Postseason drama continues for Yankees Postseason drama continues for Yankees Postseason drama continues for Yankees

Postseason drama continues for Yankees

The New York Yankees 9th-inning hero, Raul Ibanez came through once again to tie the Game 1 of the ALCS vs. Detroit Tigers4-4.

Derek Jeter

But just 15-minutes later, in the top of the 12th-inning, the Tigers scored but in-between the two runs the Yankees postseason took a turn for the worst.

The moment caused the Stadium to go silent, as not even the Tigers wanted to watch the Yankees ever-resilient Captain Derek Jeter get carried off the field. The Captain couldn’t even put weight on his already injured left foot.

And then skipper Joe Girardi officially confirmed what nobody wanted to hear but kind-of already knew that Jeter would not playing anymore this postseason.

The Captain, the leader and heart ‘soul of the Yankees had fractured his left ankle, which requires a 3-month recovery.

The 4-6 Yankees loss all of sudden meant nothing, as the shock from this whole thing is too fresh. But something has to give as Jeter is done and the rest of the Yankees have to step it up big time.


One suggestion that I am sure will send Yankee fans into a tailspin is to play Alex Rodriguez as the everyday shortstop.

A-rod came to the Yankees as a shortstop. He has played more games at short (1246) than at third-base (1157), as he hit .308 BA and has 338 homers playing short with two gold gloves.

Now when asked in the post game if A-rod would fill in for Jeter, Girardi quickly said that he would not play A-Rod at short. And Girardi’s reasoning, courtesy of a tweet from SI’s Richard Deitsch, “It’s been too long.”

So instead the Yankees will reactivate Eduardo Nunez to play in the place of the Captain.

Nunez is like an error waiting to happen on defense, and a team cannot get away with that in the postseason as Yankee fans learned watching Nick Swisher last night make two fielding mistakes that were game changers.

Nick Swisher

I think everyone gets where Girardi is coming from, as A-rod transferred to third-base nine years ago, but is he a better option than Nunez is the question?

As six-time Gold Glover, Eric Chavez can man third for A-rod so that is solves that problem but my guess is this solution won’t be needed.

The way fans to Girardi has treated A-rod this postseason is almost inhumane.

From the constant booing, to pulling A-rod out of the game last night in the seventh like he merited punishment more than Cano, Swisher or Granderson.

If this postseason gets anymore tense I might sue MLB for the years taken off my life from it all.

October doesn’t allow for any time to mourn the loss of even the Captain, so all fans can do is hope that some of Jeter’s teammates will figure out how to hit again.

ALCS Game 2 is a must win for the Yankees, and Tigers Miguel Cabrera doesn’t just hit starter Hiroki Kuroda he obliterates him so something has to give for the Bronx Bombers.

Yankee fans, the team needs you more than ever before to cheer them on sans the Captain.

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