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Tonight we are finally back home for a 10 game stance. Even thought we took both series on the road trip I still feel like the Yankees are not quite where the team needs to be to get on a win streak….maybe I am still bruised from Tampa and Boston?? Or could it be that not used to Toronto being a good?? Possibly it could be that Blue Jays and Red Sox have had the easiest schedule so far according to MLB stats from ESPN.

I hope I am proven totally wrong…..but my curiosity is who will be received with more booing Arod or Tex?? I am going to go with Tex as he is struggling and yes Arod took roids years back but he does consistently put up monster #’s in the regular season. And for some reason I think that the fans have finally just accepted Arod and its about time everyone did.

Maybe I should thank Selena Roberts cause I think the book might have been just enough for fans to start to feel bad for the guy!! We all know when it rains it pours and its about time Arod gets to put the umbrella away. Also his first pitch homering it was surreal and that kinda stuff happens for a reason I believe is bigger than just being an elite athlete!!

I hope we win 10 in a row!!! Go Yanks!!

Sports Are No Different!!!

What am I talking about now is
……professional athletes have rules too!! But it seems in this day and age every profession is dirty and that want and greed blindside people with a lack of appreciation for hard work and talent. And sadly regarding baseball players like Jeter and Rivera will be known as playing in the ‘Steroid Era’ when they played by the rules!! Money is the motivation behind taking steroids cause the stronger you get the better you play the larger the check….and due to books being written by Conseco cause he was broke so he ratted out teammates with no hesitation for his own reputation as long as he got paid. Selena Roberts…I think you get it!!

Too many athletes get caught up in the whole spotlight and then cry that their not celebrities and I agree with their reasoning if it wasn’t bullshit half the time. It is whining that same excuse when in reality as a professional athlete you have the responsibilities of being a role model to kids all over the world!! That is something that is overlooked so much in sports especially as of lately cause we hear the story of being broke and making a glove from scraps and playing with a tennis ball cause couldn;t afford a baseball and look that guy is making millions, his ‘crib’ is on MTV, he dates hotties blah, blah blah but then he goes and gets a DWI or shots his driver by accident or shots himself…..I know everyone makes mistakes but I am no the face of companies ads and kids do not have me on their t-shirts or wear certain sneaker because I do!! With the access to scandals made so easy due to technology being so advanced in the last decade the term ‘privacy’ needs a new meaning.

What I am attepting to get across is….even more then ever the talent needs to be appreciated where the attitude is a display of its deserved respect. I know life is hard but the Jeter’s of sports are becoming the minority, not in numbers but in attention. And if rules can help or force responsibility on athletes I believe it could only hinder their appreciation, which can only be positive for everyone!!!

Ranting, Instead of Respecting…

As a Yanks fan it is understood bias… when we lose a game, like last night it becomes frustrating to watch.

I went on and on about how the Yanks screwed it up and even went as far as to make some suggestions. I want perfection when I watch the Yanks play and in the heat of the moment I will rant and criticize easily so I can feel like I have the right to be as emotional as I feel.

Granted, something by the way of a winning-streak is needed ASAP but more respect should have been shown to Roy Halladay because he is amazing! His pitching is the best in baseball. Here is a quote from Teixeira published in a NY Times article on April 3, 2009 about Halladay, “All his pitches start in the same place and end in a different place.” 

I thought I was reading the stats wrong on TV last night when it had (7-1) next to his name for wins-losses….I went and looked it up on my computer as I thought that it included Spring Training; or whatever else but no way has this guy won 7 games this year!!

He has won half the amount the Yankees have….and he must pitch more than every 5th day considerong the season is just starting out here.

Well to my surprise, I was astonished that this was correct. I knew Halladay was a good pitcher but when CC is all you hear for months and the $161 million paycheck you forget that other threats exist! Let me say that Halladay is lights-out more than any other pitcher in all of baseball.

Just a little fact that Damon is the best hitter overall against Halladay’s career but even Johnny quoted saying “When I get the hits, it’s with nobody on base.” Stats out of 80 at bats Damon has had 1 homer and 2 rbis’…..I mean come on that is sick!!! Continue reading ‘Ranting, Instead of Respecting…’ »

The word of the day….HIT!!

This is not a new problem for the Yankees…..

just a fact that we are leaving our pitchers out to dry by not scoring runs and my pet peeve is when we leave runners on bases constantly, the last two seasons especially. I actually have hung out with Kevin Long a few times and he is a stand up guy, one of the best hitting coaches in baseball….and he does his job, well!! We have a lineup made-up of the premier players so I have many questions….

