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The Yankees Owe Someone A HUGHES Thank You!

Phil Hughes pumped up and fit.

What a terrific winning streak for the New York Yankees. Necessary, we all know this but I didn’t know that the player I would be blaming it on would be Phil Hughes.

Let’s look at the facts, which is what all sports enthusiasts will be picking apart from here till as long as their team lasts this season. As a “wanna be” sports writer, I do this from the spring training, which is passionate in the eye of the beholder.

The heat is on in AL East pennant race. My worst nightmare and if you have read any of my blog (so Dad) I knew that these guys were coming. The team formally known as the “Devil Rays” finally woke up and that is trouble.

Surely, all those new Tampa fans want that high from last season back. I wonder how filled Tropicana Field was when days were looking grim? Tampa was so daunting to me that I would think that fan base might be mad.

I actually thought that the team might be just off this season but deep down I knew better. TB has so much talent I think Joe Madden could pick out of hat for batting order. The old Devils are so young but age doesn’t play a role if the players are bad but again that is not the case.

I think you get my drift. Just in case, the Tampa Bay Rays are young, talented and hungry to get to a place that my Yankees know all to well.

Just another fact Ray’s won their seventh straight tonight against Toronto and Evan Longoria was not even playing. Yikes. Remember the Rays lights out pitcher from last year? Probably not, as he has been on the disabled list but Scott Kazmir is back. His slider is out of control good. Double – Yikes, Yikes!

Proudly I can say the Yankees are going to make this tough along with Boston and Tampa. Experts, rightly so counted my Yanks out in the beginning of the season but I knew it was all-wrong. This is a three-team battle that will be a fight till the end.

Yankees are right in there and damn good too. I just had no idea as of a month ago that a Hughes reason was due to Phil being moved from a starter to middle. This is just so baby Joba continues as starter.

Isn’t this starting to feel like Joba has become a trophy inscribed with “in your face” on it for Cashman or Girardi? Last year I would have just blamed Hank the Tank but where has baby Stein been this year. Must have done well at the horse track but he went from being a true Steinbrenner too completely non-existent and we all no this guy speaks his mind. Incase you forgot we have owners here is a reminder: Continue reading ‘The Yankees Owe Someone A HUGHES Thank You!’ »

Proud To Be In Pinstripes….And It Only Took A Week!

My Yankees have had quite a week. A week that was needed for so many reasons for any team on brink of the tipping point. Honestly, this past week could have been the most critical of the season for the team from the Bronx.

The Yanks are not by any means in a isolated or even close to secure spot. The route is the beginning to journey on a road that had to be walked down. Pluto is far gone in the universe and the Yanks do not want to go unseen like that.
As of Father’s day the Yanks were a four games out of first place, now just it just three. Does not sound like much to the non obsessed baseball fan but oh how wrong they are.
Breathing down the Yankees necks are Tampa and Toronto. These two divisional teams are one game behind each other and just one and two games behind the Yankees respectfully.
It had potential disaster. All three teams were playing well since the 21st of this month. Then you have to incorporate Boston into the mix. The Red Sox started to seem like our could have really made a gap into a bridge. Our hated rivals, how bad it could have been.
I was starting to forget that baseball games included hitting. The Yanks made it painful to watch top of each inning, during all this away inter-league play. The number of teammates jogging in from the first, second or third bases was becoming a fad like boyfriend jeans, really expensive with rips all over.
FYI….that has ended and boy did the team want to prove it. Everyone took part in this slaughtering with bats from Jeter to Cervelli to Pena.
And let’s give a warm welcome to Brett Garner! This guy has been on fire wherever and whenever he steps on the field. Becoming the biggest threat in a line-up of all-stars. It is nothing less than energizing. Continue reading ‘Proud To Be In Pinstripes….And It Only Took A Week!’ »

Many Nations Live In The Universe……

Here is a nice fact about the current American League East, the Yankees cannot lose a game until the Red Sox do.

The games, being four, that is the divide between first and second place is at critical point. The two possibilities are for the Yanks to gain and make this a one or two game difference to be in a position to pounce; which entails Boston to start coming undone. Could it happen? Anything could happen but the odds are in the Red Sox favor because the team is consistent with winning series. It means the Yankees have to put all else out of mind and keep winning.

The worst scenario is for the Yankees to stop being able to hit all together, runners being stranded on base which leads to frustration. The Yankees are on a winning streak. Even though it is against the Mets who are injury ridden and a mess the Marlins beat up on my Yanks so better or worse team is irrelevant. This would leave the Yankees in a six or seven game whole going into the break. Not where this team needs to be or should be.

Instead the Yankees need to only be about the Yankees. Worry about no one but themselves by playing steady, fundamental baseball. Basically not worrying who the opposing pitcher is that night but on how they are going to hit that night. Don’t worry who the specific batter at the plate is instead how that ball is not getting by you and obtaining that out. Continue reading ‘Many Nations Live In The Universe……’ »

Why Nobody Told Me Steroids Makes You More Popular Too?


My basic question is to the MLB, is busting players past or present so publicly actually making an impact on the public in a good way?

