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Coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets’ Road to the Super Bowl, Week 2

New York Jets fans can’t get enough of head coach Rex Ryan, but everyone else just wants him to shut up.

Ryan was the star of HBO’s Hard Knocks, but the minute the cameras left, Ryan kept stirring the pot to keep them coming back.

Everyone knows deep down Ryan is dying to kiss Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl rings. Guess Ryan forgot his Jets are winning the Super Bowl this season.

Ryan must have lost the team’s 2010 season itinerary that mapped the schedule, which includes the Super Bowl and a ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes.

Someone might want to remind Ryan that in order to get to the Super Bowl a team has to win games.

The Baltimore RavensRay Lewis made this pretty clear to his old coach, both on and off the field:

“You still got to play the game. The game ain’t played through tongues. The game is played when you buckle up your chinstraps. So all this pressure he wants to put on this team, I hope they can cash the check he writes.”—Ray Lewis’ response to Rex Ryan before the Ravens beat the Jets.

Ryan can throw punches via his mouth with the best of them. Problem is the Jets can’t back up all the F-bomb quotes Coach Ryan is tossing at other teams.

Ryan’s approach is so far, not so good.

The “F this” and “we are the team to beat” attitude that Ryan displays with the Jets players has already flowed over into the locker room.

The team displays a sense of entitlement. This was inevitably going to happen because the line is too thin regarding how you are expected to behave and conduct yourself.

Sexually harassing a hot reporter in the locker room is about as ill-mannered as it gets.

The example to follow starts with the coach, and Ryan is sending one perplexing message.

Is Ryan the Jets players’ buddy or their leader?

It is almost impossible to be both, especially as a new head coach who’s trying to change such an atrocious team.

My bet is that the Patriots will lay a can of whup ass on the Jets on Sunday.

Than just maybe Rex Ryan will stick a sock in it and start teaching instead of talking.

Yankees-Rays Pitching Preview: Phil Hughes Is Fighting For First

It was another nail-biting, extra innings game for the New York Yankees who needed to win and did.

Now, the Bombers are back in first place after losing it for 24 hours to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Only a half-game separates the two ball-clubs making Wednesday night’s outcome a declaration for who ever wins. That is until next week when the Rays come to the Bronx for four games.

Pitching has dictated this series, as the Yankees look to Phil Hughes to keep the Rays bats quiet. Hughes will face Rays James Shields, which is not Sabathia vs. Price but it looks to be a fair fight.

Hughes-Shields Preview:

Phil Hughes innings limit has him coming off a skipped start, but threw a solid inning out of the bullpen in Texas.

It will be Hughes first start since September 5.

Hughes has the stuff, as the first-half of the season proved by earning a trip to the All-Star game.

Hughes’ development is being monitored, but Joe Girardi has no other options. Pettitte has been on the DL for two months; add that to Vazquez and Burnett who remain unreliable.

Otherwise this situation would be different.

In his last 10 starts, Hughes has 5-4 record, with a 4.83 ERA, striking-out 36, walking 17 in just shy of 51 innings.

Hughes has allowed 37 earned runs in his last 10 starts and looks to improve against the heavy Rays lineup. Hughes has to settle down early, locate his pitches and throw his curve-ball confidently for strikes.

Even with the recent decline, Hughes’ excuse is legit. His young arm has never thrown this many innings, as well as his inexperience pitching a full season.

Hughes needs to be extra careful with Rays Carlos Pena who has knocked Hughes around in the past.

The Rays counter with James Shields, who has been even streakier this season. Continue reading ‘Yankees-Rays Pitching Preview: Phil Hughes Is Fighting For First’ »

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MLB: Second-Place New York Yankees Fall To First-Place Rays

Fourth devastating outcome in a row for the New York Yankees, third walk-off lose and no longer do they hold the best record in baseball.

That honor now belongs to the Tampa Bay Rays, who take a half-game lead in the AL East standings.

The Yankees just can’t seem to catch a break, as things just keep getting worse.

Tonight’s pitching match-up of CC Sabathia vs. David Price lived-up to all the hype. Both leading Cy Young award candidates, who equally proved why on the mound Monday night.

Both starters were excellent at keeping the game scoreless through eight innings. Price and Sabathia put their respective teams in positions to win, and the bullpens continued where the aces left off.

That is until the Yankees fate was again placed on the wrong arm of Sergio Mitre, who gave up the walk-off home-run.

This leads me to wonder what Skipper Joe Girardi was thinking using Mitre in the bottom of the 11th inning?

Girardi can’t seem to comprehend that Mitre is not good. He never really has been his whole career, except in 2007 when Mitre was a Florida Marlin and Girardi was the Marlins manager.

Even back than, Mitre only pitched 150 innings total and struck-out 80. That was over three years ago, and since arriving in New York Mitre has been unhelpful, and has been the opposite of productive. That is a fact.

The minute I saw it was Mitre coming in the 0-0- game, my first thought was, “where is Joba Chamberlain or Dave Robertson?”

