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David Wright: Dear Diary

I found a page from the Diary of the Mets Captain David Wright today and I thought I should share it. Wright is such a template for baseball as he works hard, loves the game, isn’t in the media spotlight that NY athletes can get so easily caught up it and Wright wants to win.

Unfortunately for Wright, his biggest problem or enemy is the team he plays for, the New York Mets.

Dear Diary,

Hey diary, I just wanted to write you because I am to depressed to talk about baseball anymore. Also I need your advice as what to do but I know you can’t really help, even if you could talk.

I think I told you that my Mets teammates elected me captain about two years ago. Nobody seems to know because the only captain in NYC seems to be Derek Jeter anyway.

Just to start I feel like everyone in New York has given up on the Mets. It’s Yankees this, Yankees that, Jeter is the best Captain ever, Yankees rule the city and that is just the beginning of the love for the Yankees. I hate it because I try just as hard as any Yankee but I just don’t know how I got stuck on the Mets.

Even worst the face of the Mets. I think the depression from 2007 is creeping back, again and the whole thing is a mess. Here are the main things that are not getting better:

  1. We suck, again. How is this possible when we have been picked by experts for years as the team to beat? Even said “the Mets are the new New York team to beat!”. That means better than the Yankees. I get my hopes up and it never happens. Continue reading ‘David Wright: Dear Diary’ »

The Good, The Bad, The Yankees

The Yankees continue to win. Proven again by winning two of three against the Toronto Blue Jays after sweeping the Boston Red Sox the four games before this series.

The Yankees look good. As with any team, there are still things that need to continue to be productive along with areas that need to improve or change. This involves the managers and the GM expertise in keeping the team in the best position to win; so decisions are crucial.

The Red Sox just swept the Detroit Tigers. If anyone pretends that it does not send a message that Boston is still a good baseball team is crazy.

Try and remember that Boston swept the Yanks twice already this season but the Bombers continued to win against other teams.

And I am trying to be negative with my statements. The minute I stop thinking like this or more importantly the Yankees do, the Red Sox will be on our tails faster than I can say ‘ah-oh’.

That means the Yankees have to win and take every game as seriously as if they are playing the Red Sox every game. It will be tough and exhausting to say the least.

Pitching tends to dominate baseball talk regarding how that position can be the difference maker. I agree with that but with the Yankees I think the bats are the difference.

AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia have to be consistent along with Petite is a solid three starters to have. Mitre is a disaster and no need to say much more as his last starts explain it.

Joba is a problem. Mainly because you don’t know what Joba is on the mound. I think his inconsistency is like the slumps teams have all season and it is frustrating because he can be as good as anyone.

Joba’s main issue is the babying the Yankees are doing to this young man. His innings limit in the infamous “Joba Rules” is rumored at 160. He is already at 121.2 innings this season and his starts are mapped out for the rest of the season. Now Joba will have eight days rest till he will take the mound again, the whole thing seems to be ridiculous. Why can’t the Yankees just let Joba be Joba?

Young arms need some consideration, I get it but this seems like a strict parent who’s kid actually gets into more trouble down the road. What other pitcher has had this kind of treatment? And if so, was it successful?

Thus far, Joba has been just alright. He has three lights-out performances going deep in the game and it was like striking the pot of gold for a second. Other than that the “rules” seem to be getting broken and not getting the results.

And innings seem to be the less important a number than the actual number of pitches Joba throws in an inning or a game.

The conclusion is Mitre is bye-bye or at least presume a loss that day and Joba is fading to the bullpen, slowly but inevitably. Maybe not till the end of the regular season but what are the Yanks going to do if after that?

This is why the bats are so critical and hitting will be the difference for this team. So, home team advantage is kind of a must as the new stadium in the Bronx seems to be a hitters paradise.

With basically two and a half (Petite being the half) work-horse starters in place, is just not going to work in the long run. Hughes to Mo being so dominate cements that tandem as untouchable but you have to get to them first. Again, that puts a lot of pressure on the hitters.

Moving Hughes would be insanity reaching a new high for Cashman and Girardi. Joba could be treated like pitcher, excuse like a major league pitcher and just go out every fifth day, like everyone else.