  1. Could it take the pressure off cause Tex and Arod cause they are 3 and 4??
  2. Jeter and Damon are doing there jobs….so with Jeter out with hamstring (which I hope is not much worse cause DJ does not miss games); Damon is it; and he is doing it as well as can be so maybe cause the pressure is off of him?? Damon has barely had slumps and he did have 1 last year but it was brief, so whats your secret??? Please pass the note to your teammates asap…..thx.
  3. Is it possible that they need to shake this line-up around and Girardi needs to start playingCano and where Tex is and move up Matsui?? Continue reading ‘The word of the day….HIT!!’ »

Media = Pressure = Pinstripes….

‘Stray-Road’ NY Post

Just a thought…….let me just say that the series starting against the Blue Jays tonight is critical for the Yankees. And I know that the media (ie. Post and Daily News) will remind us and if we do sweep the Blue Jays I bet Arod’s stripper would be an alternative cover “Stripper Speaks” or “Arod Extra Loose in Toronto, Again”.

The media, even the local papers love to hate the Yankees. This is something that if the Yankees are doing well the front page will find some dirt, non-related sports story that admittedly even gets me wondering and eventually reading the story. So I am guilty as anyone but once the Yankees are struggling its the new front page with some of the funniest headlines I have ever read. I give all the credit to the NY Post and NY Daily News cause when you think you have seen the most ridiculous the geniuses come up with a better eye catcher!!

Now…the Yankees have money, spend money which angers lots of people and obviously whoever does the headlines which rip them about 4 out of 7 papers weekly. Is this just the definition of jealousy cause the players are rich, job title gets girls….lots of girls, beautiful homes and god forbid anyone has a good time on night during the season cause I forgot that not everyone is entitled to unwind. And hey you can always just blame it on Arod….but how much more can one person, 33 years of age be capable of. Or Jeter who has accomplished everything any city would be proud of is compared to Reyes or how he is one worst short stop statistically in baseball. What the media hates Arod for not doing freely rips on Jeter for doing it (referring to post-season and clutch hitting). Boggles my mind as I am even confusing myself… to why Joba’s mom was on the cover and week of mother’s day too!! I mean that is just tasteless and deplorable at all costs.
In some sense the Yankees have to pony up the bucks as what player would want to come play here if the paycheck were not as enticing!?!?!
When the Yankees have won the World Series I presume these papers profit more, which might make a employees bonus raise or gets to hire another staff member so it eases the workload??? The whole city is on a high when any team wins a championship….the Giants in 2007 felt amazing!!! It brings NYC together and forget about all the stress of everyday life for just a second…..and lets face it out of NY teams we cannot afford to be so critical on the best prospects to fulfill this for NYC to shine.
So, instead of rip the Yankees try to back off if they are in a slump or Arod and Tex are struggling. Maybe, just maybe if the players think we have forgotten they will try to make us remember again!!! Maybe a few less papers will sell because no one wants to read anything normal or god forbid good or thoughtful…..but we have a lot of new faces on the team and I know that nothing is better then being reminded, cause trust me I know when I mess up and don’t need to have millions reminded that; big order I am talking about and unrealistic but maybe baby steps and once in awhile cut them a break. FYI…you not going to be as rich or ever play for the Yankees unless you turn into superman so at least have some pride so you can celebrate when they win it and feel good about it!!
Fans, players, coaches, media, hell even my mom knows that we need to step it up and the Yankees will be watched BIG TIME in this series against Toronto and I need to not let the media influence me….so maybe (not like anyone, even my 2 friends who joined my blog will ever read this) don’t buy the paper if it is trash. Read it online for free….

Winning series….key to AL East

I always believe that baseball season is the hardest to predict. Obvious reasons being…..its a long season, injuries are frequent and all these players are top athletes so can break out at anytime. Everyone has different theories to why a team wins their division, world series etc. Well a mix of players and managers that just works, as Joe Torre was the most losing manager in MLB before he came to the Yankees. And we know how that story ended…..

I truly think that baseball is streaky on wins/loses and a lot of fans do not even care about records till the All-Star break but unfortunately if your team is in the AL East every game counts cause the competition is fierce. Even the Orioles are good and Toronto has been due for this recognition but I do believe in this division it is who wins series throughout the season, which entails consistency throughout. I also think the experience of the Yanks and Red Sox is huge factor but the Rays are not afraid with a lot of young athletes who have now been to the end. The Rays are cocky and as we all know a player who makes it all about himself (aka BJ Upton) can disrupt a clubhouse.
All of the AL East teams have pitching, hitters and runners (props to Carl Crawford) so other than taking 2 of 3 games, the next cause will be set-up men, the dreaded middle relievers. I have watched so many games be so close only for the middle men to come and blow it!! As a fan it is the most nervous part of any game because I can’t seem to find the Mo or K-Rod of middle relief….I have nightmares of Farnsworth, who if only could locate the damn ball would be unhittable!!! Continue reading ‘Winning series….key to AL East’ »