Playoff Pleasure Is Such A Treasure - Lady Loves Pinstripes Playoff Pleasure Is Such A Treasure - Lady Loves Pinstripes Playoff Pleasure Is Such A Treasure - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Playoff Pleasure Is Such A Treasure

This 2009 October baseball post-season, is by far at its very best.

Eight teams, eight possible World Series Champions, marked by the emotions behind all this genuine talent displayed by each team.

It can’t get much better than this.

Here are a few observations that have stuck in my mind.

1) The Umpires need to be trained a little better. This is not attempting to excuse a team’s neglect or a win at all. It is just a fact that incompetent and inexcusable calls cannot be made consistently.

One case of this happened on Thursday night’s game, Red Sox vs. Angels. Howie Kendrick whacked a grounder to Alex Gonzalez, who threw a tangled ball to first baseman Kevin Youkilis. Youkilis had to maneuver himself to the home plate section of the bag to get it.

Clearly, he tagged the runner out. The replay was not even necessary to see because it was that absurd and shocking of a call.

This is not just recently, all season the umpires are lacking in spots that they should not be. Making outlandish calls over and over it starts to look like it is a personal vendetta.

I know seeing everything is hard, but it is their business A job that needs to be done better. These athletes work their butts off and justify it to be as equally ruled as possible.

2) Joe Torre is not some miracle worker because the Dodgers have won the first two games against the Cardinals. Torre has quality players at his disposal.

Torre has never been complemented for the way he handles his pitchers. Let’s not act like Torre is some ideal because the team that gave him any form of distinction he stabbed right in the back.

Guess one could say that this is individualized for me or any other Yankee fan.

3)The above makes me feel even more adamant that the five-game series needs to be changed to seven games. With five games team’s can get hot or accidental and win three games in a row.

In baseball, the most-talented teams need the opportunity to regenerate themselves. During the season the length allows it, over and over again.

Best of five games does not provide that modest amount of games that legitimately could be the difference. I just imagine all eight teams in the post-season value that time for getting there.

4) There is undisputed magic in the Bronx. Walk-off city could be a new nickname. In particular one player has hit it hot with the fans and his teammates, Alex Rodriguez.

Arod, has been a post season flop, and that does not operate in New York. That was the Arod of the past as he is not the same player from October before. He is the player we see all season long.

I am not forgetting the steroid detail People make poor decisions and coming clean is undoubtedly the right stuff to do. Arod is the best and with that comes jealous critics who will get your every flaw.

Arod haters’ out there can now shut-up finally.

Embrace talent like his because it is rarified air.