I was at the game on Tuesday when Joba was on the mound against Toronto and it was a mess. Hope Joba gave some thanks to the bats for cleaning it up for him, again. And with it being a team win it almost gets Joba’s performance issues overlooked.

The Yankees mangers and GM need to figure out if this is the best option for the team. Remember this is the Yankees team, where Joba is just one of the team’s members.

It’s time to let Joba grow-up once and for all.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Still lots of baseball left but that doesn’t change the fact that NFLis right around the corner. Football season is along with cheering on

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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the Yankees, I also am a huge NY Giants fan.

So from time to time I will post on football and once the season starts it will be more frequent.
I have played in a Fantasy League for about five years now and am pretty knowledgeable on the subject.
Here is a slideshow featured on the Bleacher Report that I recently put together as I have had a lot of req
uests for some NFL thoughts. It features five players that I think have been under valued by experts but that I suspect will be of great value to any fantasy team. The five players are not “sleepers” as each has the potential but claimed to be riskier which is where I disagree.
Hopefully I can get most of them on my fantasy team in my draft. Please be aware that injuries are frequent in football so this is with the high hopes players are in good health….please click the link below:

Yanks, Marlins, Braves: MLB Teams Replace Bats With Brooms

“Losing streaks are funny. If you lose at the beginning, you get off to a bad start. If you lose in the middle of the season, you’re in a slump. If you lose at the end, you’re choking.” – Gene Mauch, one of the most winning managers and at one time a player in baseball history.

Well, the Yankees had a bad start, as awesome best describes my Bombers now. It was the Yanks who sent a clear message this past weekend to the Boston Red Sox. As the Yanks swept the four game series from the Boston Boys. In essence the Yanks gave them a big but necessary taste of their own medicine.
It was to say modestly, baseball at it’s best. An ailing and latest steroid plague team, the Red Sox did all that was possible to make each game hard work for the Yankees.
Deja vu?
Oh yes! It was not to long ago that the Yankees were struggling with injuries (Posada, Arod, Molina to name a few), the complete melt down of their ace, Chien-Ming Wangand the infamous list revealing our best player and probably baseball’s as being a cheater.
And the Red Sox made the Yankees pay. Sweeping the team in winning the first eight meetings up until this past weekend.
I guess one could say the Yanks reversed this seasons curse. Ironically, the biggest star being Alex Rodriguez with a home-run, in the bottom of the 15th inning of a pitching duel where it was the only run scored. It was an epic game on Friday night that was a battle till the end.
The Yankees had no choice in taking this series but sweeping it just makes it all the more satisfying.
For the moment the Yankees look unstoppable and are playing first class baseball. The mess of a team is finally proving to every doubter who counted the Bombers out that this team is for real; at least for today.
Not only for the heated rivalry, but “Who’s your daddy, now?” seemed to be a theme all over baseball this weekend.
If anything can be learned about baseball it is being proved this season. Just one hit of the ball can change so much of a teams direction. It makes the point that no team’s future is secure and anything can happen. Realize that….
  • The Washington Nationals, the worst team in the Majors have won their last eight games in a row.
  • NL East is becoming a better race than the AL East….why?
  • The Philadelphia Phillies should not be so comfortable as the Florida Marlins swept the Champs over the weekend. Marlins are only four behind the their division rival and if anyone remembers what a complete collapse looks like it is the Phillies from two seasons ago.
  • Marlins were not the only team in the NL East to sweep; as the Atlanta Braves took all three from the all mighty Dodgers. Atlanta sits just a half a game behind Florida.
  • Tampa Bay is still struggling and losing. If they want to catch Boston their window of opportunity was this past weekend. The Rays are so talented and young that whatever is going on internally needs to be addressed ASAP before it is too late. The wild card is ripe for the taking with only one and a half behind Red Sox who are tied presently for AL Wildcard.
  • Texas Rangers took two of three from the Angels this weekend. Texas has put themselves just three and a half behind the first place Angels and tied it up for the second time in a week with Boston for the AL Wild Card. Ranger players want the division and it is in close reach to steal.
  • Boston will not just fold and lay dead. That is a promise. Theo Epstein is hard at work even as you read this and this is not the last any Yankee will hear of this team.
  • Guess the Yankees didn’t want, nor need to add another ace starting pitcher and Brian Cashman should thank Steinbrenner Jr. for keeping the wallet close. Detroit took Jarrod Washburn, an ace for Seattle before the trade deadline. A move that Yankees fans questioned because it seemed logical and easy. Washburn is a mess in a different uniform something Cashman and Co. are very familiar with in the past; grabbing a consistent, proven ace just not having the same production as before. Phew.
That is just a reminder for everyone that there is still a lot of baseball left to play. By no means is this to take away from the teams, especially my Yankees, the accomplishments of late.
Be proud, be ecstatic but don’t be superior for a minute. For that unbelievable minute will be the minute you wish you could take back forever.
When anyone, person or team is on top, everything seems easier; then you lose one or two than it becomes too late.
In 2007 the most unlikely collapse happened once already in New York City. Let’s just hope everyone in the Bronx still remembers that Queens is just next door.


