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New York Yankees Message To Tampa Bay Rays: Me Casa, Su Casa

Fact is, the New York Yankees love returning to the Bronx.

Why wouldn’t they love coming home, with a packed stadium full of fans?

The Yanks are tied for the first place, and they also share the best record in baseball and Yankee fans will cheer the team till the end.

The other team leading the pack is the Tampa Bay Rays, a 12-year-old franchise with loads of potential and hands-down has the best young talent in all of MLB.

The Rays reside in the AL East and remain the Yankees‘ biggest threats, so where is the love down in St. Petersburg, FL?

No one knows because Rays fans seem to be extinct, which is just unbelievable. Forget that Tropicana Field is a dump, the Rays are head-to-head with the Yankees and this could be their year to win it all.

It’s a shame if the Rays lose motivation and stop even giving a s*it because the only time the Trop filled up was when the Yanks or Red Sox were visiting.

In sports history, no dominating MLB, NFL, NHL, or NBA team in first place, right before the playoffs, has had no one cheering in the stands.

Don’t even try and blame it on the Trop as a venue. Up until this season, the Minnesota Twins played in the Metrodome, which was one of the worst pro sports facilities ever and Twins fans packed in that cave game after game.

The Rays had better attendance in 2009, not by much, but when you are barely filling up half your house it comes down to numbers.

Why, as a Yankees fan, should I want to broach this subject? Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Message To Tampa Bay Rays: Me Casa, Su Casa’ »

New York Yankees: The Real Situation

The New York Yankees have a situation. And it is pretty simple to know what the situation is regarding: the AL East.

The Yankees goal is to win the division, but the Tampa Bay Rays are standing in the way. The Rays have kept pace with New York and vice versa, as both teams are tied for first place.

The Yankees need to get in sync and end this awful August run.

A turn-around by AJ Burnett, who is taking a lot of blame, is not the main issue.

Is Burnett a problem? Yes, Burnett is throwing heat clocking 95+ mph. However, Burnett lacks control and command, and hitters are crushing the ball when he does throw strikes. His ERA in August is 6.08 in 26.1 innings pitched, giving up 5 homeruns, 18 earned runs, 10 walks, and 18 strikeouts. Yikes!

In 2009, Burnett played a vital part in the team’s success. Obviously something is not clicking on the mound, but whatever is being done to fix the issue is not working.

My suggestion is to use Burnett where he is most reliable, in the first three innings of a game. Javier Vazquez and Sergio Mitre (both of whom have starting experience) are in the pen and can at least cover four or five innings total. Then Joba and Kerry Wood can cover an inning and a half.

With the expanding rosters effective tomorrow, the Yankees can bring up some extra pitching arms for the bullpen. This allows Burnett to relax and allows Andy Pettitte to return from the DL without rushing or else it could be trouble again.

The other problem comes from the Yankees’ hitters, who are starting to leave runners on the base pads over and over again.

In Friday night’s loss to the Chicago White Sox, the Yankees stranded 11 runners on base. The only production came from Nick Swisher’s bat.

For now, the Yankees are sans the power of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixiera. It is not ideal, but it is manageable. In addition to Robinson Cano and Swisher, getting production from Marcus Thames, Brett Gardner, and Curtis Granderson is enough to win. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: The Real Situation’ »

MLB Blogger Rankings–Week 20

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Over the next few weeks I am also responsible for the opening weekly summary. Be sure to stop by and read my thoughts.
Here are the latest MLB Rankings – Week 20 and see where your team ranks for the week….agree or disagree?

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Hard Knocks Jets Episode 3: Fans Want Respect? Don’t Watch Rex Ryan

The week prior to the start of the 2009 NFL season, a friend who happens to be a die-hard New York Jets fans and season-ticket holder told me an impressive story.

This friend had received a voicemail from new Jets coach Rex Ryan. Ryan had a request for all Jets fans to be as loud as possible for the Jets’ home opener against their division rival New England Patriots.

Any NFL fan knows the Jets have been a joke, and the Patriots are the scions of the league.

My reaction was “WOW.” I was thoroughly impressed. Admittedly, a little jealous too as a lifelong New York Giants fan because it made a fan know his importance to his team. My jealousy faded fast once I remembered this was the Jets, but if Ryan got the team playing—God bless him.

Well, it worked because the 2009 Jets went to the playoffs and that is more than I can say for my Giants.

So when HBO announced that the Jets would be the new team features on Hard Knocks, I was excited. I had admired coach Ryan’s energy and now could see first-hand how he worked his magic in training camp. I was excited.

