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The 3 Factors For How The Giants Beat Cowboys

The NFL season going into week two will answer a lot of questions for all teams.

Will Sanchez play as well against the Pats? And can his performance be blamed on Coach Rex Ryan’s mouth?

The great AD will be running against a struggling group of Lions; will records be broken?

Will Trent Edwards listen to TO’s public cry to be involved more?

Why can’t Donovan McNabb play with a broken rib? Plenty of other QB’s have played with the same injury….Big Ben.

Will the Giants go into Dallas and win?

There are three components if the Giants are to defeat the Cowboys tomorrow.

1. The earth better light on fire tomorrow about the playing of RB’s Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. The obvious weakness is the WR spot for the Giants. Talented teams like the Cowboys will take advantage, knowing some of the rookies are playing in their second pro-game ever.
The Dallas defense will know that running the ball is most likely what Eli Manning will relay on. That leaves responsibility on Jacobs and Bradshaw to bring their A-game.

Every Giants fan knows that Dallas is going to rush Eli all game.

DeMarcus Ware will be looking for blood as he has been a sack machine in the past against the Giants with Eli as the bull’s-eye.

2. O-line is top in the NFL so make the blocks to give the earth on fire room to roar.

Eli also needs some good blocking in the pocket to give him some time to hit a receiver.

3. Kevin Boss will be the guy who I would think Eli would throw some short passes too.

Boss is a talented Tight End but unlike Shockey he does not fumble. Eli can use Boss to muddle-up the Cowboys defense and the rate of productive completions is more dependable.

And obviously the Defense for the Giants have to play lights-out. Any NFL team has to have a demolishing defense to produce wins.

The reason the D-Men were not on the list is because I think that is the strength that is consistent for the New York G-man. It is their play that keeps us even contending to be a force to reckon with. It is the game playing lead by Manning that everyone will see on full display tomorrow.

Then opinions and questions will start to get answered.

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    Dr. Seuss Must Have Been A Yankees Fan

    “A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.” – Dr. Seuss

    Wow, how the times can change. Looking back from last season to now, the Yankees are a completely different ball-club.

    With the post season so closely in their grips, their hard work and team spirit generates a vibe that is not fake but just inspirational.

    Here are three possible motivators for the 2008 Yankees to vanish completely.

    1. “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” – Dr. Seuss

    The additions to the roaster of Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and keeping Andy Petite for another year has all worked out in the team’s favor.

    No one cans deny that Teixeira is a phenomenal player as well as a person. He brings the quintessential example of what a great athlete should be. Every other team who missed this switch-hitting, first baseman is banging their heads against the wall.

    The big man is a big asset. Sabathia has been dominant, going deep into games and winning. He also likes to hang out off the field. Spending $60k on tickets to the Cavs playoff game for any teammate who wanted to go is just a kind gesture.

    Some question Burnett’s ability for good reason but his pie face plants for the player who hits for a walk-off brings some fun. And the Yankees have Steinbrenner laws, whose rules are strict in comparison. The new tradition is making the Yankees work be essentially fun.

    2. “The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.” – Dr. Seuss

    Lingering memories of 2008 were on the mind of all Yankee fans when the season started. The Yankees looked like a maybe threat at the all-star break to turning into the ultimate threat since than.

    In 2008 the Yanks were in third place in the AL East; nine games behind the leading Tampa Bay Rays. Yanks snagging the Wild Card being seven plus games back never happened in 2008 and the team did not have the fight of this year club.

    The mental game this season keeps getting stronger and players pick up for a struggling peer. One key difference is that the players cheer for one another; they are each other’s biggest fans!

    3. “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” – Dr. Seuss

    This organization is making good decisions. Easy reason is the team is winning.

    Brian Cashman gets a lot of heat but he has done his job well. The farm system seems to be ranking in the top, the minor league teams are dominant and Giardi is efficient.

    Joe G. is prepared and he respects his position. Regardless of his mannerisms, which he gets criticized for, you have to respect a man just by watching how hard he works. Torre was a father-like and Girardi is more of an equal. Girardi was the first one to jump to break up Posada’s fight and even took a punch. He is fair, and everyone gets the sake treatment, even the Captain.

    Not making some ridiculous move before trade and waiver wires expired was the confidence it showed to the team.

    Whatever is going on all the players are putting up exceptional stats and to watch our beloved Captain has a career year is just wonderful to see.


    The Reasons It’s Time To Shut Up And Sit-Down

    Rain, Rain Go Away: Yanks Finally Make Angels Pay

    The Yankees and the Angels are likely to be seeing one another down the stretch in the post season. A place, over the years, that the Angels have surely been the dominant team.

    The Yankees got swept out of LA back in late June. And that was by a Angel ball-club without Tori Hunter and Vladimir Guerrero on the roaster.

    The make-up game gave the Bombers an opportunity to send a message that the big, bad Angels were not going to scare the Yankees anymore.

    The game went down to the wire. In the eighth our hero, Phil Hughes, had to get three outs was his most unsettling performance to date. Hughes is vital to the team’s future success and he remained confident.

