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New York Yankees Vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Can CC Break The Shields

New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia will square off against Tampa Bay Rays James Shields, in the third and final game of this series.

Let’s checkout this match-up:

Tampa Bay Rays: James Shields (9-9)

Rays James Shields is a lights-out pitcher if you are referring to his high strikeout numbers.

In 2010 Shields has posted 122 strikeouts over 135 innings. He maintains a minimal number of walks with 31.

So what explains Shields ERA being 4.79?

It is because Shields has given up 22 home-runs this season, along with 72 earned runs. His weakest pitch is his fastball and it gets hit hard. Shields change-up is his strongest pitch, but without it he is very hittable.

Over his last three starts, Shields is 2-0, pitching 19 innings, allowing nine earned runs, while walking five and striking out 13. Still, he has been better after a horrible June and he has won his last two starts.

If Shields doesn’t shield his pitches and is predictable the Yankees bats will eat him alive. Jeter and Cano have done it in the past, so look for them to go after Shields from the start.

New York Yankees: CC Sabathia (13-4)

Yankees ace CC Sabathia had his first loss since May 23rd, but he actually pitched very well. Lack of run support, along with some sloppy fielding behind him was to blame for the result.

Sabathia has a 3.15 ERA in 151 innings this season. The Yankees ace has two complete games, giving up 53 earned runs, 12 homers and 124 strikeouts. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Can CC Break The Shields’ »

New York Yankees Vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Vazquez Faces Garza

The New York Yankees Javier Vazquez will face Tampa Bay Rays Matt Garza on Saturday night at Tropicana Field.

Let’s take a look at game two’s match-up:

Tampa Bay Rays: Matt Garza (11-5)

Fresh off throwing the franchiser’s first no-hitter in its 13-year history, SP Matt Garza’s overall outlook doesn’t change much. Garza is still trying to get back to his 2008 form.

Garza likes pitching at home, even if home is Tropicana Field. At the Trop Garza has a .230  OBA against batters with runners in scoring position.

This season Garza has a 4.06 ERA in 128 innings. He has allowed 118 hits, 58 earned runs, giving up 18 homeruns and 41 walks. Four of the homeruns were given up on July 20 against the worst team in baseball, the Baltimore Orioles. Garza has also thrown two complete games and a no-hitter.

Garza relies a lot on his fastball, as he threw it 99 out 120 pitches during his historic no-hitter. Well, why stop what seems to be working as in his last three starts Garza 2-0, going 21 innings, with a 2.95 ERA with 13 strikeouts and only walking two batters.

Garza might not find success against a hot Yankees line-up, who tend to hit fastballs out of the park. Garza needs to throw a variety of pitches to keep the Bombers on their toes, or it will be ugly.

New York Yankees: Javier Vazquez (9-7)

Javier Vazquez has turned his season around after a horrible April. Finally, Vazquez is that durable pitcher the Yankees wanted in the rotation.

Vazquez’s 4.54 ERA for the season is not reflective of how he is currently pitching. He has pitched 107 innings, giving up 92 hits, 54 earned runs, 118 homers and 41 walks. Vazquez and Garza are well matched looking at stats only. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Vazquez Faces Garza’ »

New York Yankees Vs.Tampa Bay Rays: Battle Of The Young Guns

Friday night, the New York Yankees are at Tropicana Field to face the Tampa Bay Rays, and it will be a true battle of the young guns on the mound.

Since pitching and defense will dictate the outcomes of all three games, the match-ups on the mound will set the tone. Let’s look at the Friday night’s pitchers.

Ironically, both the Rays and the Yankees have their “young guns” squaring off. Both players are 24 years old, both stand at 6’5 feet, and both are right-handed pitchers.

Tampa Bay Rays: Wade Davis (8-9)

Davis didn’t look very good this season, after losing all five of his starts in the month of June. Davis’ June numbers included an ERA of 6.0, and batters were hitting just shy of .270 against him.

Since the start of July, Davis has looked like a different pitcher. He has gone unbeaten. Over his last three starts, he has posted an ERA of 2.11. For the month of July, Davis has pitched 25 innings, faced 110 batters and allowed nine earned runs, six walks and 12 strikeouts. Eleven of those 12 strikeouts were in his last three starts and a monthly ERA of 3.12. That is pretty impressive stuff.

