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Yankees: You are not supposed to lose to the Cubs

English: Joe Girardi

English: Joe Girardi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night was not part of the plan.

As watching the Yankees tank, 6-1 against the Cubs, and Masahiro Tanaka get tagged for his first loss in 42 starts was completely unnerving.

It marked the 12th lose where the Yankees have scored two or less runs this season

One thing is for certain; when the 2014 Yankees lose, they do it well.

It is true that Tanaka was off last night, but did skipper Joe Girardi did not need to remove him after the sixth inning. Tanaka had only allowed three runs to score, and had thrown just 88 pitches and he could have held the Cubs right there at least.

Not like it mattered in the end, as the Yankees bats couldn’t make contact with a tennis ball but watching the bullpen tank made the whole “fan experience” even more detrimental.

This afternoon the Yankees will be up against righty Jeff Samardzija, who is coming in sporting the lowest ERA in baseball.

Add that to their lack of experience vs. Samardzija, as the active Yankees hitters have a total of 16 at-bats against him. Continue reading ‘Yankees: You are not supposed to lose to the Cubs’ »

Yankees: Injuries, schedule, winning

Following winning two of three games vs. the Pirates over the weekend, the New York Yankees are back atop the AL East with a pitiful 23-20 record.

It is no big secret that the eternally dominant AL East has alarmingly turned into the weakest division in baseball. (All stats courtesy of and

2014 AL EAST Standings - as of 05/20

And unlike the past, suffering from being internally uber-talented is no longer the culprit.

It seems the perpetrators for the Rays, Red Sox, Yankees and Orioles is lack of offense, and minus New York, the rest of AL teams. The Blue Jays have managed to stay even record-wise across the board, and are the only team hitting. And the NL teams have not posed an issue yet.

The Yankees happen to be the only one in the AL East yet to play one game against an AL Central team, but are about to start the second series vs. the Cubs tonight, which is odd. They are under .500 against the AL West; a 5-6 record I believe will flip back to in their favor soon.

Regardless, is this seemingly scheduling misadventure a good thing for the Yankees or not? Continue reading ‘Yankees: Injuries, schedule, winning’ »

Yankees: NY Daily News please leave A-Rod alone

The New York Daily News is at it again, as their attempted smear campaign against Yankees Alex Rodriguez donned the front page of this Sunday’s paper.

Problem is the topic is a year old, a dollar short and the story, well there isn’t one.

All the five NYDN writers credited for this spread called Babe Ruthless accomplished was belittling the paper’s readers’ intelligence.

Linking A-Rod with a convicted felon courtesy of Jay-Z by spinning an old story with no merit anyway and thinking this will deflect the factual nine-page police report detailing how MLB knowingly committed felonies during their Biogenesis investigation is absurd.

Fact is A-Rod can talk and listen to anyone he wants, a last time I checked it is not a crime to be friend’s with a past convicted felon. Continue reading ‘Yankees: NY Daily News please leave A-Rod alone’ »

Yankees: 15 things you need to know before Pirates series

15 Yankees Facts

15 Yankees facts & stats.

The New York Yankees are hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates for three games over two days due to Friday’s rain prompting a Sunday, single-game ticket doubleheader. This means there is only 30 minutes between games, thank God the Yankees have an off-day on Monday.

Here are 15 things to note before the Yankees start playing their third inter-league series in a row.

–       The Yankees are in second place in the AL East with a 21-19 record.

–       Better in the Bronx? Not in 2014, as this team is 12-9 away from the Stadium and below .500 at home at 9-10.

–       The Yankees batting average with RISP at home is .181, which is bad.

–       In their last 7 home games, the Yankees are 1-6.

–       Against NL teams, they are 5-4 and the sole AL East team yet to play a game vs. the AL Central.

–       As of today, the Yankees have a -13 run differential, which is the worst in the AL East.

–       But the Orioles (-5), Red Sox (-3), and Rays (-12) also have negative run differentials while the Blue Jays have +9. Clearly, overall run production across the board compared to years past. Continue reading ‘Yankees: 15 things you need to know before Pirates series’ »

Yankees: Alex Rodriguez was right

Alex Rodriguez shaves NYDN

Alex Rodriguez shaves his arms and legs, according to Yankees’ barber – NY Daily News

Newsday’s Gus Garcia-Roberts broke this news earlier in the week that MLB didn’t listen after being repeatedly warned by Florida authorities that the documents they were chasing as evidence in the Alex Rodriguez Biogenesis scandal were not to be purchased because they were stolen.

This is just one instance of MLB’s reported illegal conduct in the infamous Biogenesis investigation off the official police report submitted by detectives that Newsday made public on May 11, 2014.

Lead detective, Terrence Payne wrote that there was “evidence of involvement” by “several MLB investigators” that the stolen documents were acquired from a convicted felon for the sum of $125,000. MLB knew the documents were obtained illegally, which is a felony. Translation, the documents would not hold up as evidence in any US Court.

NBC Sports quoted from the police report that, Sandra Boonenberg, a spokeswoman for the Boca Raton Police Department, stated unequivocally that a Florida investigator “warned MLB not to purchase the documents” and that the investigator told their detective about that conversation “before the documents were purchased” by MLB.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg…and surely a story the A-Rod thirsty media would pounce on, right? Continue reading ‘Yankees: Alex Rodriguez was right’ »

Yankees: Tanaka Time Tonight


MASAHIRO TANAKA (Photo credit: thoungfu)

After watching the Mets win the first game of the Subway Series, 9-6, it didn’t seem like things could get much worse for the Yankees.

Well, never say never as the Mets bludgeoned the Yankees again last night, 12-7.

That marked the Yankees fourth loss in a row, which makes them just another .500 team at 19-19, the same record as the Mets.

Speaking, as a Yankees fan, losing to the Mets is particularly hard to endure because my New York City pride is getting mutilated and I hate it.

See baseball-wise, things are simple for the Yankees, play better or keep losing.

True, the Yankees are overwhelmed by a slew of recent injuries, thus consequently why winning has become such a problem but as B. Dodge once said:

“No problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, teamwork, and determination a person can overcome anything.”

So, how can the Yankees pull it together?

Literally taking it one game at a time, which starts with winning tonight in Citi Field behind Masahiro Tanaka, as they cannot afford to waste his start. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Tanaka Time Tonight’ »