    Posada seemed to want Hughes to only throw his fastball which overall is smarter then a curve ball. Made me think that maybe would have thrown the batters to swing and miss. With a younger arm in Phil, his curve would have to be perfect or it would result in a bomb giving the Angels a lead.

    The defense did their job in helping Hughes with some beneficial plays. One run did score to tie the game but overall a good outing for young Phil. He faced the best of the Angel line-up in our friend Bobby Abreau, the fastball assaulting Vladimir Guerrero together with Tori Hunter who is one of the best.

    Giradi made a smart move having Gardner pinch-run for Tex in the bottom of the eighth. On a double rob to third, Gardner scored on a throwing error to secure a W.

    Joba pitched well throwing 41 of 67 for strikes. Swish smashed his 27th homer and Tex went 3-4 to send the Angels back home not as tough as when they arrived.

    Before next week’s series back in Anaheim country, the Yankees know that the Angels pose the biggest threat if both end playing October baseball.

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    Air Jordan’s Jeter Captain: Two Legends Both Honored

    Happening almost simultaneously last Friday night, the sports world witnessed two tremendous athletes accomplish milestones.

    Michael Jordan got the highest recognition which no player in the NBA ever deserved more by being inducted into basketball’s Hall of Fame.

    The critics came out almost immediately by hacking away at Jordan’s speech and claiming Jeter’s record still does not make him one of the Yankee franchises top five ever.

    For myself, goose bumps as tears swelled up in my eyes in complete and utter joy took over. Two men finally getting the credit they so rightly deserve on the same night is historic.

    Jordan is considered to be the best athlete ever. He soared on the basketball court with god-like, surreal moves that were just purely amazing.

    Jordan’s acceptance speech was as emotional as his play. Clearly he was moved, as his honesty was expressed through his words.

    Jordan’s competitiveness both on and off the court is a characteristic that anyone at the top of his or her profession has to have.

    The second athlete is more humble when it comes to talent. When it’s MJ as the comparison skill wise being closes behind is inevitable for anyone.

    Derek Jeter broke a 72-year-old, Yankee record with his 2722 hit in pinstripes. A record previously held by the great Lou Gehrig.


    Yankees stadium was at full capacity with each in attendance excited to witness Jeter achieve this honored. Honor is a familiar term to Jeter but critics immediately did it know justice by focusing on the lack of this record regarding creditability.

    Listening to Peter Gammons, a known Red Sox fan, analyze why Jeter is not the greatest Yankee to follow immediately the ESPN poll results of the better Yankee among Mariano or Jeter was heartless.

    The same class that Jeter brings not only as the Yankees captain but also to the sport of baseball is irreplaceable. Without Jeter, baseball’s reputation would have no creditability because Jeter is the excuse that the sport is not made up of all cheaters.

    Regardless of critics’ opinions, the sports world is at a significant crossroad. Athletes do not respect that honors or attitude is not by word of mouth but by how you play the game. The disrespect or tantrums accompanied with blame will kill the aura of sports popularity.

    No one wants to see a cocky kid; with nothing more than a huge contract act lazy or ignore the press because doing what they want to do is all they know.

    Jeter and Jordan never act bigger before they were. Putting winning championships as a team before individual accomplishments being the goal. It is evident because each game is played with everything, never lazy and taking it for granted because that is how champions win.

    Both men have grace and only contribute to sports with their examples.

    “Things happen for a reason” or “timing is everything” are popular quotes for a reason. And Friday night proved the truth behind the words above.

    Jeter wearing Air Jordans on the field seems only more suitable.

    Each, define the foremost elite of what American athletes of today. My sincerest congratulations and gratitude goes out to both of them.

    “Sometimes I dream; That he is me; You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to be.”

    Derek Jeter Hits Into History

    DiMaggio, Ruth, Gehrig, Berra, Mantle are just a few on the register of legends that outfitted Yankee pinstripes.

    I never got to see any of these guys play. My dad recalls of a time at Yankee Stadium, when he had the honor of cheering on some of the legends above.

    The best similarity to this experience is the honor I have had regarding Derek Saunders Jeter play.
    The face of the New York Yankees, moreover he is also of the entire sport of baseball. Jeter is the unspoiled captain of both his own team and our countries as well.

    The Yankee fans verify Jeter a hero for the way he represents us continuously. He is our ego because no matter what Jeter is our Yankee captain.

    To be proud tonight of witnessing Jeter tie the record of the distinguished Lou Gehrig for most hits as a New York Yankee would be an understatement. I was full of pride.

    Being just ecstatic for someone who has brought so much celebration to a tarnished sport for doing it the right way. Jeter is a role model to the world for his team spirit.

    An example in all aspects; for his talent on the field, his fondness for the history of a game that he has never taken for granted and for the manner he conveys himself as an overall person.

    Derek Saunders Jeter is an inspiration. He deserves everyone’s congratulations for making history tonight.
    “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

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