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New York Yankees: Three Game Losing Streak Not Magical

The New York Yankees are not in the playoffs; their magic number remains frozen at three just for a spot in October.

Three appears to be getting bigger and growing harder to reach with each game. The Yankees need to stop playing Jekyll and Hyde since winning the first two games of their last series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays came and left in second place, but with the latest Yankee loss, and their win, they have officially taken over the AL East.

Everything was working for the Yankees in the first two games against Tampa Bay.

The Rays looked shell-shocked facing the 2009 champs. The Bombers reeked confidence, seemed indestructible, could do no wrong, all while enjoying themselves.

Could it be possible that winning went to their heads?

Well even if it did, the Boston Red Sox checked the Yankees egos at the door for them. Wasting no time, the Red Sox scored 10 runs by the middle of the fifth inning. The Yankees went missing but Curtis Granderson did homer to give them one run.

It was a seasonal milestone for the Yankees; the first time two opponents scored 10 runs against them in back-to-back games.

The Yankees were too little, too late again but managed to score 7 more runs and, for now, fans can hang on for a better tomorrow after a final score of 10-8.

This defeat takes the magic out of the number three, as the Yankees are now on a three-game losing streak.

For the Bombers, winning the AL East is bordering insanity. Getting in as the Wild Card team is becoming a tougher feat. As a fan it’s a reality check, as this team is not as playoff ready as I thought.

Can you imagine how elated New York Mets fans would be if the worst collapse in sports was no longer theirs?

No doubt that Mets fans dream of that tale’s ownership belonging to the Yankees and that they weren’t the ‘other team’ in New York anymore. Well, if the Yankees miss October it will be way worse than that.

As a Yankees fan, I want the team in the playoffs but not if it is going to be an embarrassment. This team seesaws from hot to ice cold so fast that nobody knows which team will show-up at the ballpark.

It’s about time the reigning champs start to play like it, and “The Boss” would love to be on top one last time.

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It’s Pitching Match-Up Deja Vu: Yankees-Rays And A Pair Of Aces

The New York Yankees lost the third game to the Tampa Bay Rays Wednesday night, with a final score of 7-2.

The Yankees lead this four-game set, 2-1, with a goal to win the final and take the series.

The Rays’ best, and only shot is to spilt the series, creeping up on the AL East leading Yankees to just a half-game.

Clearly with nine games remaining after this series wraps up, nothing is set in stone in the AL East.

The Yankees have a tough schedule—playing the Red Sox six times and then the last three in Toronto against the Blue Jays.

The Rays, not so much, face two bottom feeders teams in the Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners sans King Felix and the Baltimore Orioles.

There is not a better face-off than CC Sabathia vs. David Price, which was proved 10 days ago in a literal pitcher’s duel.

Both starter lefties threw eight scoreless innings, allowing five base runners each and ended up with almost identical pitch counts, CC with 119 and Price with 114 respectively.

Price fanned 11 Yankees in a row in the first five innings; Sabathia started his fanning in the third, and finished off 12 Rays in order by the end of the seventh.

I can’t say one out pitched the other that Monday night at Tropicana Field, but I can swear both were incredible.

The Rays won that game with a score of 1-0. The run earned on an 11th inning walk-off home run hit by Reid Brignac.

Let me clarify the Rays out played the Yankees for the win. As for Price and Sabathia, no baseball fan is questioning whether either did their jobs because all you can say is those two are Cy Young aces.

Sabathia is back home, and the Yankee fans will be his biggest weapons against the Rays. Fans are in playoff mode in New York; just ask any Yankee player how great it is to be back in the Bronx.


Yankees win 3-1. Sabathia wins his 21st start.

New York Yankees: Four Days, Three Wins, One Surreal Goodbye and They’re Hot

Who’s the hottest team in MLB right now?

The answer is the New York Yankees.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is a Yankee-hater, because you either bleed pinstripes or you burn them. It is that simple.

Looking back to just 7 days ago, things were not going so well for New York who finished 2-8 on a road trip from hell. The nickname “Bombers” was starting to refer to bombing games, instead of balls out of the park.

Lots of factors come into play regarding the Yankees resurgence of winning four of their last five games.

The first two wins were in Baltimore, but it was followed by a loss last Sunday allowing the O’s to avoid another sweep

Heading into the toughest, most critical series of the season, a four game set against the Tampa Bay Rays, Yankee fans would finally get some answers.

Nick Swisher put it in plain and simple, “I think we all pretty much know what’s at stake,” Swisher said. “Take the Rays and us and line us up, and let’s see what happens.”

