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Baseball Finally Got Some Respect

Accomplishments, both professionally and personally, are the most gratifying events that inspire us to keep on doing our best.

Sometimes you can get so close to a goal, you can taste it. As disappointing as life can be, if you tried your best no one is going to judge you.

In regards to professional sports, the road is not always so easy because another person holds all the power. It can be a judge, referee, umpire etc. that has the task of implementing the rules of the game.

Truth is that we are all-human and make countless mistakes, because the way I might see it, might not be what actually happened.

Everyone’s emotions involved are crazy. Imagine that you just made history, only to have it taken away simply because someone saw it differently.

As the world now knows, this happened in MLB this past Wednesday night.

It was about to be a perfect game; the bottom of the ninth inning, with two outs, and an easy play at first. Wait, the runner is  called safe.

It was the wrong call and everyone saw it, but the umpire. To say my stomach dropped would be an understatement, as my heart went out to the rookie pitcher.

The umpire was Jim Joyce and the pitcher was the Detroit Tiger’s Armando Galarraga.

I was ready for Galarraga to go up and punch Joyce in the face, and it would have been fine by me. Continue reading ‘Baseball Finally Got Some Respect’ »

MLB Blogger Rankings – Week 8

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Top Two Yankees Mistakes Matsui And Now Jackson

First off, I would like to make it clear that I love Curtis Granderson and am overjoyed he is a New York Yankee.

I just wish Austin Jackson was not the price paid for anyone. Understand I have been waiting to see this kid since the 2007 draft.

All the talk about Jackson made him out to be the Yankees gem in the center field. Most claimed he resembled a young Willie Mays, which made fans drool.

An all-around athlete, Jackson could have undoubtedly played professional basketball too. Once he heard the interest was the New York Yankees Jackson picked baseball without question. Who could have turned that down?

Yankee fans waited patiently for Jackson to go through the Minor League system, but could not wait to see this remarkable kid in the Bronx, in 2010.

Well that day never happened, and now probably never will because Jackson was traded to the Detroit Tiger’s in the off-season.

It was surprising because Jackson got plenty of offers from other teams, and the Yankees would not budge. Jackson seemed to be the Yankees home grown pride and that it was only a matter of time before he would be in pinstripes.

Jackson has been phenomenal as the leadoff hitter for the Tigers, and his performance in center field has been superb. Jackson was the natural choice to win April Rookie AL Player of the Month, a huge honor for him. Continue reading ‘Top Two Yankees Mistakes Matsui And Now Jackson’ »

Javier Vazquez Only Heard Cheers Tonight

In the seventh inning, Javier Vazquez walked off the mound at Yankee Stadium to a sound he has not heard since this time in 2004, fans cheering.

Well deserved as Vazquez allowed just four hits, threw seven strikeouts and one intentional walk.

Vazquez gave up a solo shot in the sixth to Orioles Corey Patterson, which tied the game 1-1.

What was most impressive was in the seventh inning, bases loaded Vazquez struck out Adam Jones and got Julio Lugo to reach into a fielder’s choice.

I do not care who the enemy is in that situation; it takes skills to get out of it. From personal experience, Vazquez does not have Yankee fans on his side at all which is not fun.

Back to April, my dad and I were in the Bronx for Vazquez’s first start against the Angels. Having been to a zillion Yankees games to say it was the worst attack on a player I have witnessed is a powerful statement.

It was close, but useless and downright mean. Any Yankee fan reliving 2004 should go to Fenway Park located in Red Sox Nation, because I certainly would like to forget that whole post-season.

Reality, Vazquez pitched a gem, but it was against the worst team in the Majors. The Baltimore Orioles are 19.5 back in games in the tough AL East, with a 15-37 record.

The Orioles just suck, and they should not be this awful. Utility-man Ty Wigginton has 13 homers and 32 RBI’s on the season. Continue reading ‘Javier Vazquez Only Heard Cheers Tonight’ »

Memorial Day Weekend Equals Crazy Baseball

So far 2010 has been filled with drama.

Teams go from boiling hot to freezing cold in an instant. Stars have been struggling more than ever.

Who would have thought Memorial Day Weekend would leave so many marks this season?

Here are three 2010 Memorial Day weekend shockers:

  • The Philadelphia Phillies are a mess. The Phillies were swept badly by the Mets, who did not allow the Phillies to score a run in all three games. Who knew that was going to happen? Jimmy Rollins or not.

Now the Atlanta Braves lead the NL East, a position the Phillies have owned for two seasons. Jason Werth and Ryan Howard have got to hit or else this could get worse for the Phillies.

Who would have guessed the season after ace Roy Halladay gets traded to the Phillies Toronto would be more of a threat. Add that to an ice cold Aaron Hill at the plate, but the team has the most home runs in all of baseball with 89. Wait until Hill starts going, which is inevitable.

Nothing short of crazy stuff! Continue reading ‘Memorial Day Weekend Equals Crazy Baseball’ »

Baseball’s Top Five Craziest Current Events

A typical response to why someone is not a baseball fan is because the game is too slow and boring.

If they only knew that baseball loves drama.

Right now, it could not be more of a soap opera. Teams are soaring when they should be collapsing, and vice versa.

Here is my list (in dramatic order) of the top five craziest things currently going on in the MLB:

(1) The Mets are winning! Yes, it is true the team is in the middle of a five game win streak. Mets fans must be in utter shock, and I can promise you most are not falling for this yet. What makes this seem AMAZIN’ is they have shut down a team that has been to the World Series the last two seasons. Their division rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Not just once, or twice but three times in a row and not allowing a run to score. This is by far #1 and basically could be the only event and it would be a satisfactory list.

(2) The Red Sox, who looked pretty much a lost cause this season, took a series from the mighty Tampa Bay Rays.

Trust me, if your not a baseball fan just know that this is HUGE. The AL East might be the toughest division race in the history of baseball. Thank god the Baltimore Orioles still stink because it is already crazy enough. From here on out every game played by the Blue Jays, Yankees, Red Sox and Rays has no room for error.

(3) The umpires jobs are to make judgments regarding play, and to make sure both teams are following the rules of conduct. This year umpires are making terrible calls and very obviously too. Never have there been this many umpire issues.

It started opening day when umpire Joe West complained about the game’s length being to long, between the Yankees and Red Sox. It’s pathetic and embarrassing. They take too long to play. It is a disgrace to baseball. Way to honor the biggest rivalry in sports and such a nice start to the season. Continue reading ‘Baseball’s Top Five Craziest Current Events’ »