Playing Against The Yankees In a Red Sox Nation.... - Lady Loves Pinstripes Playing Against The Yankees In a Red Sox Nation.... - Lady Loves Pinstripes Playing Against The Yankees In a Red Sox Nation.... - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Playing Against The Yankees In a Red Sox Nation….


Tonight’s game was just was pretty uneventful except for the few minutes where the Yanks were actually losing to the worst team in baseball. I was actually joking earlier today with a friend that the Nationals would probably sweep the Yankees knowing how the Yankees luck was at a teetering point lately.

Why would this have not surprised me? Imagine or really envision being on an opposing team imagine how it must feel to play the Yankees, especially at home in the Bronx. Intimidating to say the least but jealous with genuine admiration at the same time.

I heard it described by many players as feeling like you are in the playoffs or the World Series even. Winning in Yankee Stadium, against a lineup that rivals that of the all-star game brings out the competitive edge a player must want in their own home field. The fans roar and not only in NYC but anywhere the Yankees travel. Rarified air must have the Yankees Logo next to it in the dictionary because the normally half filled if that, is all of sudden sold out.

It’s no wonder that teams my Yankees should destroy will win and win well sometimes. In defense of this years club I believe that was the Yankees of the last five years, not the 2009 club. Why you ask? Finally the reality that this team is not the best, hasn’t won the World Series in years and didn’t make the playoffs after acting like it was the law. I think the new team realizes that that history is history but realistically it is a Red Sox nation now. Every game played must not be played differently, almost as if to be colorblind and no names of opposing teams able to be seen.

The motivation for this change as a fan, an observer, a follower is the obvious team comradery so evidently being missed. It is the quintessential part of winning, hands down. I think we all have encountered this in just our own personal, day-to-day dealings that if you like the person/people and respect the other people involved, whatever the situation may be, you work considerably harder to achieve. I promise you that I would defend any of my friends’ dear to my heart with all I got especially when they’re threatened or hit intentionally by a 90 mile an hour fastball.

No team can win without having that bond. Prime examples are the NY Giants winning the super bowl in 2007 or the Tampa Bay Rays of 2008. Unfortunately I deem the dreaded ‘big ego’ stung but I hope for baseball it will not dictate their future. The Rays are sure not acting like the new guys as they stroll onto the field. Tampa was the team I worried most about before the season but whatever it was that binded them last year is far gone and it shows. If teams like the Rays think they have proven themselves enough and wear it on their sleeves it’s going to be a lengthy stretch before that team will get on the main stage again. Trust me on this one, as I am a Yankees fan so I know from experience.

The Yankees can’t ride off the egos of the past even the players who were there when all that could be done was win. More importantly now, each game must be treated like it is our playoffs because that would be the one, two or three games that held us back in the past. This season win or lose the Yankees do it together and still stick around instead of running out the door to get home ASAP regardless of the outcome that day.

Mortified is being kindhearted for how I really feel in regards to how the Red Sox have beaten my Yanks this season. It is a constant reminder of 2004 playoffs. I can only imagine what 1918 must have felt like hanging over the heads of Boston fans for generations.

Well, I don’t want it to come to that kind of situation. I know that this team doesn’t want to be in the history books for being second best or playing in a Red Sox nation.

So I will ask myself again, how must it feel to have to play against the Yankees? I would think this is the new Yankees and more concerned about our series in Fenway next week. I’d say to my teammates, “Hey these guys didn’t even make the playoffs last year and they can’t even beat the Red Sox. We have won two of six against Boston, now that’s a tough club! But God this stadium is unbelievable but that’s expected, it’s the Yankees.” All those stares that might seem as if intimidated or just admiring a new home.

It’s time to make a memory in this new home. So warning to every team we play the rest of this season….it is now our world series with each game we play. The Yankees will earn the respect that was taken completely in the cruelest of ways by doing it the right way!