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New York Jets: Rex Ryan’s Hard-Knocks Continues To Shock

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What is Rex Ryan’s exact position with the New York Jets?

Head coach might not be appropriate any longer, as Ryan takes on the role of owner, agent, and GM.

It is no secret that Darrelle Revis is one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. Fact is that any team’s defense becomes elite when a player, like Revis, can shut down the competition’s passing game.

Ryan knows this and surely didn’t hide his desperation to make Revis a rich man to get him back on the J-E-T-S.

Crazy to think Ryan would be in contract discussions with owner Woody Johnson’s money. Revis was present too, which just adds to a growing list of how unprofessional the Jets are as an organization.

Not to mention that Ryan’s word is crap, too.

Any ‘HARD-KNOCKS’ viewer can attest to this because Ryan stated numerous times that the Jets would carry two fullbacks.

Ryan was talking about Tony Richardson, whose leadership was so vital to the Jets’ young offense, but ended up cutting the 15-year veteran.

Latest news is that Ryan says Richardson will be back on the Jets soon. His excuse is that Woody Johnson’s wallet couldn’t, and won’t, guarantee Richardson’s salary.

Was Richardson’s $855,000 the make it or break it for Revis’ contract?

Enough so to go back on word, I would presume. Why doesn’t Ryan just have about another temper tantrum like he did on Revis Island?

Nobody puts baby in the corner, even if you are overweight and trash-talking before proving anything, NFL “coach.”

With the NFL season just days away, the Jets’ first game will be against the Baltimore Ravens, featuring the two Rays—one named Lewis and the other Rice.

I am a huge Ravens fan, always have been inspired by Ray Lewis’ pure love for football, which is rarefied air in sports these days.

The Jets’ first of 16 missions starts with the Ravens at the New Meadowlands Stadium…but according to Ryan:

“The message to the rest of the league is, hey, the Jets are coming, and we’re going to give you everything we got. And I think that’s going to be more than you can handle.”

Ryan will finally have the chance to prove everyone wrong next Monday night, and then he can say “Fu*$-Off” for real.

New York Yankees Vs. The Jeter Meter

Derek Jeter is a household name.

In case you didn’t know, Jeter is the starting shortstop and Captain of the New York Yankees.

He has five World Series rings, four Silver Slugger Awards, and  four Golden Gloves along with countless other awards. Some of them recognized Jeter the player, others Derek the person.

Jeter is the ultimate Captain. Find me a professional athlete, fan, manager or coach that would disagree.

Going on about Jeter’s accomplishments is easy, but baseball is more than a sport. It is a job.

Like any employee, Jeter is judged on his performance and whether or not he is fulfilling expectations. Something Yankee fans refer to as ‘The Jeter Meter’.

In Jeter’s case, there is no doubt he has exceeded all expectations. He has above and beyond done his job over the last decade.

Now the Yankees and their Captain have reached the end of his current job contract. Without a doubt, both sides plan on signing another agreement at the end of 2010.

Still there is an obvious predicament. Jeter has struggled on the field this season and he’ll be the first to admit it. Reality bites, but as of now it stands that Jeter might be better off not at shortstop in 2011.

It is his position to lose, because the Yankees would keep him till the end of time. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Vs. The Jeter Meter’ »

2010 World Series: American League Teams The Hunt for October

The 2010 MLB season has not disappointed, as competition is fierce but so is disappointment.For playoff staples, like the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals, things could not have gone any worse. As they say, “When it rains, it pours” and both the above two ball clubs will be noticeably absent. The presence of the Red Sox and Cardinals will be deeply missed, a true heartbreak for all fans of baseball.

So, which American League teams are in contention?

Legitimately, no team has clinched anything just yet and that needs to remain the mindset.

Every baseball fan witnessed the 2007 New York Mets lose 14 of 17 games, followed by losing the NL East and a spot in the playoffs. Say what you want about presumptions, but nothing is ever guaranteed and it only comes off as arrogant.

One team that looks sure to clinch is the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have zero competition in the AL West. Unless a Mets-like implosion is on the horizon, it’s the Rangers’ division to lose.

