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New York Yankees Are Complete Losers Again

How are the Seattle Mariners in last place?

The Mariners have the best one-two punch on the mound with Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez. Add players like Ichiro Suzuki, Milton Bradley, Chrome Figgins, Jose Lopez, and that makes a valid, post-season contending ball-club.

The group the New York Yankees have faced the last two nights is not the Mariners who are 13.5 games out in the AL West.

Not only did Lee pitch a complete game in Tuesday’s win, his teammate King Felix followed his lead by going all nine innings to defeat the reigning World Champions, again.

The King ruled more like a dictator against such a tough Yankees line-up. Allowing only two hits, walked three and fanned 11 Yankee bats, who each resembled a deer in headlights. The Yankees did not score a single run.

The Mariners bats certainly did not slack-off because of who was on the mound. They complimented the pitching. Scoring seven runs on both nights against starters Phil Hughes, Javier Vazquez and the Yankees weakest link (aka. the bullpen) is a tremendous deal.

Tuesday night, the Mariners had 12 hits off Hughes. Ichiro and Johnson had two RBIs a piece and Gutierrez hit one home-run. Mariners over Yankees 7-4. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Are Complete Losers Again’ »

New York Yankees Need To Dethrone King Felix

New York Yankee fans are finally cheering for Javier Vazquez, but the relationship is still very tender because it’s hard to let go of the past.

Vazquez is up against the great Seattle Mariner Felix Hernandez, aka. King Felix. Beating the King at home would do wonders for Vazquez, his team and the fans.

King Felix has not had the best start this season, but once May turned to June the King has flashed the brilliance that earned him the nicknamed. In his last two starts King Felix has thrown for nine innings and the one prior to that he went 8 2/3 innings. The King wants to follow in his teammate Cliff Lee‘s footsteps by throwing his third complete game in a row.

In the month of June, King Felix has a 2.88 ERA, 40 strike-outs and slowed just two home-runs. King Felix has been improving with each start. It is no secret that the last place Mariners need wins from their top pitchers to even have a shot of getting out of the hole in the AL West.

Perfect timing for Yankees Mark Teixeira to get hot. Tex has a 10-game hitting streak going and has the best record against the King with three home-runs, six RBIs in 36 at-bats. Tex has to have a good eye because King Felix has struck him out eight times as well. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Need To Dethrone King Felix’ »

Phil Hughes, Joe Girardi And The Da Boom Theory

Once again, the New York Yankees fell victim to their own rules.

Last night, the result ended with a Yankees loss of 7-4 to the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners have consistently held the last spot in the AL West this season.

The Mariners had baseball‘s best pitcher on the mound Cliff Lee to face a well-rested Phil Hughes.

Hughes has exceeded all expectations this season and entered the game with a 10-1 record, an ERA of 3.17 and has been the most consistent on the Yankees rotation.

No question that Hughes is the real deal, but at 24 years old the Yankees worry about using him too much.

Hughes just turned 24, and this is his second full season in the bigs, first as a full-time starter. So, the Yankees place an innings limit on him, also known as the Hughes Rules.

Innings limit on young arms is the latest thing around baseball. I was under the impression it was used when a pitcher was transitioning from the minors.

Looking at pitching sensation Steven Strasbourg of the Washington Nationals, it makes sense. The Nats manager was upfront that Strasbourg was allowed to pitch for 120 innings in 2010, no matter what.

Strasbourg is clear on this rule, along with everyone who watches Sports-center. It is extremely helpful, especially from a young player’s mental outlook. Continue reading ‘Phil Hughes, Joe Girardi And The Da Boom Theory’ »

New York Yankees: Sorry Joe Torre You Deserved To Lose

Once again, the New York Yankees utilized inter-league play by crushing the NL teams, winning 10 of 15 games.

The stressful, yet successful trip out west was exhausting. The Yankees played with so much heart making sure to win both series against the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers.

Sunday night’s game against Joe Torre and his Dodgers felt like deja vu from last season, as the Yankees were up for a fight again.

It was the ninth inning with one out and the Yankees were down 6-2.

Initially, my heart went out to A-Rod. I wanted the Yankees to win for him and I guess his teammates did too, as the Yankees came back to win in the tenth inning, 8-6.

The win came largely thanks to Robinson Cano’s two-run homer to take the lead, but getting to extra innings was a complete team effort. Torre also helped by over-using his closer Jonathan Broxton. I guess some things never change.

Before this series, never once did A-Rod mention anything about his feelings towards Torre. A-Rod respectfully took the high road, which was completely understandable.

Well, I am not A-Rod. I am a Yankees fan, and an A-Rod fan, so here is what I have to say…

I have three words on Torre’s The Yankee Years — low-class, unprofessional, and desperate. It was awful to read and it must have hurt A-Rod more than he will ever admit.

Torre deserved to lose. Torre was someone who I thought realized that players were human beings like everyone else. When he lead the Yankees for 12 years, Torre gave off the people first, baseball players second vibe.

Torre betrayed the organization that made him famous, the fans who were heart-broken to see him leave, and the players who trusted him.

This whole time, the real fraud was actually Joe Torre.

MLB Blogger Rankings – Week 12

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The American League East is still clinging to the top three spots, as the Yankees remain on top, but the Red Sox have passed the Rays moving into second spot. The Rays continue to fumble moving to third place, which is a team to keep your eye on because remember they held first place for the majority of the season.
Injuries plagued the Red Sox over the weekend, with the biggest blow placing Dustin Pedroia on the DL with a broken left foot. Can the Red Sox continue winning? Next week’s Blogger Poll should answer that question.

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New York Yankees vs. Cliff Lee

Personally witnessing Cliff Lee manhandle the New York Yankees in two different uniforms, at both Yankee Stadiums was far from fun. All I can say is Cliff Lee is that good.

Our first time in 2008 was like a blind date, as Lee wore a Cleveland Indian uniform back than and I was just going to see a regular season game. The Yankees made contact with the ball three times.

The next time was Game One of the 2009 World Series. Lee was a Philadelphia Phillies, but he dictated the entire game and left Yankees in awe once again.

The impression Cliff Lee has made on me is that he is the best pitcher in baseball.

Not Halladay, Sabathia, Santana, The Freak, Johnson Greinke, or Jimenez, it’s Lee any-day of the week, no matter the uniform.


In 2010 Lee has faced 336 batters, struck-out 76 and given up just three home-runs. His strikeout to walk ratio is a remarkable 19:1. Understand that only one other pitcher in the history of baseball, Brett Saberhagen ended the season in double digits back in 1901. Lee is well on his way to being the second pitcher to hold that record.

Lee leads the AL in complete games with four, has a 2.39 ERA. Lee has not walked a single batter in his last four starts and has only walked four this entire season.

Continue reading ‘New York Yankees vs. Cliff Lee’ »