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Yankees Do Enough To Win

The Yankees knew what they had to do coming into the new Target Field. Following a disastrous two weeks of unlucky injuries and evident struggles, some wins were needed.

Hopefully, the team’s confidence is up after taking the first two games against the Minnesota Twins.

The Yankees are not the most graceful group right now, but they have pulled together enough to win. With Granderson and Posada returning shortly it will help relieve some pressure.

Fact is the Twins are a great ballclub; so beating them is not easy for any team. The Twins ‘M & M boys’ (Mauer and Morneau) are by far the best 3 and 4 hitters in the game and lead in most batting categories league-wide.


  1. AJ Burnett and Andy Pettitte rocked on the mound in both wins. It was a far cry from just a week ago, as everything seemed hopeless so it was a comforting turn.
  2. David Robertson was solid in relief for the third time, which is a good sign for the bullpen.
  3. Derek Jeter, both offensively and defensively, has been superb. He looks locked in right now. The Captain is such a natural leader, and he plays the part to a tee. This team needs their Captain, and he knows it.
  4. Nick Swisher is hitting very well, and in clutch situations. Continue reading ‘Yankees Do Enough To Win’ »

MLB Blogger Weekly Rankings – Week 7

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Remember You Are The Champs

Never thought the day would happen when a Boston Red Sox win would feel happy. Well it did tonight, as the Red Sox beat the Rays 6-1, in Tampa Bay.

As a Yankees fan, it was reassuring considering the 180 degree turn the group has taken for the worse.

Just ten days ago, the Red Sox had a similar look that the Yankees seemed to have caught.

Just look at the AL East standings from May 15. 2010 to today:

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Yankees Are Falling Fast

Tonight, the Empire State Building will shine in orange and blue, as New York City belongs to the Mets and their fans after winning the Subway Series.

It hurts to see the Yankees lose, as they are clearly struggling the last two weeks. It cannot be blamed on injuries anymore, as the team is not playing well at all.

With the Red Sox and the Blue Jays, both winning the Yankees grace period is about two days until they fall in the standings to third or even fourth place.

If anyone tells you not to be concerned as a Yankees fan, it is a lie. You should be concerned.

The Yankees are not the shoe-in wild card team anymore. There are too many other teams that look better, and the Yankees cannot manage to dig a bigger hole. Continue reading ‘Yankees Are Falling Fast’ »

Two Teams, Two Pitchers, One City

The Mets and Yankees are tied at one game each, making tonight’s game even more powerful.

The Subway Series is more than just three games inter-league play, and it is only about winning a series, because the ego of New York City is on the line. It is a victory for the fans.

Both the Mets and Yankees fans could not have wished for better, with the pitching match-up featuring Johan Santana vs. CC Sabathia.

Both are their own team’s aces; both have won the CY Young award; and both are two of the most feared pitchers in baseball.

Tonight should be bold and could be one for the history books in what’s likely to be a battle.

Let’s look at both pitchers negatives, as the positives are straightforward, so there is shared PROS category.


PROS (for both CC and Johan):

If Sabathia and Santana bring their a-game, they are two of the best in MLB, and they win.

Against both, a batters situation becomes much harder. It is all about catching the one or two minor mistakes CC or Johan do, and capitalize on it. This should be entertaining considering now the Yankees bill is as fickle as the Mets.

Wright, Bay, Arod, and Tex will have to rise to the occasion ASAP.JOHAN SANTANA:


Santana’s momentum has been down, and he has not gone 7 innings deep into a game yet this season.

Yankee hitters will try and shake Santana early in the count by swinging at more pitches, as this has proven to use against him. Hitters will try and let Santana be up in the count immediately, which has caused Santana’s inaccuracy, and easier to reach by driving up his pitch count.

Santana has to keep an eye on Derek Jeter who has a .423 average against him, with four doubles, one homer and five RBIs in 26 at-bats.



Sabathia has to watch out for Rob Barajas has a .421 batting average, with three homers, 5 RBIs and two doubles in the 29 times at bat against Sabathia. Continue reading ‘Two Teams, Two Pitchers, One City’ »

Subway Series: Two Teams Who Are Totally Different


As one might expect, thinking about the New York Mets and New York Yankees is not exactly a fan’s field of dreams.

The Yankees caught the injury bug; and the Mets are just being the Mets, if it is not one thing it is another.

The normally anticipated Subway Series is starting tonight, but the glory of New York City is what is at stake. The winning team’s colors will shine over the city at-top the Empire State Building after Sunday night’s game.


The Mets:

Obviously, the Mets have been so miserable, for so long that Mets fans could at least feel some satisfaction at home. It might not have the effect some hope, as false promises and broken dreams have been the hallmark of the Mets.

Personally, I think the Mets have to fire Jerry Manual and get a firecracker of a manager to assess and drive this team. They need to begin to fill the ballpark and gain confidence back again. Continue reading ‘Subway Series: Two Teams Who Are Totally Different’ »