The remaining two divisions are all off to the races, literally.

In the AL Central, the Chicago White Sox picked up Manny Ramirez attempting to gain on the division-leading Minnesota Twins. The usually competitive Detroit Tigers have fallen out of the postseason talks, which gives the White Sox some breathing room to try.

Same old story in the AL East, except the Tampa Bay Rays are the new Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have been hit with an injury bug that hasn’t let up all season. Considering the situation up in Beantown, skipper Terry Francona should be the manager of the year for keeping his team in the hunt for so long.

As for the Rays, the New York Yankees will fight them till the end for the division. This is by far the tightest battle in baseball, but the wild card looks to be coming out of the AL East so both teams will most likely be in October.


AL East: New York Yankees

AL West: Texas Rangers

AL Central: Chicago White Sox

Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays

MLB Blogger Rankings – Week 21

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New York Yankees Message To Tampa Bay Rays: Me Casa, Su Casa

Fact is, the New York Yankees love returning to the Bronx.

Why wouldn’t they love coming home, with a packed stadium full of fans?

The Yanks are tied for the first place, and they also share the best record in baseball and Yankee fans will cheer the team till the end.

The other team leading the pack is the Tampa Bay Rays, a 12-year-old franchise with loads of potential and hands-down has the best young talent in all of MLB.

The Rays reside in the AL East and remain the Yankees‘ biggest threats, so where is the love down in St. Petersburg, FL?

No one knows because Rays fans seem to be extinct, which is just unbelievable. Forget that Tropicana Field is a dump, the Rays are head-to-head with the Yankees and this could be their year to win it all.

It’s a shame if the Rays lose motivation and stop even giving a s*it because the only time the Trop filled up was when the Yanks or Red Sox were visiting.

In sports history, no dominating MLB, NFL, NHL, or NBA team in first place, right before the playoffs, has had no one cheering in the stands.

Don’t even try and blame it on the Trop as a venue. Up until this season, the Minnesota Twins played in the Metrodome, which was one of the worst pro sports facilities ever and Twins fans packed in that cave game after game.

The Rays had better attendance in 2009, not by much, but when you are barely filling up half your house it comes down to numbers.

Why, as a Yankees fan, should I want to broach this subject? Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Message To Tampa Bay Rays: Me Casa, Su Casa’ »

New York Yankees: The Real Situation

The New York Yankees have a situation. And it is pretty simple to know what the situation is regarding: the AL East.

The Yankees goal is to win the division, but the Tampa Bay Rays are standing in the way. The Rays have kept pace with New York and vice versa, as both teams are tied for first place.

The Yankees need to get in sync and end this awful August run.

A turn-around by AJ Burnett, who is taking a lot of blame, is not the main issue.

Is Burnett a problem? Yes, Burnett is throwing heat clocking 95+ mph. However, Burnett lacks control and command, and hitters are crushing the ball when he does throw strikes. His ERA in August is 6.08 in 26.1 innings pitched, giving up 5 homeruns, 18 earned runs, 10 walks, and 18 strikeouts. Yikes!

In 2009, Burnett played a vital part in the team’s success. Obviously something is not clicking on the mound, but whatever is being done to fix the issue is not working.

My suggestion is to use Burnett where he is most reliable, in the first three innings of a game. Javier Vazquez and Sergio Mitre (both of whom have starting experience) are in the pen and can at least cover four or five innings total. Then Joba and Kerry Wood can cover an inning and a half.

With the expanding rosters effective tomorrow, the Yankees can bring up some extra pitching arms for the bullpen. This allows Burnett to relax and allows Andy Pettitte to return from the DL without rushing or else it could be trouble again.

The other problem comes from the Yankees’ hitters, who are starting to leave runners on the base pads over and over again.

In Friday night’s loss to the Chicago White Sox, the Yankees stranded 11 runners on base. The only production came from Nick Swisher’s bat.

For now, the Yankees are sans the power of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixiera. It is not ideal, but it is manageable. In addition to Robinson Cano and Swisher, getting production from Marcus Thames, Brett Gardner, and Curtis Granderson is enough to win. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: The Real Situation’ »