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MLB: Two Teams To Watch

It is not even June, but when a division has three or more good teams it is imperative to stay very close behind, if not on top. It is easier to fall out of the race than realized.

Some of these smaller market baseball teams might not be media favorites, but have the potential to be serious contenders down the road.

Here are two NL teams that might be overlooked unfairly, but are dynamic enough to be a threat come October:


The Rockies are not a suave ballclub by any means, but they are fighters.

This team wants to win, after losing their only World Series in 2007; the Rockies have not stopped trying to get back there. The team has the right attitude that will keep October within their reach.

Currently, winning four in a row and creeping up behind the Dodgers and the Padres.

This ballclub has the best pitcher in baseball, Ubaldo Jimenez, who has .88 ERA and 9 wins. Jimenez seems to only be getting better and if Rockies are playing in October, they will be very tough.

Don’t be surprised if Colorado takes the lead by the All-Star break, but if not I would be surprised if they were more than a game or two behind. Continue reading ‘MLB: Two Teams To Watch’ »

Lady Loves Pinstripes: Fantasy Team Update

Battle of the Blogs is moving right along, and been fun challenge thanks to Double G Sports.

My team, Lady Loves Pinstripes has kept first place status in the Mickey Mantle Division, leading by six games.

The Mickey Mantle Division is by far the weakest division in the league, as none of the five teams are playing .500 baseball.

This week Lady Loves Pinstripes is playing our League Owner Double G Sports, who is last place in the Willie Mays Division. Ironically, Double G Sports still has a better record than Lady Loves Pinstripes, and looking at the standings Willie Mays Division is the AL East of Battle of the Blogs.

It is insane to think if the league ended today Lady Loves Pinstripes would be post-season bound and Double G Sports would not make it.

Well, Double G Sports is kicking my butt right now, as my two heavy hitters Arod and Werth are both killing my batting scores. The Yankees are winning, thank god and Arod has been awful considering he was my first pick. Werth and the beat-up Phillies are sure to turn it around at some point.

Double G Sports has the three hot New York batters in Jose Reyes, Rob Barajas and Robinson Cano. He also has the struggling Mark Teixeira who looks worse each at bat and potentially might be moved until the injured Yankees return.

Let’s hope Lady Loves Pinstripes can get it going over the holiday weekend and keep first place status, as Battle of the Blogs continues…..

Yankees Do Enough To Win

The Yankees knew what they had to do coming into the new Target Field. Following a disastrous two weeks of unlucky injuries and evident struggles, some wins were needed.

Hopefully, the team’s confidence is up after taking the first two games against the Minnesota Twins.

The Yankees are not the most graceful group right now, but they have pulled together enough to win. With Granderson and Posada returning shortly it will help relieve some pressure.

Fact is the Twins are a great ballclub; so beating them is not easy for any team. The Twins ‘M & M boys’ (Mauer and Morneau) are by far the best 3 and 4 hitters in the game and lead in most batting categories league-wide.


  1. AJ Burnett and Andy Pettitte rocked on the mound in both wins. It was a far cry from just a week ago, as everything seemed hopeless so it was a comforting turn.
  2. David Robertson was solid in relief for the third time, which is a good sign for the bullpen.
  3. Derek Jeter, both offensively and defensively, has been superb. He looks locked in right now. The Captain is such a natural leader, and he plays the part to a tee. This team needs their Captain, and he knows it.
  4. Nick Swisher is hitting very well, and in clutch situations. Continue reading ‘Yankees Do Enough To Win’ »

MLB Blogger Weekly Rankings – Week 7

Lady Loves Pinstripes is now one of six bloggers voting on Yardbarker’s Gillette Fusion MLB Rankings.

Each week Lady Loves Pinstripes will rank all 30 MLB teams, which will be averaged in with the other five voters for the weekly results.

In addition, Lady Loves Pinstripes has been asked to give weekly comments about the American League West (AL WEST) teams specifically. The AL West consists of the Angels, A’s, Mariners and Rangers.
This is exciting for me, and for lady fans everywhere to finally have a voice on this panel.

Please, feel free to comment, or send an email with any insights and observations about the rankings.
CLICK BELOW FOR WEEK 7 MLB RANKINGS…..see where your team stacks up.


Remember You Are The Champs

Never thought the day would happen when a Boston Red Sox win would feel happy. Well it did tonight, as the Red Sox beat the Rays 6-1, in Tampa Bay.

As a Yankees fan, it was reassuring considering the 180 degree turn the group has taken for the worse.

Just ten days ago, the Red Sox had a similar look that the Yankees seemed to have caught.

Just look at the AL East standings from May 15. 2010 to today:

Continue reading ‘Remember You Are The Champs’ »

Yankees Are Falling Fast

Tonight, the Empire State Building will shine in orange and blue, as New York City belongs to the Mets and their fans after winning the Subway Series.

It hurts to see the Yankees lose, as they are clearly struggling the last two weeks. It cannot be blamed on injuries anymore, as the team is not playing well at all.

With the Red Sox and the Blue Jays, both winning the Yankees grace period is about two days until they fall in the standings to third or even fourth place.

If anyone tells you not to be concerned as a Yankees fan, it is a lie. You should be concerned.

The Yankees are not the shoe-in wild card team anymore. There are too many other teams that look better, and the Yankees cannot manage to dig a bigger hole. Continue reading ‘Yankees Are Falling Fast’ »