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Relive 2009 World Series

On September 21, 2008, in his farewell to the old Yankee Stadium, Yankees Captain Derek Jeter told Yankees fans this:

We’re relying on you to take the memories from this stadium, take them to the new stadium, and pass them on from generation to generation.”

The Yankees first year in the new Yankee Stadium, winning their 27th title for the organization, but making the first of many new memories that us fans have to pass on.

The 2009 World Series is one no New York Yankees fan will ever want to forget.

Now, thanks to A&E Home Entertainment, you can re-live those magic moments.

New York Yankees 2009 World Series Collector’s Edition DVD SET gives complete, unedited coverage of the 2009 World Series. Each game is featured on it’s very own DVD, with all pre and post coverage and each game in it’s entirety, commercial free.

As a warm-up, watch the disc dedicated to the 2009 ALCS post-season Game 6. It Features Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte who finished off the Angels in the Bronx, with a final score of 5-2. Watching Yankees players celebrate winning the 2009 ALCS Championship is still thrilling…. Continue reading ‘Relive 2009 World Series’ »

Jamie Moyer Pitches Solid Bullshit To Beat The Yankees

After Roy Halladay got smoked 8-2 by the New York Yankees on Tuesday night, Philadelphia Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel made another pitching change.

Manuel swapped Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer‘s starts. So, Kendrick would face Andy Pettitte on Thursday, and uber-veteran Jamie Moyer would start against AJ Burnett on Wednesday night.

Manual’s reasoning made no sense, nor difference to me. It seemed a tad ridiculous. Did Manuel think it was October 2009 again?

Maybe Manuel was living in the past. It did seem desperate, but can you blame Manuel?

Thinking about how bad the Phillies have been playing, you can’t call Manuel crazy because the Phillies won.

It is ridiculous that Moyer’s breaking ball looked, (excuse me, was) more toxic than Halladay’s cutter. Odds are it’s the last time that will ever happen again.

Majority of MLB media predicted that the Yankees would take BP (batting practice) on Jamie Moyer no matter when he started.

Moyer is 47 years old and his fastball‘s mph is not much higher. The difference is time has not affected Moyer, because speed was never his forte.

It is common knowledge that Moyer’s breaking ball causes hitters to acquire strike early in the counts. The whole pitch is false, but plenty of batters think it’s true, making it worthwhile enough.

With the Yankees being the most patient hitters in all of MLB, they see pitches just like Moyer’s breaking ball, but don’t fall for it’s bullshit. Moyer has been in the majors since 1986 so no shortage of footage on him.

In no way am I trying to take away from Moyer’s 265th career win. It is pretty amazing to flank the Yankees for eight innings, allowing only three hits at his age. Continue reading ‘Jamie Moyer Pitches Solid Bullshit To Beat The Yankees’ »

New York Yankees Ruin A Perfect Halladay

Every MLB team lives in fear of facing Phillies stud Roy Halladay.

As a Toronto Blue Jay, Halladay had crushed the New York Yankees for 12 seasons.

So, when Halladay was traded to the Phillies last season, it was a huge relief and very happy farewell for the Yankees. AL hitters practically packed Roy’s bags to get him into the National League ASAP. Finally, no more recurring nightmares of Doc’s cutter.

Everyone was so sure that Halladay was going to wreck havoc on a line-up sans Alex Rodriguez and a useless Mark Teixeira, that it had already been accepted as not fate, but fact.

Who knew the Yankees planned to host a mini home-run derby against the mighty and feared Phillies ace Roy Halladay?

No one would have believed the Yankees after such a shaky month of May.

To be honest, sweeping the Houston Astros didn’t provide much reassurance. The Yankees should beat any team playing .385 baseball, not just the Orioles. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Ruin A Perfect Halladay’ »

MLB Blogger Rankings–Week 10

Lady Loves Pinstripes is one of six bloggers voting on Yardbarker’s Gillette Fusion MLB Rankings. Each week Lady Loves Pinstripes will rank all 30 MLB teams, along with the other five bloggers.  All blogger’s rankings are averaged together for each weekly results. In addition, Lady Loves Pinstripes will comment on he AL WEST.

Here are the latest MLB Rankings - Week 10 and see where your team ranks for the week….agree or disagree?

The Tampa Bay Rays have been dethroned, finally and the universe is aligned once again. Find out which team is #1…. Please, feel free to comment.

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Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 3

Pitching Preview: Champs vs. Phillies Game 3 will be looking at a pair of veterans on Thursday’s match-up, in this 2009 World Series revival between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.

Game 3:

Southpaws’ Andy Pettitte vs. Jamie Moyer, is a battle of the veterans. They are two of only three active pitchers to throw for 3000 innings (#3 Tim WakefieldRed Sox). That is a joint of 6000+ innings between the two.

Considering Moyer has been in the majors for 24 seasons, and is 47 years young is incredible to begin with. Moyer allows Yankee fans to dream that their ace Pettitte could be around for 10 more seasons. Hey, you can always dream and you never know.


Jamie Moyer is a risk. At times he looks 47 years old, but he still has thrown a few electric games this season that make him look brilliant. Moyer’s ERA is 5.03, but to be fair the Phillies bats have been dead lately so he gets no help. For oldest starter in the majors, Moyer has defied odds already. He has already thrown two complete games and one shutout in 2010. Against, the Red Sox he got killed last week and I predict the Yankees will do the same. Moyer pitches better in day games and in Citizens Bank Park, so that is two strikes against his odds already. The third is the Yankees hitters are the most patient in baseball, and don’t swing for strikes from off-speed pitches. Unfortunately, Moyer’s biggest strength this season is his off-speed pitched, but he won’t be confusing the Yankees to swing. Continue reading ‘Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 3’ »

Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 2

Pitching Preview: Champs vs. Phillies Game 2 focuses on the game two match-up, in this 2009 World Series revival between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.

Game 2:

Yankees, AJ Burnett will face the Phillies Kyle Kendrick on Wednesday night in the Bronx. Both pitchers are coming off horrible starts, so it’s safe to say both want to turn it around for this game.

Kyle Kendrick had a 2.79 ERA over his last six starts, until he bombed against the Marlins in his last start on June 8. Kendrick got moved in the roaster so Halladay could pitch against Sabathia on Tuesday, so Kendrick threw out of the bullpen for two innings on June 11th to keep his arm warm. This youngster is a Yankees virgin, which is to his advantage, as the Yankees do not fair well against foreign pitchers. He has to figure out to rattle guys the Yankees from the start and keep them on their toes. Kendrick’s main job is to locate his fastball well, because it lacks speed. Kendrick’s doom against the Yankee bats is if he becomes predictable. He has a solid sinker, a good change-up and a newly added cutter (thanks to Halladay). His career ERA against lefties is 7.02, so he has to be careful with switch hitters like hotter-than-hell Posada and Swisher. Kendrick has to keep his confidence in a very intimidating place, against a line-up that could be it’s own all-star roaster.

AJ Burnett, another pitcher whose cutter comes via Roy Halladay. Even Halladay admits that Burnett’s cutter is the best in the game, but only if he can maintain control. This is the same old song for Burnett. Continue reading ‘Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 2’ »