The Yankees Need To Do It With Their Sox Off

The AL East’s bragging rights are up for grabs, along with first place, which is huge in all aspects but for the these two franchises it means much more.

It is not because the Bombers have to play catch up, as the team is in first by two and a half games. First place is definitely a place that New York wants to continue to be in.

Realistically the division can be won, without the need to win one game against Boston to accomplish this. So why not just take every game as just another game?

Well it is pretty simple, the Yankees or the Red Sox would never feel like the champs if either team could not beat their biggest rivals,each other.

Embarrassing, to say the least. The history between the two teams is at a point where what was once a Yankees universe has become a Red Sox nations. Boston had become the paramount of baseball and that was six years ago. Boston still has yet to be de-throned.

In 2003 the AL Championship series was well overdue for Boston. Winning the World Series for the first time in a longtime, since 1918 and once again in 2006 cemented the Red Sox as the elite in Major Leagues.

The rug got yanked right from under the Yankees. It happened fast. The Yanks were so stunned, that finally this year the shock has worn off and the team is furious.

Furiously hungry to get back the bragging rights in the biggest rivalry in all sports and of all time.

This is the best baseball to watch and the fans are fortunate to finally have it back.

Just in case the Yankees forget what they need to do, here is a short list:

  • play good and tough small ball – steal bases; generate long at bats; don’t leave guys on base
  • hitters’ have to go with ‘just get a single‘ mentality instead of trying to go yard, no matter the score; games that are as tough as this trying to be the hero hurts more than it helps
  • put up runs early-on so the pressure of playing catch-up stays minimal; the come-back, walk-offs are so satisfying but a equally exhausting so consistency is key
  • Joba has gotta give us a fourth start that mirror the last three by going deep into the game; sets the tone of the series; Joba is utilizing more of his unfamiliar pitches which is key for him and his fastball gains speed as inning pile that is proof this kid is backing up the hype (finally); Hughes in NOT available tonight which could play be disaster if two or three innings need to get filled by the bullpen
  • Mo is well rested and presume that he will go in in the bottom of the eighth with two outs – his maximum workload being four outs
  • give Arod full green light to steal because that is why he is so lethal as most hitters with Arod-like stats cannot run like the third baseman
  • defense cannot make errors as Boston will take advantage

The Yankees are the same team that Boston has taken the first eight games away from. It is Boston that is not the same team. The only thing that changes about the Yanks is their confidence seems to melt when Varitek and company are around.

The Red Sox have been struggling since coming back from the All-Star break. Please keep in mind that this is baseball and the team is the Red Sox I am referring too.

Teams get hot and then freeze just as fast y
ou might have blinked and missed it. It happens to every team, each season because it is so long and so much baseball gets played. And Boston getting hot is going to happen again, the club is too good to fall without a fight.

On paper the stats and records against other teams may enough for the title of ‘won the championship’ or ‘first place in division’ to headline newspapers and Sportscenter. This is not going to fly for the Yankees, if underneath it says ‘but cannot beat Boston’ or ‘might be the champs but Red Sox are the best,’ or something to that tune.

Both teams want to win, this we all know. For the boys form the Bronx, it is mandatory to prove themselves in this series; to shut up doubters, the haters and most of all the Boston Red Sox.

So this is not just another game, in another series, against another team. Everyone knows the significance and anyone who claims otherwise is flat-out a liar.

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