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Alex Rodriguez Sticks It To Grandma In Oakland

Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden is famous for being protective of his pile of dirt. Especially if you trot over it on your way off the field.

Just ask Alex Rodriguez about the fit Braden threw in the A’s dugout. He was in total outrage over Arod taking the shorter way over his beloved mass. Braden threw his glove, kicked some cups that still had water in them and cursed like a truck driver.

Guess that fact that Arod was right there, in the A’s stadium, his house was just not an option. Hey it was the next best thing than challenging Arod to his face.

Do not forget, Braden also threw a perfect game on 05.09.2010 but has not done much of anything since. Like win another game. Braden only had six strikeouts that day, but it was against the Tampa Bay Rays and they are legit.

Now, the New York Yankees are back for three games in Oakland in Dallas Braden’s house. Arod is now there for the taking.

If I were Arod, I would assume that route back to the dugout again

Why not?

Sticking it to his Grandma is good enough reason. No older respectable woman needs to talk like that or at least add some curse words to look like real white trash.

Go figure that Braden is on the DL with elbow stiffness. He has thrown bullpen sessions. One would think this would be a series Braden would not miss unless his Grandma cut off his arm.

The A’s are even trying to profit from that April 22 jog. Selling festive historic t-shirts that read, “Get off my mound.” Continue reading ‘Alex Rodriguez Sticks It To Grandma In Oakland’ »

The New York Yankees Are Lucky To Have Brett Gardner

The New York Yankees have a rising superstar in their mitts, with Brett Gardner.

At first, I was hesitant to believe this 5’9 player had just hit some beginners luck at the start of the season. Still, I never questioned his work ethic because all you have to do is watch Gardner and that becomes evident.

Now this prosperity is consistent, as Gardner has stood out all season making dynamic catches out in left-field to hitting in clutch situations. He makes contact with 93% of his swings.

Let’s not forget how fast the 23 year-old is on the bases. Gardner has stolen 24 bases this season and has an 83% success rate.

Gardner is an all-around nuisance to have to play against because he can do it all. Whether it is in the field, on the bases or at-bat he cannot be ignored or else he will make an enemy pay for forgetting.

Try watching Gardner at the plate, the way he reads the ball with such wise eyes that are well beyond his years. Gardner has kept up with baseball’s best as a Yankee and has stolen the spotlight playing the game the right way.

In essence, Brett Gardner continues to be the glue holding the New York Yankees together . A true team player who comes out every game to win and plays hard.

He is having an All-Star season with 29 RBIs, 33 walks, five home-runs, six doubles, four triples, a .319 batting average and .401 on-base-percentage.

Have a feeling that there is plenty of time for Brett Gardner who I look forward to seeing represent baseball as an All-Star for years to come.

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New York Yankees Bullpen Blows Job

The New York Yankees knew pitcher AJ Burnett was under pressure in yesterday’s start.

Not only was Burnett up against his old team the Toronto Blue Jays, but was having his worst month on the mound to date.

Who knows if pitching coach Dave Eliands return was all that was needed, but Burnett pitched like an ace. Burnett kept the Blue Jays scoreless just shy of seven innings, with 6 strike-outs and three walks. His total pitches to strikes were 106-68 which means more than half his pitches were strikes.

Knowing Burnett deserved and needed this win, why would Joe Girardi put in Chan-Ho Park?

Park has allowed 6 home-runs and 19 runs to score this this season, a hitter’s dream on the mound. So why put him in against the home-run loving Blue Jays makes no sense too me.

Girardi was looking at his trusty binder, as Park had success against the Blue Jays back on June 5th. A game that the Yankees lost and Park came in the 12th – 13th inning. The pressure all around is different in that situation. Park’s latest run has allowed eight hits and seven earned runs in 6 1/3 innings, not the guy you want in a tied game.

Park has been awful or injured for the majority season. Girardi cannot afford to allow Park to have anymore chances to figure himself out. Park was a starter for the majority of his 17 years in the league and his pitching has been declining for some-time now. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Bullpen Blows Job’ »

Pitching Drama Of The Week AJ Burnett Vs Brett Cecil

On Thursday afternoon, the New York Yankees avoided getting swept by the Seattle Mariners.

Yankees ace CC Sabathia lead the team in the 4-2 win over the last place team in the AL West.

Arod sealed the deal with a two run a-bomb. It was really in the bottom of the 8th inning, not the 9th inning but who really cares. Arod doesn’t seem to think it mattered, and he was right.

Over the July 4th weekend (Happy Birthday America!) the Yankees face the Toronto Blue Jays. The Blue Jays are the team that is known for starting out hot, but always find there way back to fourth place in the AL East.

The Blue Jays can play baseball and proved it for over two months without Roy Halladay. Toronto just offers no fan support.

They play in a stadium that only fills when the Red Sox or Yankees are in town. It doesn’t motivate when a team goes into a slump. There is no booing or heckling from 30-40,000 fans to encourage players to want to turn things around.

That is the only excuse left for the Blue Jays. Fans are essential and that is consistently what the Blue Jays don’t have.

Ironically, the Yankees latest problem is ex-Blue Jay AJ Burnett, who will open up the series in the Bronx.  Continue reading ‘Pitching Drama Of The Week AJ Burnett Vs Brett Cecil’ »

New York Yankees Are Complete Losers Again

How are the Seattle Mariners in last place?

The Mariners have the best one-two punch on the mound with Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez. Add players like Ichiro Suzuki, Milton Bradley, Chrome Figgins, Jose Lopez, and that makes a valid, post-season contending ball-club.

The group the New York Yankees have faced the last two nights is not the Mariners who are 13.5 games out in the AL West.

Not only did Lee pitch a complete game in Tuesday’s win, his teammate King Felix followed his lead by going all nine innings to defeat the reigning World Champions, again.

The King ruled more like a dictator against such a tough Yankees line-up. Allowing only two hits, walked three and fanned 11 Yankee bats, who each resembled a deer in headlights. The Yankees did not score a single run.

The Mariners bats certainly did not slack-off because of who was on the mound. They complimented the pitching. Scoring seven runs on both nights against starters Phil Hughes, Javier Vazquez and the Yankees weakest link (aka. the bullpen) is a tremendous deal.

Tuesday night, the Mariners had 12 hits off Hughes. Ichiro and Johnson had two RBIs a piece and Gutierrez hit one home-run. Mariners over Yankees 7-4. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Are Complete Losers Again’ »

New York Yankees Need To Dethrone King Felix

New York Yankee fans are finally cheering for Javier Vazquez, but the relationship is still very tender because it’s hard to let go of the past.

Vazquez is up against the great Seattle Mariner Felix Hernandez, aka. King Felix. Beating the King at home would do wonders for Vazquez, his team and the fans.

King Felix has not had the best start this season, but once May turned to June the King has flashed the brilliance that earned him the nicknamed. In his last two starts King Felix has thrown for nine innings and the one prior to that he went 8 2/3 innings. The King wants to follow in his teammate Cliff Lee‘s footsteps by throwing his third complete game in a row.

In the month of June, King Felix has a 2.88 ERA, 40 strike-outs and slowed just two home-runs. King Felix has been improving with each start. It is no secret that the last place Mariners need wins from their top pitchers to even have a shot of getting out of the hole in the AL West.

Perfect timing for Yankees Mark Teixeira to get hot. Tex has a 10-game hitting streak going and has the best record against the King with three home-runs, six RBIs in 36 at-bats. Tex has to have a good eye because King Felix has struck him out eight times as well. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Need To Dethrone King Felix’ »