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Who Sent The Memo "The Nationals Turn To Nasty???"

The Nationals took the series from my Yankees tonight by winning their second out of three games. Am I that surprised? No.

Why? I look at the weeks before this series and in years past this is the time right before the all-star break where the length of the season starts to take its toll. Everyone is tired, players, managers are a little burnt out but it’s just part of baseball.

I know this sounds like an excuse but I am neither the fan, nor the type of person who comes up with excuses for my favorite team to make myself feel better. There is no reason for it because the performance will speak for itself in the big picture. The word discouraged comes to mind when losing two of three to the worst team, by far in the entire majors. I can promise you that my discouragement will turn to anger if the Yankees miss the playoffs by a game. Not only did the Yanks lose an easy series but also Jeter had to be taken out in the first game. It was clear to all watching by his ankle being in pain as Derek limped to first base. Any fan knows that our Captain does not like sitting out games and always wants to play. When Girardi called on Jeter to pinch-hit tonight I was uneasy which I will sustain over the next few games as losing Jeter cannot occur. Our Captain is so vital words cannot express; that’s why he has that title and honor. Continue reading ‘Who Sent The Memo "The Nationals Turn To Nasty???"’ »

Playing Against The Yankees In a Red Sox Nation….


Tonight’s game was just was pretty uneventful except for the few minutes where the Yanks were actually losing to the worst team in baseball. I was actually joking earlier today with a friend that the Nationals would probably sweep the Yankees knowing how the Yankees luck was at a teetering point lately.

Why would this have not surprised me? Imagine or really envision being on an opposing team imagine how it must feel to play the Yankees, especially at home in the Bronx. Intimidating to say the least but jealous with genuine admiration at the same time.

I heard it described by many players as feeling like you are in the playoffs or the World Series even. Winning in Yankee Stadium, against a lineup that rivals that of the all-star game brings out the competitive edge a player must want in their own home field. The fans roar and not only in NYC but anywhere the Yankees travel. Rarified air must have the Yankees Logo next to it in the dictionary because the normally half filled if that, is all of sudden sold out.

It’s no wonder that teams my Yankees should destroy will win and win well sometimes. In defense of this years club I believe that was the Yankees of the last five years, not the 2009 club. Why you ask? Finally the reality that this team is not the best, hasn’t won the World Series in years and didn’t make the playoffs after acting like it was the law. I think the new team realizes that that history is history but realistically it is a Red Sox nation now. Every game played must not be played differently, almost as if to be colorblind and no names of opposing teams able to be seen.

The motivation for this change as a fan, an observer, a follower is the obvious team comradery so evidently being missed. It is the quintessential part of winning, hands down. I think we all have encountered this in just our own personal, day-to-day dealings that if you like the person/people and respect the other people involved, whatever the situation may be, you work considerably harder to achieve. I promise you that I would defend any of my friends’ dear to my heart with all I got especially when they’re threatened or hit intentionally by a 90 mile an hour fastball.

No team can win without having that bond. Prime examples are the NY Giants winning the super bowl in 2007 or the Tampa Bay Rays of 2008. Unfortunately I deem the dreaded ‘big ego’ stung but I hope for baseball it will not dictate their future. The Rays are sure not acting like the new guys as they stroll onto the field. Tampa was the team I worried most about before the season but whatever it was that binded them last year is far gone and it shows. If teams like the Rays think they have proven themselves enough and wear it on their sleeves it’s going to be a lengthy stretch before that team will get on the main stage again. Trust me on this one, as I am a Yankees fan so I know from experience. Continue reading ‘Playing Against The Yankees In a Red Sox Nation….’ »

Love At First Sight……The Highs and Lows of Being A Sports Fan!

Love At First Sight……The Highs and Lows of Being A Fan!

Anyone who is a sport’s fan knows how it feels thrilling when your team wins. Its even better when your team has been predicted to be lucky to survive the season by experts alike but in turn you are celebrating winning the super-bowl, for example.

I bet you guessed that I am referring to my NY Giants 07′ season. It just proves that being the absolute underdogs, 12 point spread, against a team with a perfect record of 17-0 does not guarantee anything. When comparing the two quarterbacks before the last game of the season would have been pointless but Eli Manning‘s potential to be great was obviously seen internally way before the fans. Manning was beyond erratic the seasons prior and I was so afraid of being embarrassed again in the playoffs. Boy was I taken for a ride and know Eli is a favorite when previously I would give dirty looks to any Giants fan wearing his jersey. Now Eli is a force to reckoned with and he earned it! That win was also a huge part of Earth, WInd and Fire, out amazing defense, top of the line offensive protection, a catch from a player who had four completions in all during the season and a pre-shot wide-receiver. I will never forget Sunday, February 3, 2007, my 31st birthday and historically one of the greatest day to be a New York fan.

I guess what I am trying to grasp is the fact that when a fan gets so down on a team that is supposed to be dominating! And regarding baseball the highs and lows of the never-ending season is the hardest to grin and bear. The Yankees of last season is a prime example. I was not surprised as the season was a mess but even almost getting the wild card didn’t feel right to me.

Now it is a new season and my hopes are beyond high. I want to win it all but know the experience of not making it past the regular season is always in the back of my mind. Football in general I consider easier to predict due to length of season, injuries of one player can be season ending and usually the predictions pre-season are not far from what unfolds. Also notice in other sports the head of the team is a “coach” and in baseball it is a “manager”. Could it be that baseball is more erratic? Continue reading ‘Love At First Sight……The Highs and Lows of Being A Sports Fan!’ »

Dear Joe, The Time Has Come….

