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2010 ALCS Game 3: Time For Yankees Fans To Step It Up In The Bronx

The 2010 ALCS is tied at one game apiece.

The New York Yankees couldn’t muster together another comeback win last night and the Texas Rangers won 7-2.

Phil Hughes followed in CC Sabathia’s footsteps with another not-so-great performance from a Yankees starter. They’re human, just like the rest of us, and nobody is perfect.

The postseason isn’t built for chances or mistakes.

The Rangers have Cliff Lee on starting Game 3 on Monday night. This gives Texas the clear advantage considering Lee’s history with Yankees and in the postseason.

The Yankees are at home with Southpaw Andy Pettitte on the mound. Andy is a phenomenal, but one earned run might be all the Rangers need if Lee brings his A-game to the Bronx.

The game is in New York, which means Yankee Stadium needs to be louder than ever. As a person who will be in attendance Monday night, I hate imagining a silent stadium because the Yankees need their fans more than ever.

Lee is a shutdown, nine-inning pitcher, but the Yankees bats can get him but not alone. It’s time to help out our beloved Yankees by cheering like hell until the last out.

This team plays hard to win for New York every game and admittedly, I cannot say the same for the Yankees fans.

It’s time for us to get over the high expectations because the players have exceeded those for years. No more bitching about a player’s performance because so-and-so makes 200 trillion dollars, or how Joe Girardi doesn’t know what he is doing; not going to help, not this Monday night.

Andy Pettitte is pretty darn good himself in the postseason. Pettitte deserves Yankee Stadium to be rocking like never before because this is supposedly the Southpaw’s last year in pinstripes.

Let’s give back what Pettitte, the Yankees and most importantly Mr. George Steinbrenner have given us, the fans, too many times to count…A WIN!

2010 ALCS: Three Reasons The Yankees Will Mess With Texas

On Monday night up in the Bronx, fans will crowd into Yankees Stadium with pits in their stomach.

The Yankees will be returning from Texas for Game 3 in the ALCS, and for New York Yankees fans it will be the first one played at home.

An ideal homecoming for the Yankees would be a 2-0 lead on the Rangers, before facing the surreal arm of Cliff Lee Monday evening.

Is this realistic?

Yes. The Yankees are the better ball-club. It is the Yankees ALCS to win or lose.

Here are top three reasons why:

  1. The Rangers made it to the ALCS, but Cliff Lee beat the Rays. Game 5 of the ALDS, Lee pitched better than ever. The fact that Lee is slated to start on Monday night in New York is a huge mistake by skipper Ron Washington. It gives the Bombers an open door to win the first two games and with that newly found Rangers confidence will be squashed upon entering the Bronx. The Yankees know they have capitalized this gift. What the Twins couldn’t do, the Rangers can and that’s to come out swinging with Lee in Game 1. The Yankees get pretty scary and will shake that confidence right out of Texas that could cost the Lone Star state the series. It’s a lot of pressure for CJ Wilson to carry, considering he was a closer till this season and the Yankees killed him as a starter.
  2. The Rangers have Josh Hamilton and Michael Young, but Hamilton is the team’s leader who has been broken ribs and he sat most of the last two weeks of the season. When Hamilton is hitting the line-up responds and against Tampa he was a non-factor. This is a problem in games that are not started by Cliff Lee, as the Rangers closer Neftali Feliz has been shaky lately and the Yankees will crush the rookie’s arm. The Rangers line-up is good, but the Yankees across the board have the most lethal line-up in baseball.
  3. Experience is relentless in the postseason, which the Yankees have more than anyone can swallow. Texas is in its first ALCS in franchise history. Yankees players who are rusty in age know what to expect and how to win, which is a total advantage. Rangers need Vladimir Guerrero and Bengie Molina know the Yankees veterans from when they were Los Angeles Angels. The Angels were the only team New York feared up until this season, Molina and Vlad were major contributors back then and if they can lead by example. It might help in making up for Washington’s managerial mistakes.

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ALCS 2010 Game One: Sabathia Vs. Wilson

This Friday night, at Texas Stadium, the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers will take the field for Game 1 of the ALCS.

Both teams promise a battle with the hopes of winning a chance to play in the 2010 World Series.

On the mound, both Texas and New York are starting left-handed pitchers, who also share similar abbreviated first names that begin with the letter ‘C’, but that is about it.

