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MLB Blogger Rankings – Week 11

Lady Loves Pinstripes is one of six bloggers voting on Yardbarker’s Gillette Fusion MLB Rankings. Each week Lady Loves Pinstripes will rank all 30 MLB teams, along with the other five bloggers. All blogger’s rankings are averaged together for each weekly results. In addition, Lady Loves Pinstripes will comment on he AL WEST.

The American League East owns the top three spots this week, with the Yankees still in the lead, followed by the Rays and now the Red Sox have moved into third.
It is the toughest division for a reason, my guess is this three-team battle will continue right thru September.

Here are the latest MLB Rankings – Week 11 and see where your team ranks for the week….agree or disagree?

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Lady Gaga Stay Away From Baseball

Lady Gaga, please stay away from baseball games and don’t come back to Yankee Stadium or Citi-Field again.

Hasn’t she embarrassed her family and friends enough?

Fondling herself and dressing with no pants at a Mets game, and then at a Yankees game is just impolite. Gaga seems to think this behavior is acceptable because of her fame, when the effects are actually making her a joke.

Here is a little personal information, Lady Gaga and I both attended the same school in NYC. In the beginning, it seemed so cool that this pop star walked the same halls I did. That sentiment has completely changed.

As time went on, Gaga’s behavior and fashion sense continued to get worse. Hearing that she went to a bar on the UWS in her underwear is just gross.

Also, Gaga lies about our school, a place that is so dear to my heart.

This Roman Catholic School is the most loving place to grow as a lady. The rules were not much different when compared to my friends at the non-denominational private schools. The faculty implemented manners and students were expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

Gaga needs to get her head out from her ass because her behavior would be unacceptable anywhere. Continue reading ‘Lady Gaga Stay Away From Baseball’ »

Yankees Lose To Diamondbacks But Who Cares

It is easy to forget about the Arizona Diamondbacks, as a fan of the New York Yankees who are an AL East team.

The last time the two faced each other was back in 2007, at the old Yankee Stadium.

Looking at the bigger picture, the D-backs pose no real threat to the Yankees, whose hopes are to repeat as champions.

Even with last nights win of the first game against the Yankees, does not change this fact for the D-backs.

The D-backs are currently in last place, in the NL West, with a 27-43 record. It is not entirely finished, but the chances of the D-backs making the post season are pretty grim. Still, Arizona has a budding, talented ball-club with an average age of 27.

The D-backs possess one player in particular that could potentially become the best player in baseball. If this player’s progress continues, he could be one of greatest ever.

He is only 23 years old but is already in his fourth season in the majors. He has a brother who is 25 and plays for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Do you know who I am talking about?

If you guessed D-backs right outfielder, Justin Upton you would be correct. Continue reading ‘Yankees Lose To Diamondbacks But Who Cares’ »

Mark Teixeira Slams New York Mets Back To Reality

The New York Yankees beat the New York Mets for the second game in a row to win the series, but this weekend a lot more changed for the Bombers.

The Yankees knew what the possibilities of winning this series could do, and the team made it happen.

As great as winning the Subway Series and being in first place feels, doesn’t hold a candle to getting Mark Teixeira back.

Yankees fans held their breath through April and May, finding comfort in knowing Teixeira’s career struggles were part of the deal.

That comfort became concerning, as days became weeks and looking back Teixeira’s past seasons stats were not ever this bad. The Yankees new hero was a complete zero at the plate.

Rightly so, Yankees fans had enough because the reality was costing the team games. The media finally joined in, wondering when Joe Girardi would move Teixeira out of the three-hole.

Girardi seemed to be contemplating a viable replacement, but not acknowledging that this was not the same hitter player from 2009. This was no shock, as Girardi is very generous when it comes to giving struggling player’s extended chances.

As noble as Girardi’s theory sounds, he was not managing a junior high-school softball team. By now, Girardi should have a tattoo of the Yankees motto of winning now and doing whatever it takes to get there. Continue reading ‘Mark Teixeira Slams New York Mets Back To Reality’ »

Subway Series: Game Three Preview

Another familiar match-up to end the second Subway Series, as  Game three features New York’s ace lefties CC Sabathia (NYY) and Johan Santana (NYM) will face off on the mound on Sunday afternoon.   

Coincidentally, both pitchers have pitched 92 innings and walked 30 batters this season.  

The rest of their season numbers are not much further apart. Thus far, Sabathia has 76 strike-outs, compared to 59 for Santana. Santana has only given up seven home-runs, with a 3.13 era, and Sabathia has been taken deep 12 times, with a 4.0 era.   

Neither southpaws are pitching their best stuff. There is one fact that separates the two and it’s Queens and the Bronx.   

In games where Santana pitched and put the Mets in line for a win, he got absolutely no run support from the Mets hitters.   Continue reading ‘Subway Series: Game Three Preview’ »

Subway Series: Game Two Preview

It’s a battle between both ball-clubs young, future aces, in game two of the Subway Series.

New York Mets have 26 year old Mike Pelfrey, who is 9-1, with a 2.39 ERA in just over 86 innings pitched. Pelfrey loses his command a tad too much still, but he is young with ample time to improve and make some adjustments. Pelfrey needs to keep his walks down, and throw more strikes by attacking the zone.

Pelfrey will face New York Yankees Phil Hughes, who is two years younger but overall a better pitcher. Hughes has 74 strikeouts this season in 75 innings, with a 3.01 ERA and a matches Pelfrey’s 9-1 record.

Still Hughes has the advantage because of how he has handled compromising and crucial situations. In 2009, Hughes dominated in the bullpen and turned the team’s season around, no doubt. Hughes has now been as dominate lately but the dip is slight and he needs to find his strike-zone again.

The two youngsters both seem to generate substantial run support from their teammates, which has masked their struggles a little bit.

Fact remains that a win is a win, but in this case, the hitters will dictate the outcome. It will be a race to see who will capitalize on which pitcher’s first mistake. This one has the potential of being a slug-fest all over it.  Continue reading ‘Subway Series: Game Two Preview’ »