Davis is suddenly throwing with a lot more confidence. Davis is not afraid to throw hard because he is locating the ball much better.

Davis faces a potent Yankees lineup who have seen him before. This works in the Yankees favor because Davis is not new, and they have hit him successfully.

Davis needs to be careful with Cano, Gardner, Granderson, Thames, A-Rod, and Jeter because all have multiple hits in the few at-bats they have had against him.

New York Yankees: Phil Hughes (12-3)

Unlike Davis, Phil Hughes started out the season on fire. Hughes was an 2010 All-Star and his name was frequent in Cy Young discussions.

 He was the Yankees most reliable pitcher through the month of May. As they say, all good things must come to an end, or in Hughes’ case, back down to baseball-reality. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Vs.Tampa Bay Rays: Battle Of The Young Guns’ »

New York Yankees Need One More Win in Cleveland Before Heading To Tampa

CC Sabathia

New York Yankees CC Sabathia had a rare loss in his old stomping ground Tuesday night, falling 4-1 to the Cleveland Indians.

The Yankees are in first place, with a margin of only two games before they get caught.

This added a lot of pressure on an already erratic AJ Burnett. It was mandatory that Burnett put the team in a winning position.

Burnett surpassed all that was required, as he dominated the Indians batters. Burnett’s teammates helped make sure he had a chance to shine again and the Yankees won 8-0.

Another factor in the Yankees success is using David Robertson in the eighth inning.

It is no secret where the Yankees biggest weakness lies—in the bullpen.

With Alfredo Aceves on the DL since May, the Yankee bullpen has become a total mess. Chan-ho Park, Joba Chamberlain, and Boone Logan are not reliable at all and it has spelled trouble whenever they were called on.

Robertson was right in the mix, with a bad beginning to 2010.

The timing could not have been more perfect for Robertson to get find his form again.

Robertson thrived as the eighth inning guy even under the lights of the 2009 World Series. Translation: The pressure does not bother Robertson.


Skipper Joe Girardi realizes that he can count on Robertson to get the outs needed with no regrets.

Robertson’s small role has made the biggest difference since the All-Star break.

Still, the bullpen is the biggest roadblock for the Yankees. Most Yankees fans take comfort in the idea that Hughes will join Robertson once Andy Pettitte gets off the DL in a few weeks.

For now, the Yankees will head to Tampa following the fourth game against the Indians. Friday night starts a three-game set at Tropicana Field against the second place Rays.

This weekend series will be a literal battle royale for first place in the AL East. Both teams have their work cut out for them, as both are on fire right now. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Need One More Win in Cleveland Before Heading To Tampa’ »

MLB Rankings – Week 16

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Pitching Match-Up Of Week: New York Yankees Vs. Cleveland Indians

AJ Burnett on the mound.

After splitting the first two games in Cleveland against the Indians, the New York Yankees have shorten their lead in the AL East to just two games over the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays are on fire right now. SP Matt Garza pitched the franchise’s first no-hitter on Monday night against the Tigers and followed it up with another win. The Rays have won their last four in a row.

After two more games against a beat-up Tigers team, in come the Yankees. The question is will the two teams be tied for first place or can the Yankees win the next two in Cleveland?

Tonight’s game the Yankees fate is at the hands of SP AJ Burnett, who faces Indians ace Fausto Carmona.

Let’s look at the two hurlers and how they fair against each other on the mound:

Cleveland Indians Fausto Carmona:


26 year-old Fausto Carmona is the staff ace. He impressed Yankees skipper Joe Girardi so much he named him to the 2010 All-Star roaster just a few weeks ago.

In the month of July, Carmona has a 3-1 record, a 2.81 ERA, giving up just eight runs, one home-run and has struck-out 17 batters. Carmona’s walk rate for the month is 14, which is clearly the right-hander’s weakness.

Two of the three July wins were against the tough Tampa Bay Rays and the other vs. the Detroit Tigers. Both opposing teams legitimately feature the best hitters in the league, aka. Cabrera, Crawford, Longoria to just name a few. Continue reading ‘Pitching Match-Up Of Week: New York Yankees Vs. Cleveland Indians’ »