Then, to my utter disappointment, coach Ryan is not the leader I thought he was going to be. Dropping the f-bomb left and right, while acting like a buddy rather than a coach.

Where was the line of respect or order? Surely, a team like the Jets could not be lead by a man who was more concerned about the cameras than the players.

One pathetic scene was when Ryan was doing check-in one evening at training camp chanting “Revis, where are you?” over and over again.

Darrelle Revis is the top cornerback in NFL, who is still under contract with the Jets for two more years. Revis wants more money because this season salaries are uncapped, meaning that the owners can spend as much as they want too. Continue reading ‘Hard Knocks Jets Episode 3: Fans Want Respect? Don’t Watch Rex Ryan’ »

New York Yankees: Phil Hughes To Finish-Off Blue Jays To Win The Series

After losing the first game, the New York Yankees demolished the Blue Jays at home in Toronto on Tuesday night.

Marcus Thames, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira all homered in the affair.

Wednesday night’s game determines the series; both teams want to win but are on very different paths.

The Blue Jays have a chip on their shoulder. My guess is because Toronto resides in the AL East, which diminishes any hopes at a playoff berth.

This season the Blue Jays are legitimate. Proof is in their record, which is 16-4 over their last 20 games vs. the AL East teams. It must be frustrating.

So, making it harder, for the teams like the Yankees must be a distance second.

The Yankees are fighting to get in the playoffs, to defend their title and that takes winning inter-division series. In an important game, so having Phil Hughes is on the mound is an advantage.

Hughes is settled in again, after the stress of the “Hughes Rules” seem to simmer down. Thus far, Hughes’ 2010 totals are a solid 15-5 record, pitching for 140.0+ innings, with 116 strikeouts and an ERA of 3.90.

In his last start, Hughes earned his 15th win of 23 starts against the Detroit Tigers. A first inning home-run to Miguel Cabrera, who is the best hitter in baseball was the only bump. Hughes struck out six, walked zero and went six innings. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: Phil Hughes To Finish-Off Blue Jays To Win The Series’ »

New York Yankees: Dustin Moseley Can’t Beat theToronto Blue Jays Alone

After losing the first game 2-3, the New York Yankees need to win Tuesday night against the Blue Jays at Rogers Center.

The Tampa Bay Rays have caught up to tie in the standings, and the Boston Red Sox are still very much alive.

Translation…. inter-division games can kill a team’s chances for playoff berth, so the Yankees cannot lose this series for starters.

The Blue Jays are making things difficult against all AL East teams. Toronto is not making the playoffs this season, but in any other division my bet is circumstances would be different.

In all honesty, handing the ball to RHP Dustin Moseley is risky because he brings no stability on the mound.

Moseley has fared better because Yankees bats have backed him by scoring runs. This will be essential once again, as Moseley is no match for the homerun hitting Blue Jays.

Toronto’s Jose Bautista has demolished the Yankees in 2010, hitting six homers and 12 RBIs with a .511 on-base percentage. Against Moseley, the slugger is 0 and 4, striking-out once and walked one time as well.

Still, Moseley in his last start against Toronto he gave up nine hits, five earned runs, two homeruns, walked one, managed two strikeouts and a game ERA of 6.14.

Moseley has made five starts since Andy Pettitte hit the DL, pitched 29 innings, allowing 16 earned runs, seven homeruns, with 14 strikeouts and 10 walks. Problem is Moseley has only had three strikeouts, while allowing four homeruns and eight hits in his latest two outings.

The Blue Jays are countering with LHP Mark Rzepczynski, who is even more inexperienced than Moseley, making his fifth start for Toronto.

Rzepczynski is 1-1 over four starts in 2010. He mirrors Moseley with an ERA 4.76.

On the season, in Rzepczynski 22.2 innings pitched he’s allowed 12 earned runs, two homeruns, but has struck-out 19 batters.

His last start was awful, as Rzepczynski has zero strikeouts, giving up 5 hits, with three runs scoring before getting pulled in the fourth inning.

Yankees need to watch for Rzepczynski’s change-up, as that is his strongest pitch but only if he can execute it.


Yankees need to run on base-pads against Blue Jays catcher Jose Molina. This is not easy, but the Yankees know Molina and the Blue Jays don’t focus on runners as much as they should.

With Derek Jeter back in line-up, the Yankees will win 6-1.

Moseley will get the win over Rzepczynski, but this is a close call.

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