions.

Well, was I dumb to ever think that the press was actually reporting on the Charity in hopes of getting as much exposure to it as possible?

Instead, when Mr. Torre got to my group of print and internet reporters, NOT one asked him anything to do with the huge issue of domestic violence in homes.

It was all about Derek Jeter, and the two minutes when it wasn’t about the Captain being a failure it was about the Dodgers going belly-up and if Don Mattingly, who replace Mr. Torre in 2011 as the skipper was scared or distraught and would he make any trades.

This un-classy clan kept asking Mr. Torre would move him in the line-up or if he thought Jeter should step-down and demotes himself?

Torre, being the class act as always answered honestly without giving his opinion. He rightly replied that he is not the Yankees skipper and ask Joe Girardi if they were in such dire straits.

One example of how the event was not the headline, New York Post’s Tim Bontemps story titled, Torre says Jeter would move in Yankees lineup, if asked only mentioned the event as the locale that is it.

Maybe Bontemps missed when Jorge Posada had a temper tantrum after learning he was moved to ninth in the batting order a few weeks back.

Posada got benched, but apologized and admitted it was a bad decision. It was refreshing because it was an honest reaction from a baseball player who is struggling, because he is used to playing everyday.

Jeter, like other Yankee player, will do the job they are given. Understandably it will be hard to adjust but Posada’s immaturity did not last even 24 hours because he is a team player and baseball is a team sport.

It seemed everyone forgot how personal Safe At Home is for Mr. Torre, as he grew up in a violent home watching his mother, Margaret suffer from continual abuse at the hands of his father. This was why Mr. Torre hated going home, as he had no one to talk to about what was going on.

That is why each “safe room” is called Margaret’s Place, after his beloved mother.

Mr. Bontemps was not the only reporter around me to not mention any of the above, as ESPN New York’s Ian Begley wrote Wily words from Joe Torre On Aging Icons where the wonderful event did get a mention in a half-a-sentence.

Shouldn’t the media’s focus have been on getting more press coverage for the charity, in hopes of spreading around the message about these kids who need real help?

Personally, it felt as if I was standing at a player’s locker, post-game.

The events I witnessed today did nothing except diminish the actual reliability of the profession itself, as the trust is practically gone already.

It was so disappointing watching something I envied has so little integrity.

Please note that I do realize this was a small group of the media, but they were acting like the paparazzi regarding Jeter, like he pulled a Lady Gaga and showed up drunk, in a thong to rehab in Tampa. Maybe that is why they kept the print and web vultures in the corner?

What a shame and embarrassment that the cause itself meant so little, in comparison to attempting to get a negative quote or at least one they could spin out of Mr. Torre.

The worst part is how badly it would knowingly sting Jeter hearing something coming out of Mr. T’s mouth.

It is time for the media to treat the Yankees Captain with the same respect he has shown them; because there is not, nor will there ever be a better Yankee than Derek Jeter.