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Perturbed In Pinsrtipes

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Have you heard the news today?

Roy Halladay and John Lackey have new places to call home, as two of baseball’s top free agents current deals leaked all around the news today.

That was HUGE.

There was one thing definitely missing from the sizzling MLB hot stove today?

That would be the Yankees.

For once Cashman and company were not in the mix of doing anything at all, signing no one and actually letting players freely be swept away.

For many Yankee fans, complete confusion is starting to set in.

What the hell are we doing allowing Hideki Matsui to sign for one season at $6.5 million with the Angels?

The Yankees could have, and should have offered the MVP of the World Series at least that.

The Angels line-up just got better and even more popular.

In addition to Matsui’s undeniably clutch batting, the entire Japanese press follows their icon wherever he goes. Matsui also has huge fan base that come to the ballpark and Los Angeles will experience his Godzilla-like effects immediately.

I was very sad to learn of Hideki Matsui’s departure today.

My utter respect for him as a player, but even more so as a person will stay in my heart.

No matter what uniform Matsui wears, Yankee Universe will always cheer for our Godzilla.

The Angels should be very proud today.

What was Cashman thinking? He wasn’t is the answer.

Now my next Cashman caused confusion has to do with pitching. It was just a week ago that we all just agreed with Brian, that the Yankees’s biggest need to discuss was pitching. Correct?

Look signing Pettitte is a pivotal part to the team, but that cannot be our answer for 2010?

Not acquiring Halladay because of the ridiculous demands from Toronto is understandable. Halladay will cost a pretty penny for any team to acquire.

Knowing your customer is the New York Yankees it would be stupid not to ask for a lot because the franchise has it to give. Other teams have that one advantage over the Yankees of more realistic terms and conditions but not by much.

Regardless, if the rumors were true that both Hughes and Chamberlain, plus prospects and possibly taking on Vernon Wells contract was the price tag from the Blue Jays, forget it. Halladay is not seeing pinstripes on his uniform for that price.

With the possibilities of Halladay out of the question, there was only one other answer.

That was John Lackey. Yankee Universe would be complete signing the Angel to the rotation, right?


Instead, Lackey will be playing in Fenway Park, for our rival’s the Boston Red Sox over the next five seasons. What was the shock was to not have the Yankees involved in the story at all today.

As for the Red Sox, Lackey was in Bean-town at the doctor today and that usually means a physical to complete a deal.

The Mets and the Mariners showed major interest in acquiring Lackey was stated on ESPN.
That is along with the offer already made from his current club the Angels which the pitcher declined but nothing, not a word from the Yankee camp.

To also be told that the Yankees three-team deal is not the main event anymore either was unsettling.

Nothing below confirms on the exact specifics of the deal, but the basic outline is as follows:

  • Philadelphia Phillies sign Halladay for a three-year extension with vesting options to lengthen the deal and a supposed $60 million guaranteed if all works out.
  • Three top Phillie prospects, including an ace righty who was untouchable, will go to the Blue Jays.
  • Phillie’s ace Cliff Lee gets trades to the Seattle Mariners.
  • Seattle Mariners send prospects to the Phillies, the number rumors for at least two and one being a top pitching prospect.
  • Mariners are not sending any players to Toronto.

At first one wonders why the Phillies would to let Lee go. He was outstanding for the Phillies since coming in August and in the post season too. Philadelphia already gave up four top prospects to get Lee just five months ago.

For the Phillies this deal couldn’t be possible with only Toronto. It would be stupid depleting their farm system any further and financially  with Joe Blanton making $7 million in 2010, it is just to expensive.  Giving Lee to the Mariner’s who have supposed very deep pockets and needs to fill would now make sense.

Remember that Lee has made it clear that he wants to test the free agent market in 2010, so extension of years not going happen. Lee said after watching his buddy CC Sabathia he would crazy not to become a free agent.

It does make sense because Lee commands trade value so the Phillies will get top youngsters for him to avoid wiping out their farm system.

This three-team deal is still all hear-say for now, but usually when this kind of news breaks it is not far from the truth.

So that leaves Yankee fans wondering what is Cashman’s next move?

Letting Wang go doesn’t count because that was pretty much inevitably going to happen.

Has Curtis Granderson been deemed as the savior signing in leading to the team to repeating in 2010?

This must all sounds like a spoiled Yankee fan talking and that is because it is coming from one.

Right now I feel left out and it is confusing me.

Cashman might be faking us out and will roll out the big guns in the next few days, right?

Letting Lackey slide into Theo Epstein’s paws without a fight or at least by getting into the discussions is so un-Yankee-like.

Cashman loves to taunt Boston even if the interest is purely to hike-up the price the Red Sox will have to pay for a player.

Could the Bomber’s be waiting till end of next season? Planning a head is a given but that usually doesn’t impact the Yanks making the biggest splash in the off-season.

Aren’t the sentiments that winning now, the Boss’s main motto?

The Yanks can grab Lee and tempt Joe Mauer with a contract bigger than A-rod’s next season but I thought that was the plan anyway.

Time will tell if my first worries are to become my very real panic.

Could it just be change in general that is causing my anxiousness? Or the lack of involvement from the Yankees overall, that’s just not the norm?

Well let’s hope this pattern if broken, like any other will just take some time getting used to it.

Still, for now I am one confused Yankee fan.

It seems all that’s happening thus far is that other teams just got better and I get to watch.

Let’s just hope no news is good news.