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Player Profile: Robinson Jose Cano #24 2B

Robinson Jose Cano, who is named after baseball hero Jackie Robinson, was born in 1982, in the Dominican Republic.

His father, Jose played baseball, signed by the Astros in 1980, but only played in a few major league games for the organization in 1989.

Drafted by the Yankees in 2001, Cano has been the team’s full time second baseman since May 2005.

Cano has one of the most natural swings in baseball. To witness such a relaxed power of the bat, that turns into this whipping movement is just neat to watch.

Cano’s quick and immediate success in 2006, left him just shy of winning the batting title, but was named an All-Star and won a Silver Slugger.

This drew unfair criticism for lapses at the plate in 2007 and 2008. This in turn caused any missed play in the field to be described lazy, which third-base coach, Larry Bowa made clear was far from true.

Still, this brought disappointment to fans, but it was also just enthusiasm. It is not common to see someone with Cano’s obvious, natural abilities.

Cano’s liability is he swings at everything. Slowing down to have better patienceat the plate does not work for him, and caused Cano to fight his own nature in 2008.

Overall Cano is one of the best at his position and has a cannon arm. If Arod had not re-signed in 2006, Cano could have slid right on over to third-base.

In 2009, Cano played in 161 games, most by any player league wide. In addition, Cano also had a .320 batting average (6th in AL), 204 hits (3rd in AL), .520 slugging percentage (17th in AL), 103 runs (6th in AL), .871 OPS (20th in AL) and a career high of 25 homers.

Cano started out strong and ended with the Yankees winning the World Series. No one will deny that Cano played an enormous part in the team’s success.

This season, Cano needs to be that kind-of player more than ever. He is key in the Yankees chance to repeat.

With his best buddy, Melky Cabrera headed for the Braves, Cano will have to adjust without him by his side.

At his prime age of 27, this is Cano’s year to shine. I believe Cano is up for the challenge in 2010 and will excel beyond expectations.

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