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Now Manny……

Rumor has it another current, old teammate of Manny‘s will the next one on this list of all-stars. I heard this from my doorman so not going to tell you but he is BIG is all I can say. Funny how Senator Mitchell is on the board of the Red Sox and no players playing within their franchise is cheating. Clemen’s not when he was on the Red Sox…..go figure!!! And now Manny gets busted for trying to balance his testosterone level; from what I understand that is done by steroid users to get your testosterone levels back down due to the steroids which makes them abnormally high.
Manny just started this mid-season last year right after he left the blessed, holier then the rest Boston Red Sox??? Bullshit is all I have to say and yes I love the Yankees so I do hate Boston but that’s cause they have beaten us but spitting on us when it was only a matter of time. I can make the promise of 100% that our captain is au natural…..can Sox fan say the same?? Continue reading ‘Now Manny……’ »