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MLB Blogger Rankings-Week 9

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Do You Want To Meet Brett Gardner?

Do you want to meet New York Yankees outfielder Brett Garner?

Well Lady Loves Pinstripes readers, here is your chance.

WHEN: Monday, June 14th at 6:30p. Continue reading ‘Do You Want To Meet Brett Gardner?’ »

Baseball’s One-Third Season Report Card

Officially, the 2010 baseball season is one-third complete.

What does it mean?

Nothing close to forecasting the post-season, but teams should identify themselves by now.

A few teams can already call it a season, but the majority of teams can still dream of a World Series.

Even if, your team’s chances might look bleak, fans should keep the faith. If anything is still possible, it can happen.

Just ask any NY Giants fan about the 2007 season if you need an example to why you should never give up.

Now here are my five (non-Yankee) situations that first came to my mind when reflecting on one-third of it all:


First, let’s remove the obvious team who’s season could not be saved even by a miracle. The Baltimore Orioles are one group I can assure you will not be playing in October. Poor O’s fans because the team is worse than ever. Should I dare suggest that Oriole fans start dreaming big for 2011?


The National League is not a joke in 2010. The AL bullies have definitely been notified.

The Phillies, Cardinals and Dodgers no longer own the National League. Welcome to the contender’s lounge, the Atlanta Braves, the Cincinnati Reds and the San Diego Padres. Not only have each respected division gotten better, but as a whole, the National League is no longer living in the shadow of the American League.

The Padres, Braves and Reds do whatever they have to do to win, by utilizing on their strengths.



Congratulations to the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Mets for faking out their fans with false hopes. These two teams will fail because how can anyone be sold that either has the guts to continue for the rest of the season?

The Blue Jays can hit home runs in their sleep, but slumps are inevitable. Toronto does not play small ball, which will affect them down the stretch. Pitching has been lucky so far, but the consensus is the Rogers Centre is an easy place to pitch, so the road games will be the truest test. Continue reading ‘Baseball’s One-Third Season Report Card’ »

Yankees Happy To Leave Toronto


 The Yankees were happy to leave Toronto, after their first visit with the Blue Jays over the weekend.

This series provided a lot to think about in regards to what the Yankees are dealing with regarding strengths and issues.

Losing the first two games was making the Yankees look like has-beens. Thanks to Javier Vazquez’s impressive performance the Yankees avoided getting swept on Sunday.

Watching Saturday’s 14 innings proved that the Yankee pitching is pretty sturdy and continued to add more worries about the Yankee bats.

Here is what was learned up in Canada:


PITCHING…Andy Pettitte and Javier Vazquez both pitched gems. Pettitte just continues to dominate, while Vazquez is proving his arm worthy again.

Saturday the bullpen looked better than I expected in through 14 innings. Chan Ho Park, Dave Robertson, Damaso Marte and Joba Chamberlain were outstanding in doing their jobs. It made it difficult to believe Pettitte not getting a win because the pitching could not have done more

Chad Gaudin gave up the winning runs on Saturday in the 14th inning, but this is no surprise. What else would happen against the uncompromising Blue Jays?

Sunday’s hero was Javier Vazquez. Vazquez had a no hitter through six innings when he gave up a two-run homer to Vernon Wells. He came back in the seventh and struck out the side before the bullpen came in to finish off the Blue Jays.

His change-up was sick, and the Yankees could not have asked for a better day on the mound from Vazquez, once again. Now with four of five solid starts, Javy’s been the saving grace for the Yankees.

HITTING…Derek Jeter came through all weekend. Jeter was responsible for a two-run homer on Saturday which gave the Yankees five more innings to win.

Cano and Garner provided Sunday’s hits in the eighth inning. Garner is an on-base machine this season with the bat. Garner also stole his 20th base in Toronto.

Nick Swisher had some BS calls on Sunday, eventually leading to Girardi getting tossed. When does the home plate umpire make the check swing calls that are that close? The view from behind the plate does not provide the same angel as from first and third bases, which is a fact. Just add it to the list of idiotic judgment calls from umpires in 2010. Continue reading ‘Yankees Happy To Leave Toronto’ »

Blue Jays vs. Yankees Weekend Pitching Match-ups

Over the last week, Yankees have been on cruise control in New York, winning games against two sub-pars teams, the Indians and Orioles.

Now, the Yankees head up to Toronto for their first series against the Blue Jays in 2010, at the Roger Centre.

The Blue Jays are no joke. Not only do they lead the majors with 91 homeruns, but also their young pitchers top all of baseball with 421 strikeouts with a combined 4.21 era.

Translation, the Blue Jays look strong from all angels and it does not surprise me at all.

The Blue Jays wait for Aaron Hill to get hot, as he is certifiably their best hitter. Hill has been dealing with on and off injury all season, but with his power added, the Blue-Jays line-up is lethal.


  • Pitching will be key, as on paper the match-ups break pretty evenly. Young vs. Veterans, can experience beat young at heart?

GAME 1: Ex-Blue Jay, AJ Burnett will open up the series against rookie Brett Cecil. Both pitchers are coming off great outings. Cecil he has to stay aggressive against the scary Yankee line-up, and good time for Posada to come back, he has two homeruns in five at-bats against Cecil. Burnett has to maintain control and continue to hit the corners, as he did in his last start. Burnett didn’t allow a walk against Baltimore, but does that even count against the O’s? Continue reading ‘Blue Jays vs. Yankees Weekend Pitching Match-ups’ »

Baseball Finally Got Some Respect

Accomplishments, both professionally and personally, are the most gratifying events that inspire us to keep on doing our best.

Sometimes you can get so close to a goal, you can taste it. As disappointing as life can be, if you tried your best no one is going to judge you.

In regards to professional sports, the road is not always so easy because another person holds all the power. It can be a judge, referee, umpire etc. that has the task of implementing the rules of the game.

Truth is that we are all-human and make countless mistakes, because the way I might see it, might not be what actually happened.

Everyone’s emotions involved are crazy. Imagine that you just made history, only to have it taken away simply because someone saw it differently.

As the world now knows, this happened in MLB this past Wednesday night.

It was about to be a perfect game; the bottom of the ninth inning, with two outs, and an easy play at first. Wait, the runner is  called safe.

It was the wrong call and everyone saw it, but the umpire. To say my stomach dropped would be an understatement, as my heart went out to the rookie pitcher.

The umpire was Jim Joyce and the pitcher was the Detroit Tiger’s Armando Galarraga.

I was ready for Galarraga to go up and punch Joyce in the face, and it would have been fine by me. Continue reading ‘Baseball Finally Got Some Respect’ »