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Yankees: Unfair loss was logical

Yankee Stadium - 2014 - sketch

2014 Yankee Stadium Blueprint

If anybody can relate to the saying when it rains, it pours it would be the 2014 New York Yankees literally.

Ironically, it seemed almost proper that the Yankees lose, 3-1 to the AL East leading Baltimore Orioles in four and a half innings. It was the last game of the unofficial first half of this season.

The rain-out leaves the Yankees at 47-47 heading into this All-Star Break, and puts them five games back from the top spot in the division.

Mother Nature took the Yankees chance away to be to three games behind, which in turn means they would not be a mediocre, .500 team but two games over.

Putting words like average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill in the same sentence with the Yankees is considered sac-religious in some circles.

Speaking as a Yankees fan, having high expectations comes with the territory; and I see nothing wrong with being frustrated for settling for anything else. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Unfair loss was logical’ »

Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka and Tommy John

Ivan Nova

Ivan Nova (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Yankees Ivan Nova, Mets Matt Harvey, Rays Matt Moore, Diamondbacks Patrick Corbin, Braves Kris Medlen, Mets Bobby Parnell, Rangers Martin Perez, and now Yankees Masahiro Tanaka can be added to this list.

The names above are just a few recent pitchers who suffered a partial ligament tear in their throwing elbow; and minus Tanaka, all ended up needing Tommy John surgery.

But the Yankees claim that it was recommended by doctors that Tanaka would try to repair his partial tear with an injection and rehab over the next six weeks.

Look, we all know that Tanaka’s injury is the worst conceivable blow the Yankees could have imagined to happen, as the season is now in major jeopardy.

But is that a reason to delay the inevitable?

Just ask Harvey, who wanted to avoid the operating table at all costs. But like as in most cases, he ended up needing Tommy John surgery, which has kept Harvey, sidelined for the all the 2014 season.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson explained why rehabbing an injury like Tanaka’s is a risk as, “There will always be the open question, given a partial tear, how long that ligament will hold up.” Continue reading ‘Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka and Tommy John’ »

Yankees: Tanaka injury update

Yesterday, the New York Post broke the news that recently named AL All-Star, and New York Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka was heading back to New York City to have an MRI on his swollen right pitching elbow.

No joke, this news made my heartache, and I almost threw up trying to grasp that Tanaka Time was suddenly in jeopardy.

It is no secret that Tanaka had struggled as of late, as in last night’s 5-3 loss to the Tribe, he gave up a season high of five runs and 10 hits.

Tanaka has lost three of his last four starts, where he has been tagged for 14 earned runs, five homers and in the last two games has only fanned eight batters total.

Regardless, Tanaka has been the one bright light for the Yankees in a season full of injuries and failing expectations.

His injury also makes Hiroki Kuroda the sole survivor from the Yankees Opening Day starting rotation, as CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda and now Tanaka are all on the DL. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Tanaka injury update’ »

Yankees Trade Rumors: Cliff Lee

English: Cliff Lee pitching in the 2010 World ...

English: Cliff Lee pitching in the 2010 World Series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you probably already know, New York Yankees starter CC Sabathia’s degenerative right knee condition took a turn for the worst last week, and skipper Joe Girardi confirmed that the lefty’s 2014 campaign is over.

That news, along with ace Masahiro Tanaka slumping a little is not ideal for a Yankees team struggling to stay afloat in such a meager AL East.

The fact that none of the five teams within the division can grasp a foothold on it has been the Yankees saving grace to this point.

Last night with Tanaka on the bump, the Yankees lost to the Indians, 5-3 putting them just a game over .500 at 45-44.

They also pushed themselves back another half-game further from the first place Orioles, who now have a four game lead ahead of the third place Yankees.

With the trade deadline looming, a shortage of top prospects and a need for rotation help, the Yankees will have to pay to play.

And the Yankees brass would be stupid not to open their wallets with the AL East still ripe for the taking. Continue reading ‘Yankees Trade Rumors: Cliff Lee’ »

Yankees: Time to boycott the Bronx

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

It is official; the New York Yankees need to stay the heck out of the Bronx for the rest of the 2014 regular season.

Wink, wink to just named AL All-Stars Derek Jeter, Masahiro Tanaka and Dellin Betances that there is no need to show-off on July 16th in Minnesota. You know, if the Yankees happen to be playing baseball in late October no need to claim home field advantage.

Ok joking aside, the Yankees are 4-1 on this current road trip, making them 27-20 when away compared to 18-23 at home.

Still, unlike the delusional YES Network broadcasters who manage, between their Jeter love fest, to pathetically try to spin things to seem better off then they are, I will attempt to be realistic here.

Taking three of four from the Twins, and last night beating the Indians 5-3 does not exactly give the much-needed confidence fans are desperately waiting to see.

Then again the Twins did win two of three in the Bronx at the end of May, but considering that the Yankees are 4-9 in completed home series this season, beating them on their own turf seems to be easier. Or more importantly, a trend the Yankees need to break. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Time to boycott the Bronx’ »

Yankees: Trading Nuno for McCarthy

B-Mac Attack

B-Mac Attack (Photo credit: misternaxal)

You probably heard the New York Yankees latest trade news today that pitcher Vidal Nuno was sent to the Arizona Diamondbacks for starter Brandon McCarthy.

The D-Backs have underachieved big time this season, as they now are sporting one of the worst records in baseball at 37-53. So the D-Backs are dumping veterans, like McCarthy but he is owed $4.1 million, which Arizona will still pay.

McCarthy will be a free agent at the end of 2014, so this is just a mid-season rental pending he doesn’t turn into superman or something.

Looking at the 2014 pitching stats for both Nuno and McCarthy, the trade looks like a slight upgrade for the Yankees rotation.

McCarthy strikeouts a lot of batters, but he also gives up a ton of hits and runs.

(all stats courtesy of

Brandon McCarthy vs. Vidal Nuno - 2014 Pitching Stats
Vidal Nuno255.421.441714788652471526600.2820.3360.4950.831
Brendon McCarthy3105.011.381818109.213165611520930.2980.3300.4690.799
Continue reading ‘Yankees: Trading Nuno for McCarthy’ »