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Yankees: What do you think? Because I do not know.

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Even after beating the Seattle Mariners last night 3-2, the New York Yankees are not a good team.

Heading into the season, I was looking forward to getting the good old days when watching a Yankees game was not a chore.

After going 85-77 and missing the post season last year, Yankees ownership (aka. Hal Steinbrenner) went on a spending spree to a tune of $400 million bucks this past off-season to make sure that no repeat occurred.

But with a third of the 2014 season behind them, the Yankees are in remarkably worse shape as I pointed out in yesterday’s post..

With each passing week, my hope that the Yankees can turn things around is dwindling.

I do believe that this Yankees team is not playing up to their potential yet, but maybe I have been brainwashed with the idea that spending a ton of dough meant automatically getting better. Continue reading ‘Yankees: What do you think? Because I do not know.’ »

Yankees: Batting vs. top three AL teams

Just how bad are the New York Yankees bats?

Comparing the Yankees team batting stats vs. the top three AL East teams, Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays and the Detroit Tigers shows what they are not doing.

(all stats courtesy of

2014 Yankees vs. Top 3 AL Teams - Batting Stats

The Tigers have not been playing well the last three weeks, but the weakness of the AL Central allowed them to go on a seven game losing streak without sliding out of first place.

So, the Blue Jays and A’s have the elite line-ups, and clearly it shows where the Yankees are not. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Batting vs. top three AL teams’ »

Yankees: Start hitting stop losing

Joe DiMaggio showing three year old Larry Vale...

Joe DiMaggio showing three year old Larry Valencourt how to hold a bat: West Palm Beach, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

After losing two of three to the Kansas City Royals over the weekend, the New York Yankees have left me dumbstruck.

What else is there left to dissect or suggest, as the answer is pretty simple now that Kendry Morales has signed with the Twins.

If the Yankees do not start scoring runs, they will continue to lose series to teams that they should be beating.

Luckily the entire AL East is playing sub-par baseball, as all five teams lost yesterday.

So even though the Yankees are a .500 team (31-31) and stand in third place, they have been blessed with a window of opportunity to right the ship.

But what I am wondering is why the offense is not getting better?

The 2014 Yankees are supposed to be better than last year’s team, but they are not.

But today in 2013, the Yankees run differential was +15, were only a game and a half out of first with a 36-26 record.

This season’s Bronx Bombers are sporting a -31 run differential, and are six games back from the top. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Start hitting stop losing’ »

Yankees: 10 facts you are going to hate

Here are 10 facts about the New York Yankees that are not pretty, but with the way they are playing what do you expect.

  1. Last night when the A’s beat the Yankees in 10 innings, 5-2 it marked the first time the Bronx Bombers have lost 3 games in 3 days to 3 different teams at home since 1915. (@SportsCenter)
  2. The A’s have won 11 of their last 14 games vs. the Yankees.
  3. After tonight’s loss to A’s, Yankees are 22-4 in games where they led after the 7th inning. They were 65-4 when leading after 7 in 2013. (@JackCurryYES)
  4. Yankees are now 29-28, and dropped to third place in the AL East behind Blue Jays and Orioles.
  5. Since April 29th, the Yankees are 4-11 in their last 15 home games.
  6. Fact is when a team doesn’t hit there is leave zero margin for error for your pitchers. No reason for Yankees fans to blame anything on Dellin Betances or Adam Warren.
  7. Years in which Yankees had lower run differential after first 57 games: 1905, 1908, 1912-14, 1989, 1990. (@williamnyy23)
  8. Over their last 5 games the Yankees have scored 10-runs total, while the New York Rangers have scored 13-goals.
  9. Nobody in the Big Apple will be watching Yankees baseball tonight.
  10. The Yankees offense is horrific.

Continue reading ‘Yankees: 10 facts you are going to hate’ »

Yankees: Moneyball vs Stankees

Alfredo Aceves

Alfredo Aceves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no kind way to put this other than the New York Yankees stink right now.

Watching them lose again last night, 10-2 to the Seattle Mariners, was mind-numbingly disturbing, as it exposed the Yankees from all directions.

At 29-27, the Yankees are barely hanging on to second place in the AL East and if they want to stay relevant things have to get better fast.

The resolution is not all that complicated; play better baseball.

The Yankees need to score runs; stop making textbook infield errors; and personally I wouldn’t mind never seeing reliever Alfredo Aceves take the hill in pinstripes again. Look, the guy is giving me Sergio Mitre nightmares all right.

Just play baseball like this team is capable of, or the season will be over for the Bronx Bombers come the All-Star Break.

Starting tonight the Yankees will host the AL West leading Oakland Athletics, and personally, I am scared to watch these three games.

As the A’s are not the Twins or the Mariners, as this 35-22 team is way better and arriving on a three game winning streak. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Moneyball vs Stankees’ »

Yankees: Do you want Kendry Morales to come to the Bronx?

Kendrys Morales

Kendrys Morales (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

I hate to say it, but I told you so but….

I surely wasn’t alone, as many agreed that the New York Yankees were making a mistake by not to acquiring a practical back up for first baseman Mark Teixeira.

Tex missed all of last year after he tore the ECU sheath in his right wrist, which required surgery to fix.

And now Tex’s wrist is aggravating him again, and he has been in and out of the line-up for the last two weeks. And losing Tex is hurting not only the already offensively anemic Yankees line-up, but also his stellar defensive is sorely missed at first base.

With Tex’s injury issues, Yankees fans have started to cry out for owner Hal Steinbrenner to go sign free agent Kendry Morales, who won’t cost any team a draft pick after June 5th.

A week ago, the idea of signing Morales seemed like typical Yankees fan ridiculousness but now it might be just what the doctor ordered.

The Yankees are keeping their fingers crossed that the cortisone shot Tex got this past weekend will ease the pain. But even if the shot initially works, the risk is the unknown of how long the cortisone will last. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Do you want Kendry Morales to come to the Bronx?’ »