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Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 3

Pitching Preview: Champs vs. Phillies Game 3 will be looking at a pair of veterans on Thursday’s match-up, in this 2009 World Series revival between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.

Game 3:

Southpaws’ Andy Pettitte vs. Jamie Moyer, is a battle of the veterans. They are two of only three active pitchers to throw for 3000 innings (#3 Tim WakefieldRed Sox). That is a joint of 6000+ innings between the two.

Considering Moyer has been in the majors for 24 seasons, and is 47 years young is incredible to begin with. Moyer allows Yankee fans to dream that their ace Pettitte could be around for 10 more seasons. Hey, you can always dream and you never know.


Jamie Moyer is a risk. At times he looks 47 years old, but he still has thrown a few electric games this season that make him look brilliant. Moyer’s ERA is 5.03, but to be fair the Phillies bats have been dead lately so he gets no help. For oldest starter in the majors, Moyer has defied odds already. He has already thrown two complete games and one shutout in 2010. Against, the Red Sox he got killed last week and I predict the Yankees will do the same. Moyer pitches better in day games and in Citizens Bank Park, so that is two strikes against his odds already. The third is the Yankees hitters are the most patient in baseball, and don’t swing for strikes from off-speed pitches. Unfortunately, Moyer’s biggest strength this season is his off-speed pitched, but he won’t be confusing the Yankees to swing. Continue reading ‘Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 3’ »

Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 2

Pitching Preview: Champs vs. Phillies Game 2 focuses on the game two match-up, in this 2009 World Series revival between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.

Game 2:

Yankees, AJ Burnett will face the Phillies Kyle Kendrick on Wednesday night in the Bronx. Both pitchers are coming off horrible starts, so it’s safe to say both want to turn it around for this game.

Kyle Kendrick had a 2.79 ERA over his last six starts, until he bombed against the Marlins in his last start on June 8. Kendrick got moved in the roaster so Halladay could pitch against Sabathia on Tuesday, so Kendrick threw out of the bullpen for two innings on June 11th to keep his arm warm. This youngster is a Yankees virgin, which is to his advantage, as the Yankees do not fair well against foreign pitchers. He has to figure out to rattle guys the Yankees from the start and keep them on their toes. Kendrick’s main job is to locate his fastball well, because it lacks speed. Kendrick’s doom against the Yankee bats is if he becomes predictable. He has a solid sinker, a good change-up and a newly added cutter (thanks to Halladay). His career ERA against lefties is 7.02, so he has to be careful with switch hitters like hotter-than-hell Posada and Swisher. Kendrick has to keep his confidence in a very intimidating place, against a line-up that could be it’s own all-star roaster.

AJ Burnett, another pitcher whose cutter comes via Roy Halladay. Even Halladay admits that Burnett’s cutter is the best in the game, but only if he can maintain control. This is the same old song for Burnett. Continue reading ‘Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 2’ »

Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies

It’s the 2009 World Series all over again, as the Yankees host the Phillies for three games in the Bronx.

The last time the Phillies were in town, the Yankees became world champions. A feeling Yankees fans hope to relive by beating the Phillies once again.

Both line-ups are stacked with power, from Utley to Posada. Whether or not they decide to hit is the question both clubs can’t seem to figure out, unlike last season.

Pitching will decide the winner; so let’s break down all three match-ups:


Can we say pitching match up of the week? Roy Halladay against CC Sabathia is a baseball dream, which Phillies skipper Charlie Manual made sure would work by switching around the rotation. Both Cy Young winners, both staff’s ace, but only one can win.

Roy Halladay is very familiar with the Yankees playing for Toronto Blue Jays up until this season. It was a very happy departure, as Halladay wrecks havoc everywhere he goes. Halladay is different because he is gotten better. Halladay currently has made 15 starts, boosting an 1.96 ERA, with 85 strikeouts, five complete games, one perfect game, and allowing only three home-runs in 101 innings pitched. His ERA against the Yankees is 2.84, but that includes Arod who is DTD. Arod has had the most success by far against Halladay, batting just shy of .300. Look for Robbie Cano to stir up trouble, as he has all season. No doubt, the Yankees bats are hot, but when Halladay is pitching no player is hot. It’s Cliff Lee x2, yikes!

CC Sabathia has to bring his a-game to the mound or he will get eaten alive. Sabathia seems to only be capable of beating the Orioles in 2010, but let’s not forget that CC is a second-half pitcher, considering 14 of his 19 wins last season came after June 15. Continue reading ‘Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies’ »

Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter Bring Brooms And Deja Vu Back To New York

New York Yankees brought out their brooms in the Bronx, as they swept the Houston Astros over the weekend.

The Yankees were without Arod, but you wouldn’t know it by the way the team beat-on the Astros.

Jorge Posada actually brought two brooms; one broom was to hit two grand slams. The extra broom was to shut-up everyone who had doubted his abilities over the last two weeks.

Along with Jorge, the Captain came through big time. Jeter has two homers in Saturday’s game alone and seems to have found his swagger at the perfect time.

Ramiro Pena who is taking on Arod’s role with two RBI’s; Brett Gardner continues to defy all odds driving in two runs and raising his batting average to .317; and rookie Chad Huffman got his first big league hit over this very productive weekend.

Also, Robinson Cano had a milestone, hitting his 100th home run in pinstripes. Cano has been ridiculous this season and it has been a treat to witness.

Actually, the whole Yankees team played like they were defending something again. It was refreshing to watch, as well as needed after an ugly May.

The Bombers are entering part two of not just the World Series, but the Subway Series as well.

Against the Phillies, both teams are playing for bragging rights. The Yankees for keeps, and the Phillies as proof. Continue reading ‘Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter Bring Brooms And Deja Vu Back To New York’ »

Inter-league Games Between Two Unequal Leagues

The Yankees are back home, not much has changed in regards to catching the Tampa Bay Rays who have held onto first place in the AL East all season. The Yankees are still two games behind, but continue to keep themselves the wild card team.

As I predicted, the Toronto Blue Jays have fallen to behind the Red Sox to fourth place, and this is a trend that will continue for Toronto.

The Blue Jays don’t play small ball at all, which is what comes in handy when team is slumping. Hitting home runs alone isn’t enough, but the Blue Jays pitching have allowed them to look more dominant.

This weekend begins inter-league play for all teams. Many feel it is unfair, as the American League has bullied the National League since these games were incorporated in 1997.

Why is the AL always better?

The AL is much more competitive because the designated hitter is a power bat, compared to having the pitchers bat.

NL pitchers almost get a break with every ninth batter being a pitcher, instead of facing the likes of a David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero or Hideki Matsui.

Matsui was the World Series MVP as the Yankees DH last season, which clearly proving it a significant position. Continue reading ‘Inter-league Games Between Two Unequal Leagues’ »

Do You Want To Hate Baseball? Watch The Orioles

Get ready to be a part of history after you read this post. It is the shortest post written on Lady Loves Pinstripes EVER; but it is definitely far from the sweetest.

Don’t thank me now, just read please.

Watching the Yankees play the Orioles is just painful.

Excuse me, watching any team play the Baltimore Orioles is like Chinese water torture.

A week ago, I experienced it myself in the Bronx.

The Orioles play like the living dead, but can you blame them? Continue reading ‘Do You Want To Hate Baseball? Watch The Orioles’ »