“Not available,” according to Girardi and many will wonder why not?

Neither Robertson, nor Chamberlain pitched on Sunday afternoon so why couldn’t they throw in for a couple outs?

At such a critical time of the season, with first-place in the AL East on the line, I thought Girardi would do whatever was needed to get the win.

Especially following the blunder at third-base by Brett Gardner, who tried to steal third with two outs. What was Gardner thinking? Continue reading ‘MLB: Second-Place New York Yankees Fall To First-Place Rays’ »

New York Yankees Fix or Fail: Top Five Questions To Be Answered

The New York Yankees have looked much better than this. Even if the Yankees’ record gets them to the playoffs, losing six of seven games is not going to cut it.

It used to be the Yankees’ AL East division to lose, but now the Yankees are struggling.

Questions need to be answered, and tonight against Tampa Bay, the Yankees will start to give those answers.

What answers would Yankee fans like to see? Here are five questions that come to mind:

Is This Just a Normal Team Slump or Not?

If it was June or even the beginning of August, a slump would not be such a concern for any team in a division race. But it is mid-September with 20 games remaining, and the Yankees have no cushion if they want to win the AL East.

Can the Bats Start Doing Their Jobs?

Striking out is not Yankee-like, as the team’s M.O. at the plate is to drive up pitching counts and draw walks. Derek Jeter is not helping the team right now, except for Sunday against Cliff Lee when he displayed signature Jeter-like form. This has to stick for both the Captain and the team.

How Hurt are Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher, and Brett Gardner?

Ask the Yankees certain questions, like about innings limits or injuries, and the answer usually leaves you pondering the truth. For example, Brett Gardner is getting an MRI on his wrist, but it is nothing to be concerned about, which was the answer to why Gardner left mid-game on Sunday.

A-Rod just returned from the 15-day DL, and obviously he is not feeling his best still. Why did A-Rod get taken off in the first place? Would A-Rod rather take extra rest than return too soon?

Add Swisher’s recurring injury and those are three of the Yankees who have been critical to the team’s success this season. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Fix or Fail: Top Five Questions To Be Answered’ »

Stop Weeping From Rangers Sweeping, New York Yankees Vs. Tampa Bay Rays Preview

There is not much to say after the New York Yankees got swept right out of Texas over the weekend.

The Rangers took all three games, which gave the Yankees a reality check and did it sans slugger Josh Hamilton who was out of the line-up with a sore back.

Friday night’s 13 inning battle ended on a Ranger’s walk-off home-run off Nelson Cruz’s bat.

Saturday night things got even worse.

Starting with having to endure Derek Jeter watching be benched. Still, at the same time I respect Skipper Joe Girardi’s decision, as Jeter has hurt more than helped lately and something had to be done.

At the bottom of the night inning the Yankees were leading 6-5 and Girardi called on Mariano Rivera to close out the game.

Rivera not only allowed the tie run to score, he loaded the bases and proceeded to hit a batter resulting in walking-in the winning run. Yankees lost 7-6.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Rivera is not immortal, but so rarely does this happen. No reason to get to alarmed or worried about Mo down the stretch just yet.

Sunday vs. Rangers Cliff Lee, plus the Yankees were without the bats of Nick Swisher, Brett Gardner and Alex Rodriguez. Lee has just come off a ruff August but you wouldn’t know it after going eight innings and Rangers won 4-1.

There was plenty to be concerned with regarding the Yankees before the Rangers sweep.

Now, nothing is working too it’s potential, and either the Yankees figure it out or it could get really ugly fast.

Heading to Tampa Bay, Florida must have been a depressing plane ride, as the Yankees embarrassed themselves all weekend.

Monday night, the Bombers start a three-game set against the Rays who are just a half-game back in the AL East.

Yankees CC Sabathia will take the mound, which couldn’t be more needed.

Sabathia struggled, losing his last start, a first for CC in a year at Yankee Stadium. He was also trying to win #20 on the season for the first time in his career.

In 2009, Sabathia had the same opportunity to reach 20 wins, at Tropicana Field against the Rays. Sabathia imploded but the team could afford it back then.

Minus his last outing, Sabathia is the teams, if not the league’s ace. Expect his mentality to follow, as the team needs a win and CC will be solely focused on that.

Sabathia is not a one-man team and the Yankee bats will have to bring their A-game facing Rays David Price.

Price is the other front-runner with Sabathia for the AL Cy Young award. Price has a 2.87 ERA, with 163 strikeouts, walking 71 and giving-up 13 home-runs. In 27 starts, Price has a 17-6 record.

A-rod, Swisher and Cano have the most success against Price at the plate so hopefully the day-off will get the first two back in the line-up.

Derek Jeter has done well against Price too. Hopefully Jeter’s success against Cliff Lee on Sunday will continue and get the Captain hitting like himself again. Jeter needs to figure himself out ASAP.


Yankees will win 6-2 and Sabathia will get the win. There is no way the Yankees can lose another game at this point, after winning just one of their last seven.