What has happened is the Yankees have played all around great baseball. Not just winning, but beating the Tampa Bay Rays. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: Four Days, Three Wins, One Surreal Goodbye and They’re Hot’ »

New York Yankees: Three Is A Magic Number. Yes It Is, It’s Our Magic Number.

Winning for the second night against the Tampa Bay Rays, the New York Yankees are 2 ½ games ahead in the AL East; in addition to lowering their magic number for playoff spot to three and winning the division to 10.Yankees can thank the Boston Red Sox for helping those numbers falling to the Baltimore Orioles for the second nigh tin a row.

It could not come at a better time for New York, as winning the division translates into home-field advantage for the Yankees.

Playing hosts for the first two rounds of the playoffs, especially in the 5-game Division Series could be critical for the Yankees down the stretch.

Being at Yankees Stadium for both these two games, I can attest that the Yankees fans have impacted each player.

The atmosphere rivaled that of the 2009 World Series up in the Bronx the last two nights. Fans even started a round-the-clock wave that circled the stadium three times, spanning from the nosebleeds all the way down to luxury seats.

Unlike last weeks Rays-series, the Bombers are clearly outplaying Tampa Bay this time. More and more, the 2010 Yankees resemble the same group that won the World Series in 2009.

There are only 14 games remaining in the MLB regular season, but the best of baseball gets played in October.

The 2010 post-season is overall on track to be one of the most competitive ever.

*RECENT NEWS: The Minnesota Twins won the AL Central tonight for the sixth time since 2002. It’s the first team to clinch so far. Congratulations to the Twins and their loyal fans!!

New York Yankees: Couldn’t Get A Loss When Honoring The Boss

New York Yankees are finally home in the Bronx.

Monday night opened a four game set against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Before the start of the game, the Yankees honored owner George Steinbrenner, who passed away on July 13th, which ironically was the same day of the All-Star Game.

The ceremony was surreal, as the Yankees escorted the entire Steinbrenner Family along with Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Joe Torre, Don Mattingly and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to Monument Park to unveil a statue in honor of the Boss.

A tribute played on the center field screen that brought fans to tears. Mr. Steinbrenner was not just the Yankees boss; he was New York’s boss.

A man who lived to give to others but held the personal motto that “the greatest form of charity is anonymity.”

Watching the current Yankees walk in a united group out to center field was perfect.

Seeing Torre and Mattingly was overwhelming for both the fans and the two ex-Yankees. There were only cheers, as an entire stadium was chanting the loudest “Let’s Go Yankees” ever heard.

It was perfect start, followed by the only appropriate ending, a Yankee win.

Winning on Monday night wasn’t for the playoffs, or to stay in first place it was for the Boss who made winning the Yankee way.

Here are some pictures from the memorable ceremony for the greatest Yankee ever, Mr. George Steinbrenner III:

[cincopa 10763742]

Yankees-Rays: Why This Series Will Still Leave The AL East Up For Grabs

Ending a horrid 3-6 road trip, the New York Yankees are glad to be back home.

Home or not though, starting with a 4-game series against the second-place Tampa Bay Rays, the next two weeks will challenge the Yankees in every possible way.

The Yankees come into the week with a 90-59 record, just a half-game ahead of the Rays, who sit at 89-59. The series will give both teams a chance to leave with a two or three game division lead, but the Yankees and Rays are so evenly matched that a 2-2 split seems more likely than anything else.

Which team looks stronger?

It has only been a week since New York and Tampa played what was, hands down, the best series of baseball this season. All three games were determined late, and both sqauds fought it out with playoff-like energy. In the end, Tampa took two of three games from the Yankees at the Trop.

But the road to a series win will be that much tougher for the Rays, who will this time face the Yankees in New York, and that is not the only advantage for the Pinstripes.

Since leaving Tampa, the Yankees have welcomed back Andy Pettitte. Pettitte pitched great on Sunday, going six innings and giving up only three hits. Even though Pettitte won’t face Tampa in this series, having him healthy again is a huge morale boost.

Joe Girardi made a smart decision to sit third baseman Alex Rodriguez and first baseman Mark Teixeira during the Baltimore series, and they should come back energetic and healthy. Add well-rested Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher to the lineup, and suddenly Tampa looks at taking on a team headed into the playoffs with the entire roster ready to play.

HIT… is the word of the week for the Yankees, and they will need more of them with runners in scoring position in order to win this series. During the weekend Baltimore series, the Yankees left thirty men on base. Continue reading ‘Yankees-Rays: Why This Series Will Still Leave The AL East Up For Grabs’ »