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Two MLB Teams Not To Give Up On

MLB’s second-half of the season is officially in full swing.

Thus far, in 2010 is proving to be one for the books. With so many tight division races, fans will have plenty of excitement to keep them occupied.

Still, fans tend to throw in the towel and write-off their teams chances of playing in October. A few teams stand out that might not be division leaders now, but still have the potential not to be counted out yet.

Remember, that pennants are not won in July and baseball can look decidedly different from week to week.

Here, are two teams, one from the AL and the other from the NL that should not be counted out:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Angels lost their best player for the season, 1B Kenny Morales, which has finally impacted the team. Still, this is a group who has won the AL West six of the last seven years and it would be foolish to consider them out this soon.

Even with the first-place Rangers acquiring SP Cliff Lee, the back of rotation is not significant. The Angels have an ace in Jered Weaver. Weaver beat out Seattle’s King Felix for the third time this season, but the Angels have to give Weaver some run support. The vets need to step it up now specifically Abreau, Hunter and Matsui to stay in the mix.

Truthfully, they are not the same Angels from 2009. They lost a lot of speed on the bases, which played a enormous role in their past successes. The Halos should pick-up a solid bat before the end of July. Rumors that Red Sox Mike Lowell or Orioles Miguel Tejada are possibilities, but are a tad too old to get that excited or could be the difference makers.

The Angels remain just four and a half games out, and the next two weeks are the time to make a move on Texas. Angels are a second-half team, with a proven history and now’s time to prove it.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies, even worse than the Angels, have been hit with injuries. So far 12 players have seen the DL, including three All-Star hitters, the closer, a setup man, two starters and both their starting and backup catchers. Things have been far from sunny in Philadelphia. Continue reading ‘Two MLB Teams Not To Give Up On’ »

New York Yankees Need AJ Burnett To Lose The Attitude

Saturday afternoon New York Yankees starting pitcher AJ Burnett took the mound against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Burnett was pulled in the third inning, marking his shortest outing in pinstripes. This time Burnett’s frustrations got the better of him which certainly did not go over well with his teammates.

In the first inning, Burnett gave up a double to Carlos Pena, which scored Evan Longoria. Top of the second inning Rays Reid Brignac, hit a two-run homer and the Rays lead the Yankees 3-2.

It was not keen, but against the Rays, it is not the end of the world.

Then to start the third inning, Burnett hit Evan Longoria with a pitch and gave up an RBI single to Carlos Pena. Burnett’s location was a problem causing Joe Girardi to go out and remove Burnett from the mound.

Concerned fans waited for the verdict which was revealed as lacerations on both his hands. Burnett said the cuts were from a fall the previous evening, which seemed odd.

Later-on, Burnett admitted that, after the second inning, he took out his anger on a clubhouse door. This was the real cause of the cuts on both his hands. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Need AJ Burnett To Lose The Attitude’ »

New York Mets: Baby Steps Are Not Enough

Baseball’s second-half is just 48 hours away from starting, and fans are filled with anticipation for the season’s end.

Some fans want it to end because there team is already out, while others have hopes for a post-season berth.

Well, even if your team is in last place just wish for a miracle? Crazier things have happened in sports. There is plenty of time remaining that, unless you are an Orioles fan, anything is still possible. 

Okay, but what do you say to a New York Mets fan?

Before I answer let me state, as a New York Yankees fan I am not trying to be mean. This is a question I am ask all the time, as I have many Mets-fan friends.

Some examples: “Are the New York Mets trustworthy now?” or “Will this Shit last?”

Now, I will share my answer is below:

Mets fans might detest me, but you know in your heart this 2009 team is not good enough yet. 

The Philadelphia Phillies will pass the Mets in the standings almost immediately, as only a half-game separating the two. When allowed, the Phillies gap will grow by mid to late August.

See, the Phillies are mentally tougher than the Mets, because the Mets are sore losers. This cannot be totally blamed on the Mets players, as no example of respect has been set by anyone.

Once the ‘amazins’ fall a little, they will start to pout. Which will be followed by Jose Reyes going back on the DL (which he is already flirting with now). Continue reading ‘New York Mets: Baby Steps Are Not Enough’ »

MLB Rankings – All-Star Break

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MLB Weekend Matchups: New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays

To kick-off the second-half of the baseball season the New York Yankees will play host to the Tampa Bay Rays.

It’s number one vs. number two team of not only the AL East, but across the MLB.

Entering the All-Star break the Yankees lead the Rays by two games, but this series will be watched because it sets a tone for which team is better. It’s a great reality check for the Rays to show their stuff, as this battle might go down to the wire.

Pitching will dictate the series, so let’s break down the two AL East Rival weekend match-ups:

CC Sabathia vs. James Shields

Sabathia has won his last eight starts, pitching a minimum of seven innings and a 2.37 ERA. Sabathia has 12 wins this season and at the break was the best pitcher in the AL. Sabathia is historically better in the second-half, so expect big things for the ace.

Sabathia will face James Shields who has not had the best first-half with a 7-9 record and an ERA of 4.20. Shields has 109 strike-outs and issued only 26 walks. That makes for a great strike-outs to walks ratio, which shows the youngster has the stuff to be much better.

Winner: CC SABATHIA has the advantage as everything from velocity to location is working great. The Yankee bats cannot go silent, as Yankees middle relievers tend to give up runs.

AJ Burnett vs. Jeff Niemann

Burnett is 7-7 with a 4.75 ERA so far, but it is no secret that is just fresh off his worst down period in his career. Burnett has to continue using his change-up more because it wins. Last time Burnett faced the Rays was not pretty, but it’s a waiting game to see what Burnett we will get. Continue reading ‘MLB Weekend Matchups: New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays’ »

The Boss Says Goodbye

As most baseball fans know already, New York Yankees owner died this morning at 6:30am in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Steinbrenner was 80 years old.

The Boss was one of my idols. Many disagree with me because of his winning-only motto and demanding ways.

Find me someone who does not want to win? I know I sure do.

Winning is demanding, in any aspect of life because if it was easy it would not define people as much as it does.

Mr. Steinbrenner was the architect for free agency that changed the future of not only baseball, but of sports forever.

Not only was he the Boss of the Yankees, but he was beyond generous to the less fortunate. The Boss would beat you to the punch by asking, “What do you need?” Just fly down to Tampa, FL and ask anyone what he has done for the city.

Being able to make fun of yourself is what defines an extraordinary man, this makes a man authentic and enables people to relate. This was signature of the Boss.

It makes his passing so surreal on the day of the All-Star Game, as George Steinbrenner was an All-Star of sports and he will be sorely missed by all of New York City and especially his Yankee fans.