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Yankees: Bronx Bombers stink

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Yankee Stadium November 14, 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey, guess what happened up at Yankee Stadium last night?

If your answer were the Yankees offense was stale once again, which wasted another picturesque pitching performance this time featuring Hiroki Kuroda, you would be correct.

The Yankees bats mustered up one run against the Tampa Bay Rays, who only scored two in total but that was good enough to win, 2-1.

The 2014 MLB season is officially over the halfway hump, and the Yankees are heading into the second part of the year, as a .500 team with a 41-41 record.

If you can believe it, the 2013 Yankees were a better team at this time last year with a record of 43-39; and they also were in 2008, at 44-40. Both those seasons the Bronx had no baseball playing come October, but since the AL East has nose-dived as a whole in 2014, the Yankees miraculously still have a fighting chance if they can play better.

Everyone and their mother are aware that the Yankees offense is killing them this season.

And I could just go on a tear about how Brain McCann, Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Beltran need to get in a groove; or how Derek Jeter should be moved down to the bottom of the batting order to allow Jacoby Ellsbury to hit behind Brett Gardner. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Bronx Bombers stink’ »

Yankees: 8 horrible truths you might not want to read

Yankee Stadium - Cold Beer on a Hot Day

Yankee Stadium – Cold Beer on a Hot Day (Photo credit: wallyg)

Last night’s 12-inning, 4-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays marked the third in a row for the New York Yankees, and drops their record to just one game above .500 at 41-40.

Not scoring runs, and leaving men on base are the only consistent things the Yankees have done thru the first 81-games of this season.

It is hard to believe that a batting order with names like Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran could be this bad, but that is all it has been.

But what is even crazier is how solid the Yankees pitching has been considering three of their five starters are injured, and it is their first season sans closer Marino Rivera in the bullpen.

So to stay on trend, here are 8 extra crazy Yankees facts/stats but please note that they are not pretty so not recommended if you are trying to positive at all.

1.    Yankees have an 18-21 record in the Bronx. Continue reading ‘Yankees: 8 horrible truths you might not want to read’ »

Tickets For Yankees – Rays Series 45% Below Yanks Home Average

English: Cap logo of the New York Yankees

English: Cap logo of the New York Yankees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prior to the season it’d be considered a big deal any time the Tampa Bay Rays appeared on the New York Yankees schedule, but that’s certainly no longer the case. Currently Yankees tickets are averaging $82.14 for the upcoming series, which is 45 percent below the season average. The Rays have been a huge disappointment this season, currently tied with the Arizona Diamondbacks for the worst record in baseball. While the Yankees have done better, they’re still just at 41-39 with a -32 run differential that is barely better than the Rays’ -37. But that’s been good enough to keep the Yankees in the division race, just two games behind the AL East-leading Toronto Blue Jays.

6/30 TB Chris Archer vs. NYY David Phelps | Avg. Price: $72.62 | Get-in Price: $8

Even with the Rays lackluster season, they still can throw out better pitching than the Yankees. Nowhere is that more obvious than the first game of the season where the Yanks are once again forced to send David Phelps out with all the injuries affecting their rotation. Phelps has surprisingly been one of the Yankees better pitchers this season despite fairly pedestrian numbers all across the board. Makes sense that the game is the cheapest of the series with an average of $72.62 and a get-in price of just $8. Meanwhile Chris Archer gets the start for the Rays, and Archer would easily be the second best pitcher behind Masahiro Tanaka on the Yankees. He has 2.2 wins above replacement (WAR) in his 93 innings pitched, Continue reading ‘Tickets For Yankees – Rays Series 45% Below Yanks Home Average’ »

Yankees: Doubly bad weekend in the Bronx

Red Sox Dugout

Red Sox Dugout (Photo credit: kim.rossi)

My dad used to always say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.”

So, when the New York Yankees (41-39) lost the rubber game to the Boston Red Sox (38-44) last night, 8-5 yesterday, it was more than just a typical, regular season series to blow.

Heading into the weekend three game set, the Bronx Bombers had not one, but two opportunities sitting a silver platter ripe for the picking; and one game was a Masahiro Tanaka start to boot.

Friday night with Vidal Nuno on the hill, the Yankees beat Boston 6-0 with Vidal Nuno on the hill.

And all felt great in Yankees Universe especially with Tanaka starting Saturday.

Well, that positive feeling was short-lived as the Yankees offense scored only one run, and lost to Red Sox Jon Lester, 2-1.

Tanaka pitched all nine innings, and the offense didn’t get past second base after the third inning. It was a pathetic showing once again, and watching this anemic offense again was frustrating beyond belief.

Maybe you didn’t realize that if the Yankees had won on Sunday, they would be only one game back from the AL East leading Toronto Blue Jays? Continue reading ‘Yankees: Doubly bad weekend in the Bronx’ »

Yankees: Twofer weekend in the Bronx vs. Red Sox

Keep Calm and Sweep Red Sox

Keep Calm and Sweep Red Sox

After hitting the walk-off winning homer last Friday night vs. the Orioles, New York Yankees DH, Carlos Beltran told the NY Post, “Baseball is a long season and there’s gonna be a lot of ups and downs. I feel like early in the year we weren’t clicking. Right now the chemistry is good. … When you win, it’s easier.”

Since that night, the Yankees have gone 1-4, bumping themselves down to third place in the AL East with 2.5 games separating them from the Blue Jays, and a half game away from the Baltimore Orioles. And MLB betting odds are not being favorable towards the idea that the Yankees can oust either divisional rival at the moment.

The above scenario of winning and losing games in tight bunches is about the only thing the 2014 Yankees do consistently.

What worries me the most is the way the Yankees make losing seem effortless, and winning a constant battle.

The pitching has kept them competitive in the weak AL East, while the hitting continues to be the Yanks Achilles’ heel.

Overall, the team has got worse each month as in April they finished 15-11; in May they were a .500 ball club at 14-14; and after grinding out a 5-3 win to avoid getting swept up in Toronto, the Yankees are just 11-12 so far in June. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Twofer weekend in the Bronx vs. Red Sox’ »

Yankees: Do you think Derek Jeter needs to move himself?

Let me get right to the point, do you think it is time for the Captain, Derek Jeter to move himself down in the batting order?

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Should Derek Jeter move himself down in the batting order?


1) History doesn’t win games today.

Yes, Jeter occupied the Yankees two-hole for the majority of the first 13 seasons of his 20-year career, 1392 games and 5676 at-bats to be exact. No doubt, the Captain had major success in this spot posting a career batting average of .311 with 707 RBIs, 137 homers, and 1001 runs.

In 2009, Jeter started hitting lead off almost permanently. And once again, he shined in the 979 games, 4133 at-bats with 102 home-runs, 199 doubles, 428 RBIs, 404 walks, 108 stolen bases and a career .310 batting average at the top of the order.

But those glory old days for Jeter, who just turned 40-years old this week, are now distant and fond memories. So keeping him at the top of the line-up for ego might not be in the Yankees best interests anymore. And the odds at sportsbooks only prove this by Jeter’s low fantasy value in 2014, in addition to the Yankees not being picked as favorites to win games either. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Do you think Derek Jeter needs to move himself?’ »