It sure doesn’t seem to be doing the job or having the influence I presume all involved so heavily is looking for. I actually heard on Mike Francesca that someone ask Selig to make a area in the Hall of Fame for “Players Who Used Steroids.” And I see it as press is press.

Let’s look a couple of the players at hand and what their situations have accomplished.

Manny being Manny was displayed more than ever yesterday when he played in his first Dodger minor league game for Triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes. The usually half or less fan filled park is sold out and to capitalize on this down in Albuquerque additional seat or better describe as benches in the outfield. The team’s spokesman SteveHugibert informed us that more than 40,000 tickets for their four-game series have sold. Fans skipped work, waited for hours in line to get this coveted ticket to see a guy who is coming off being suspended for cheating. Manny didn’t cheat in 2003 or 2004 he is in trouble for this current season. I had no idea that his popularity would gain like this.

Doesn’t seem that the more recently you did steroids the more popular you get?

I have never liked Manny as a Red Sox, as a Dodger nor overall as a person. Manny is cocky and arrogant but why shouldn’t he be everyone lets him behave this way. The Red Sox letting him go was the worst thing but he hated it their anyway. And his god-like status in Los Angeles with a more millions in his pocket. It just seems the whole belief system has made me question…..what happen to the idea of “good karma/bad karma”?

As a fan I think the past should be in the past or dealt with in a more discreet matter. THe fact is it was hush, hish all around the majors. Nothing wrong with letting players know the rules have changed and if caught your out because it is officailly against the rules. It was never really a fact till recently so let these guys like Mcguire, Arod, Sosa, Bonds and the other huge names in baseball live with their own demons. I feel like an awful lot of time and money have been spent digging up situations that happened way back when instead of focusing on the current players. Continue reading ‘Why Nobody Told Me Steroids Makes You More Popular Too?’ »

Star Light, Star Bright, Here Is My Wish For The Yankees Tonight

Can you believe the mid-point of the baseball season almost upon us made known by the upcoming All-Star break serving as the intermediate point? Well believe it because it’s here….

It is only fair that I can conclude the past of my Yankees first 82 games with the passion of a true fan but being honest where needed. Furthermore I will attempt to reason with any doubters of the future scenarios that could play out ahead in determining if the Bronx Bombers will make the post-season.

I just want to clarify that the future is not a fact yet and there are so many obstacles that are out of the Yankees range regarding other teams performances that could play major impacts all around baseball. With the many injuries that will definitely occur and some break out performances that nobody had even cared to have thought of it is impracticable to anticipate for this reason. I am talking with the Yankees team and what needs to be tried or done to make New York have the best odds of getting back in the place where the Yanks used to be a regular in.

I have written this positive aspect many times already on my blog. The team’s foremost and most crucial improvement displayed by the Yanks is they are finally working as a team. I have witnesses this in every sport that it does not matter how many Lebron James or Tom Brady’s are on a team if there is no “team” and only individuals with big egos their will be no championships. A bunch of scrappers who stand behind any guy they call a teammate no matter what or why but just for that fact alone is crucial and especially in baseball.

The days of the Yankees decade of the 90’s are years back. And regardless of the money spent on star players, this year’s NY Yankee team works together and plays together which is something money cannot buy.

Now the Yankees are cemented as being considered the second biggest threat in the American League to the Boston Red Sox. This might have something to do with it by having to be the comparison of what a championship team looks like being their biggest rivals. Hey it’s sports and regardless of pay checks or past steroid reports as huge distractions these men are athletes. Athletes who are competitive and when everyone has the same desire it becomes a goal, which entails when one guy is struggling, another mate is there to pick him up. This must continue for the Yankees, which can get so tough on any team with the season’s ups and downs. Continue reading ‘Star Light, Star Bright, Here Is My Wish For The Yankees Tonight’ »

Hey Yankees…You Can Blame It On The Rain!


I thought the motto of ‘win series’ was going pretty well but have the tides turned on the second place NY Yankees. My Yanks lost a second series in a row to the Florida Marlins, who took two of the three games over the weekend.
I live in Manhattan, where it has been raining so much I think the sun might blind me when it does come out again, I am in a down state. Everyone else here is sick of this weather as well.

So when the Yankees were in first (no I swear for about two weeks the team was ahead of Boston…LOL!) it made the rain sort of tolerable. Since the return of the last Boston massacre in B-town the rain has been non-stop.

I am not counting the fact that the Yankees have been away from the Bronx and still lost. How can I declare this rule? Only because all of us, your fans, were still soaking wet still and so doesn’t count (got that motto from friend). In my head I will take the song line from one of my favorites and “Blame It On The Rain”!!

Now I give you my personal observations of this downward coil created by my Yankees. I want the sun to shine on our marvelous city again.

What did I learn watching the Bombers against the Florida Marlins in another inter-league series?

Arod was given a TO (aka. a time-out) to rest as something is just not clicking for him right now. He has played in every game since returning from his hit surgery. I will not excuse any player (except of your last name is Jeter) for poor performance but in this situation with Arod’s case is legitimate. Alex came back from a serious hip surgery and he came back from it rather quickly. Continue reading ‘Hey Yankees…You Can Blame It On The Rain!’ »