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The Yankees Are Just Tigers Waiting In The Woods

Could this really be the team to win #27?

Should I keep my mouth shut as nothing in set in stone yet?

Yes and yes.

Let me tell you it is difficult as a Yankees fan to keep my excited subdued.

How could anyone not look at this team in awe of the team spirit alone. In addition to many a Yankee team that might slip and look like a team of over hyped players as they did last night, only to continually prove it was a lapse in judgment.

The Oakland A’s shut out the Bombers last night for the second loss in a row for the Yanks. It can make everyone turn-on any team were the words like “slump”, “..lose two in a row” and my favorite “the pitching cannot hold up through first round of playoffs”.

Any sports team will get criticized by the media and fans when their on top and fall even if it’s only two games.

This applies to any MLB team but especially to my Yanks.

Why? Simply because the Yankees are winners and nothing gets the attention like when the champs or the best team get dethroned.

A good example of that just happened at the PGA Championship this past weekend. Tiger Woods, a literally living legend, lost on the 18th hole to Y.E. Yang. This was Yang’s first major win ever, could be his last too.

For Woods, this is not his downfall, nor is Tiger never going to win a major again and that I can promise you. Tiger has 64 total PGA wins and 14 of them are major events only four held annually on the tour. Continue reading ‘The Yankees Are Just Tigers Waiting In The Woods’ »

Yankee Fans Ain't Going Out Like That: Yes, The Yanks Can Scare Their Fans

The Yanks are being described as unstoppable right now.

Unstoppable is defined in the dictionary as incapable of being stopped or surpassed; unbeatable.

That is the most unsettling term for a fan when the season has not finished or won the championship.

I learned this from the fortunate perspective of being a huge New York Giants fan in 2007. The team in the playoffs with only one pro-bowl worthy player beat Tampa, Dallas, Green Bay and then the unstoppable New England Patriots.

The ordinary G-Men suddenly were the unstoppable team in the end. Glad I was not a Pats fan that February 3rd afternoon or a bookie in Vegas who must have gotten killed with each game the Giants won.I must admit the disgust of a 12 point spread for the Superbowl Game because that was heartless in itself.

The Yanks have won the most games in baseball thus far with 74 in total. The Red Sox look finished for the division race and Tampa is not the same team as last year.

That should mean nothing to any Yankee player, fan whatever because Tampa and Boston slide into the Wild Card I will be scared.

Post-season baseball or any other sport it is like starting over again. No team has to catch another or is ahead/behind in games. It is like being reborn again after getting wasn’t hard enough.

The Yanks need to keep their heads in their helmets (pun with all the heads being hit lately) because the minute the team starts to believe what others are saying it will be detrimental.

Imagine the NY Post Headline possibilities, “Our Yanks Got Spanked” or “Mets Can Breath Again As Yankees Fall Even Worse”.

Even worse would be the pictures of stunned fans crying and unable to leave the seat in utter disbelief of what they just supposedly witnessed.

Then the anger of who kept saying unstoppable over and over again. The collapsing of the unstoppable Yanks, no one said that could happen.

Here is my advice of what needs to be done:


Ignore, blank-out, put your fingers in both ears while making that annoying ummmm noise or wear ear plugs but PLEASE do not listen to the media, Mets, Boston or Phillies fans paying the Yanks any compliments or insinuating that we have it the bag, because it is a trick. It would be the best thing other than breathing for the above to watch the Yanks fall.

For Cashman, Girardi and the boys upstair please dispose of the Joba Rules. If Cashman happen to get the same court order used as the PED Survey making the rules mandatory then just ignore #2. Then this special player can get on to what he does best, pitch and be treated like a princess when he does something to prove himself.

So if #2 is needed or not I can say that when the rules have been abolished the four man rotation in the post season is looking like the only option. Unless Cashman can get Hank to loosen the pockets some more in the next two weeks and get some ace off waivers. I do not like this idea at all but if the option otherwise would be moving Hughes to start and the princess to the bullpen, feel free to bankroll a pitcher. And Mitre is not even worth the effort of me typing that it is NOT going to workout with this guy.

Matsui will be missed. No thriller for Godzilla needs to be taken seriously because other than Jeter, Matsui is a star in pressure situations. I love the walk-off wins this season has produced but in the overall scheme Jeter and Godzilla have the consistent numbers to prove it. Hopefully this is not for the long term.

The Yankees just got shut-out by Oakland and second loss in a row. A slump is not a word a want to hear anytime soon.

Hope for the best but expect the worst is the best way a fan can think right now. A team can’t be unstoppable because it is impossible so lets try and not get ahead of ourselves.

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Fantasy Football Drafts: My Dream Team

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Would love to know what you think as I have sleepers and solid players, at least my hopes are high after all the research I have done.

Would love any suggestions, please!! Thanks so much.

In Baseball The Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

This past week in baseball was full of drama.

Division leaders are cemented their positions and the wild card races are heating up as teams scramble to make it a successful season.

Let’s talk about my Yankees. To say a team is playing great and consistently would be referring to the New York Yankees.

There winning series. They look like the best team right now but can the Bombers last through the crucial last few weeks with the end of their starting rotation?

Guess time will tell but one rule was broken that makes me nervous. This set of rules has been referred to more than the actual rules of the sport. It also seemed that theses set of rules would actually be upheld but after the names on a court sealed document of PED use, I should have known better.