Dear Mr. Girardi,

I am going to get right to the point and give you some suggestions. Please do not take this as an insult and I know most of the suggestions you have already thought of already.

To be blunt watching the last two losses against Boston were beyond frustrating to watch. Very close games, as expected. Wang starting was a risk that didn’t pan out and I know the past is the past but I was confused as to why not start him at home? I know Wang is a 19 game winner for two season’s in a row but he is not the same player. Considering his mental game was a mess now and last season his weakest starts were on the road and not on Astroturf that it just made no sense to put the pressure on that thick. Whether it was Island or Cashman it is your job to put your 19 game ace in the best place to win for the team and that is not what the organization did. Look it’s done but for Wang it could be a means to an end, which is sad and kinda of unfair considering Hughes would have been better.

Tonight’s game should have been a win for CC and if I were him I would be so pissed off. In this circumstance I am confused about why Mariano could not have been brought in the eighth inning? Or at the very least after the first two outs cause he can definitely handle four outs. Mo hadn’t pitched in three days so it makes no sense to me. And if you try to prove it with the Subway Series coming up this weekend is crap because losing now eight games to Red Sox is going to sting. I just hope that it is not as disruptive on the players as it has been on me as a fan. Furthermore we are going into a hometown series, where the Yankees typically do not fair well in.

After venting my woes to you sir, I hope without going on too much of a tangent. I am not going to get into the many other issues of the debauchery that just happened in Boston because it is in the past or at least in theory.

Mr. Girardi, I think the time has come for Joba to go in the bullpen. I can only imagine how much you have gone over this with whomever else is in the meetings with you but it has come to give it a try. Continue reading ‘Dear Joe, The Time Has Come….’ »

Attitude Reflect Leadership, Captain

He is the captain of all captains….

He was the USA captain; he is managers and players most respected player; he has 4 rings…these are just a few facts on Derek Jeter’s resume. 

As a fan I look up to him. I walk head high, with a sense of arrogance because this man is my captain. He doesn’t break promises, on or off the field. He’s not all about ‘getting mine’ as he respects his elders, learns from his peers and the traditions of the Yankees is his pride. That is why A-rod only makes him look better everyday.

He is ‘Captain Clutch’, Mr. November and plays under the microscope of the greatest city on earth. Since the day he entered the majors, to do under that pressure, in a game-on the line situations… everything so flawlessly and effortlessly is remarkable.  He is about as god-like for an athlete I can think of.

I know most of the what I saying is common knowledge, even to Yankee haters but that’s not why I am writing this. It is because this man is now being called washed up, with the worst stats for a shortstop in baseball and over-rated. This hurts, as it makes me so upset that in sports we cannot give credit to the good guys, the leaders, the role-models.

A leader is “a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal”. To be a leader, a person must have a deep-rooted commitment to the goal; and he will strive to do meet it even if nobody follows him. Someone that I can confidently tell a child, with not even a pause to follow him, to follow his example as a person, an athlete and a captain.

So, thank you Mr. Jeter for making me believe and for all the pride you have brought me over the years. You still have lots more baseball to play, and I am thrilled to see you for years to come. My applause has only grown over the years, as you are my captain.What you  represent as a person is a lot more than that.
From everyone watching you on TV, or live at the stadium; from your dugout, or an opponents, we are all honored and humbled to call ourselves a Derek Jeter fan.


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Can’t We All Just Calm Down…..

Well the Yankees lost tonight 6-5. The team is a game out of first place, do I dare or for that matter, need to explain why I am so furious? I am going to state the obvious, so bare with me.

It’s the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees came to Boston in first place, after last night’s victory Boston caught us for a tied lead and now my Yankees are in second place with Toronto just a half game behind us. Forgot about Toronto Blue Jays pretty fast. So now that the I had to be reminded of the Jays, I almost forgot all about the young and talent Rays catching up is inevitable I predict!

Did Girardi and company think tonight was a good time to test Wang? Obviously but I sure did not agree. Fact is Wang did win 38 games his last two seasons which is the most in all the majors. No one can knock that stat but most of the wins were in our own Stadium and Wang is not as reliable on the road except he is great on astroturf fields but other then the Rays and Texas not to common. In his first couple of start this season his ERA was almost equal to as his total # of wins over previous two years, his sinker was not sinking like the Wang we know in addition to the speed being slower as well. His broken foot (from running the bases) is fully healed but he seemed like in his first start was an initial struggle he has not broken out of.

My confusion is….what was going through the brain of the Yankees managers when putting Wang in his first game in Boston, against our rivals, during a race to be in first, in one of the oldest ballparks where the grass is as real as Fenway would only have it? Not much strategy there but who knows and really I can’t put the entire loss on one player. Let’s not forget how the Yanks have made stranding players on base. It became their M.O. The team seemed to shake that reputation by dominating the past six or seven weeks. Enough to climb up and take the lead, which was well deserved I might add. So what is the problem? 7-0 against Boston has not happened since 1923 and leaving ten stranded on the bases scared me back to the idea that a slump might be inevitable, it sucks all around! I literally felt sick to my stomach tonight watching this game, pacing in front of my TV and I hated every minute of it.

I finally said to myself PLEASE STOP, PAUSE and STOP THERE ARE TOO MANY REASONS TO LOSS FAITH. All of a sudden I felt like the wacko!

Instead I started to think of many reasons why these last two games need to be put in the past asap. Here are just the facts, read them and you will agree! If you don’t get what I am talking about you have a lot more problems then being in denial…..

1 – The Yankees are good. Not just good, really, really good this season, period! Continue reading ‘Can’t We All Just Calm Down…..’ »