For the Rangers, sending out 29-year old CJ (Christopher John) Wilson to face the Yankees ace and CY Young candidate CC (Carsten Charles) Sabathia will be the biggest test for Wilson.

Wilson is a solid number two starter, who gets overlooked because he follows the phenomenal Cliff Lee in the Rangers rotation. This season, Wilson posts a 15-8 record, with a 3.35 ERA, giving-up 36 doubles, two triples, and 10 home-runs pitching a total of 204 innings. Wilson has 170 strikeouts in 2010, but 93 walks total is way too high to give him ace status

Wilson spent his first four years in the bullpen for Texas, a lefties specialist who has shifted into the starting role beyond expectations. Wilson still pounds lefty batters and his pattern is no secret. Wilson mostly throws a two-seam fastball, one cutter outside and usually finishes off with a slider for the strikeout.

Wilson’s formula is not effective on right-handed batters, as all 10 home-runs came from this side, compared to zero against lefties.

The Yankees will look for Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Marcus Thames, Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher to cause chaos for Wilson as all solid from the right side. Makes you wonder if Joe Girardi will bench Curtis Granderson or Brett Gardner because both bat left, but both are almost too productive to not have them playing.

It speaks volumes of the fact that the Rangers skipper Ron Washington trusts Wilson to open up the ALCS against Sabathia. Washington knew with Lee pitching Game five of the ALDS that he would not be available for Friday, unless Washington was hopped up and forgot. (Kidding!)

For the Yankees, having Sabathia on the mound, a certified CY Young ace is just a dream come true. Sabathia has a 21-7 record, with a 3.18 ERA, allowing 20 home-runs, 28 doubles and two triples over 237.2 innings. Sabathia has thrown two complete games, striking out 197 and walking 74 batters.

Sabathia is an innings eating horse for New York and whether he is in the Bronx or away doesn’t matter much. Sabathia is one of the games best and he thrives under the bright lights of the postseason.

Sabathia has carried the 2010 Yankees through peaks and valleys all season, both as a player, teammate and a friend.


Anyone with a brain knows that Sabathia should win this game easily if he gets some insurance runs from his Yankees teammates. Alex Rodriguez was unusually quiet in the ALDS and as one of the best right-handed hitters ever, look for Arod to have a HUGE night.

ALCS 2010: Will Texas Rangers Cliff Lee Give Or Get A Bronx Bombing?

The moment the Texas RangersCliff Lee hurled his last strike Tuesday night; he not only killed the Tampa Bay Rays‘ postseason dreams, but also gave the New York Yankees an official ALCS opponent for Game One on Friday night.

The Yankees will fly down to Texas to face the Rangers in the seven-game ALCS series, which for one team will lead to the World Series.

In all honesty, predictions were betting the Rays would beat the Rangers in the ALDS, but in a five-game series, there is no room to stumble.

The Rays didn’t start playing up to their ability until Game Three, and by the time Tampa caught up, it was Cliff Lee time in the deciding game.

Cy Young winner and certified bad-ass Cliff Lee is no stranger to pressure, especially in the postseason. Watching Lee’s postseason career is literally watching baseball history in the making.

In seven starts, Lee posts a 1.44 ERA, allowing nine earned runs, six walks, striking out 54 hitters and giving up just one home run over 56.1 innings.

Three of those seven wins were complete games; the last was this past Tuesday night to beat the Rays and lead the Rangers to the ALCS for the first time.

Except for changing uniforms like it’s Halloween in the Bronx, Lee and his famous left arm are no stranger to the Yankees. Neither are Yankees fans, who will get to see Lee in the Yankees’ first ALCS home game next Monday night, the third of the series.

If recent history can predict any game’s outcome, this would be it. Lee is the dictator when he starts; if he wants to win, he does.

The Yankees have shown signs of getting to Lee in the past with some success, but not in 2010 and certainly not in the postseason, which was witnessed in the 2009 World Series when Lee was a Philadelphia Phillie.

The Yankees are by no means underdogs in this series against the Rangers, except any game Lee pitches because the Bombers are at his mercy, but this time things will be different.

Overall, the Yankees have the better team; way more experience and are beyond determined to repeat.

Not just for the players’ own egos because the team owes someone else another World Series title, to say the least.

Mr. George Steinbrenner, known as the Boss, would not have it any other way and neither would his Yankees.

So, bring on the Rangers and Cliff Lee, because it’s time for the Yankees to show the Rangers how champions play.

Baseball Bloggers Alliance 2010 MLB Awards Press Release

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