The “Joba Rules” seemed to have been trashed. Ok maybe not forever. But at least for the Yanks last game against the Mariners.

Joba was not supposed to pitch today. Impressions were that the Yankees had moved young Chamberlain to a eight day rotation, from the regular every fifth day start pitchers have. That is the first time I have seen the supposed rule be so thrown out the window.

Concerned? Somewhat because Joba did not win, again. Maybe the rules were a better idea than all the critics thought.

It has got to be hard to be so strict with a player since his time in the big leagues began to all of a sudden given some freedom. Joba’s could just blame his lose on the rules. Everyone else has used that excuse, fan, manager, hater.

Is nothing in baseball sacred anymore? The rules seem to be bent for everything these days. And each time it doesn’t get the results being attempted for.
The biggest mistake the Yanks could make down the road would be to remove the precious Joba from the rotation and put Phil Hughes back as a starter. Not that Hughes will never start, he will and he will be excellent but not this season.

The Yankees should stick to what works and Hughes is the reason that the Yankees got the time to solve what problems the team had. Hughes in the bullpen equals a winning team, regardless of what Joba does.

Joba seems to thrive in competitive games that are important. The kid likes the pressure and that has been proven since his first time pitching in the bullpen a year and a half ago.

Well lucky for Giradi and Cashman because the pressure of winning the division and if all continues the playoffs. Competition at its height and I believe Joba will prevail because he thirsts those situations.

Blame it on the rules. “

Rules are made to broken” seems to be a theme in MLB these days so the Yankees should just keep with the flow of things.

By that I mean keeping Joba in the five day rotation and leaving Hughes in the bullpen. And the reason being, as simple as looking at the standings. The Yankees seem to win as they are, so why start to follow the rules that need to remain defective anyway.

Baseball season is not over by any means and it is not time to have any rules.

"Jeter would be last straw" -article from ESPN Magazine-

This is a fantastic article written about Derek Jeter. It hit home so much with me that I have read it a few times already and aloud to some other friends.

Please click below and let me know what you think.

“Wojciechowski: Jeter would be last straw”

The Good, The Bad, The Yankees

The Yankees continue to win. Proven again by winning two of three against the Toronto Blue Jays after sweeping the Boston Red Sox the four games before this series.

The Yankees look good. As with any team, there are still things that need to continue to be productive along with areas that need to improve or change. This involves the managers and the GM expertise in keeping the team in the best position to win; so decisions are crucial.

The Red Sox just swept the Detroit Tigers. If anyone pretends that it does not send a message that Boston is still a good baseball team is crazy.

Try and remember that Boston swept the Yanks twice already this season but the Bombers continued to win against other teams.

And I am trying to be negative with my statements. The minute I stop thinking like this or more importantly the Yankees do, the Red Sox will be on our tails faster than I can say ‘ah-oh’.

That means the Yankees have to win and take every game as seriously as if they are playing the Red Sox every game. It will be tough and exhausting to say the least.

Pitching tends to dominate baseball talk regarding how that position can be the difference maker. I agree with that but with the Yankees I think the bats are the difference.

AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia have to be consistent along with Petite is a solid three starters to have. Mitre is a disaster and no need to say much more as his last starts explain it.

Joba is a problem. Mainly because you don’t know what Joba is on the mound. I think his inconsistency is like the slumps teams have all season and it is frustrating because he can be as good as anyone.

Joba’s main issue is the babying the Yankees are doing to this young man. His innings limit in the infamous “Joba Rules” is rumored at 160. He is already at 121.2 innings this season and his starts are mapped out for the rest of the season. Now Joba will have eight days rest till he will take the mound again, the whole thing seems to be ridiculous. Why can’t the Yankees just let Joba be Joba?

Young arms need some consideration, I get it but this seems like a strict parent who’s kid actually gets into more trouble down the road. What other pitcher has had this kind of treatment? And if so, was it successful?

Thus far, Joba has been just alright. He has three lights-out performances going deep in the game and it was like striking the pot of gold for a second. Other than that the “rules” seem to be getting broken and not getting the results.

And innings seem to be the less important a number than the actual number of pitches Joba throws in an inning or a game.

The conclusion is Mitre is bye-bye or at least presume a loss that day and Joba is fading to the bullpen, slowly but inevitably. Maybe not till the end of the regular season but what are the Yanks going to do if after that?

This is why the bats are so critical and hitting will be the difference for this team. So, home team advantage is kind of a must as the new stadium in the Bronx seems to be a hitters paradise.

With basically two and a half (Petite being the half) work-horse starters in place, is just not going to work in the long run. Hughes to Mo being so dominate cements that tandem as untouchable but you have to get to them first. Again, that puts a lot of pressure on the hitters.

Moving Hughes would be insanity reaching a new high for Cashman and Girardi. Joba could be treated like pitcher, excuse like a major league pitcher and just go out every fifth day, like everyone else.

I was at the game on Tuesday when Joba was on the mound against Toronto and it was a mess. Hope Joba gave some thanks to the bats for cleaning it up for him, again. And with it being a team win it almost gets Joba’s performance issues overlooked.

The Yankees mangers and GM need to figure out if this is the best option for the team. Remember this is the Yankees team, where Joba is just one of the team’s members.

It’s time to let Joba grow-up once and for all.