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MLB Hot Stove: Enter Sandman As The Greatest Ever Stays A New York Yankee

Phew! Rumor has it that the greatest closer in the history of baseball will stay in pinstripes.That is great news for the New York Yankees who are said to be re-signing Mariano Rivera for 2 more years at $30 million.

Rumor has it that two of the Bombers biggest rivals, the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels tried to steal Mo from New York.

One team supposedly offered Rivera 3-years at $17 million a season.

Only response too both suitors is loyalty is not gone from sports, as Rivera wants to stay for less money and years exactly where he started.

Rivera just turned 41 years old on November 29, but he sure doesn’t show his aging on the pitching mound. Continue reading ‘MLB Hot Stove: Enter Sandman As The Greatest Ever Stays A New York Yankee’ »

Watching LeBron James in Cleveland and My Plea for Derek Jeter in New York

I couldn’t do it, nor do I ever want to have to do it.

Watching LeBron James come back to face his old Cleveland Cavilers in a Miami Heat uniform was all I needed to see.

I don’t want Derek Jeter in any other uniform but a New York Yankees’ one.

These last few weeks have been awful for Yankee fans. The emotions of hating the Yankees to calling the “Captain” a greedy asshole, it has been nothing but short of awful.

Who is at fault? Who should take the blame?

I didn’t know what to think, but after watching the anger in the eyes of the Cavs fans and then imagining how hard a night this must be for James sent shivers up my spine.

This was not a business, not tonight, not on that basketball court. James took less money to go where he would win a championship; Jeter has already won New York five of them.

That pure passion and love for one player cannot be bought, as the Cleveland fans are hurt and heartbroken.

If Derek Jeter were no longer in pinstripes, no longer my Captain and no longer in my hometown of New York, I would be crushed. Continue reading ‘Watching LeBron James in Cleveland and My Plea for Derek Jeter in New York’ »

MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees Looking At Wrong Royals Pitcher

Donald Zackary "Zack" Greinke, an am...

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Rumor has it that the Kansas City Royals have been dangling 2009 CY Young winner Zack Greinke as trade bait to the New York Yankees.

This seems sketchy when you consider that Greinke has a no-trade clause in his contract, with the Yankees being first on the list.

Greinke has also suffered major depression and anxiety issues that have interfered with his playing time.

Even as a Yankee fan, it is completely understandable why playing in the Bronx would not be ideal for a player tormented with Greinke’s problems.

New York’s big lights cause major pressure, and good pitchers have collapsed under them too many times—just look at Javier Vazquez or Carl Pavano.

Looking at that the meek 2010 free agent pitchers market, Cliff Lee is the only certifiable superstar on it.

It is no secret that the Yankees are rolling out the red carpet for Lee. The Royals are well aware that if Lee is not in pinstripes next season, the Yankees could go all out in desperation for an arm like Greinke. Continue reading ‘MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees Looking At Wrong Royals Pitcher’ »

MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees Re-Sign One Player

No it’s not Jeter, Rivera or Pettitte and as far as I know Cliff Lee has never been a Yankee so who could it be?

As I type with complete and utter nausea, the player is Sergio Mitre.

No, this is not a joke, as the Yankees have signed Mitre for another year at $900,000 to bring his talents back to the Bronx.

What talents convinced the Yankees to make this decision?

Please, someone let me know ASAP.

This has skipper Joe Girardi’s name written all over it because we know he loves players from his Florida Marlins days in 2004.

Do you remember whose brilliant idea it was to pay Nick Johnson over bringing back the World Series MVP Hideki Matsui? Continue reading ‘MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees Re-Sign One Player’ »

MLB Hot Stove: Is Terry Collins the Other New York Team’s Answer To The Mess?

After the long overdue firing of skipper Jerry Manuel, the New York Mets owners announced the two-year signing of Terry Collins to be the franchises 20th skipper.


Collins started his pro career as a shortstop drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1971.

Over the next 10 years, Collins played for the Pirates and Los Angeles Angels, but only in the minors.

In 1981, Collins started managing in the minors, but this time he did break in to the majors. From 1993-99, he managed the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels.


No doubt this new venture will be Collins hardest because the Mets are in dire straits.

See, unlike the other New York team, winning is not a word in the Mets vocabulary. Of course, neither is leadership, sportsmanship, respect, healthy or any other positive aspect used to describe a quality baseball team.

So, the question remains: Is Terry Collins the man who can right the Mets back from mediocrity? Continue reading ‘MLB Hot Stove: Is Terry Collins the Other New York Team’s Answer To The Mess?’ »

Headline To Headache: The Most Annoying Sports Story Of 2010

The life of sports fan can be mind-boggling at times.

Days are filled with fantasy teams, power rankings and ESPN as your emotions hang on a team or an individual athlete’s performance.

It fuels a passion beyond any restraint, which explains why we fans can’t get enough, most of the time.

As a New Year approaches, I started to reflect on 2010, and three stories stood out.

They were not the greatest sports stories but the headlines that started to make ESPN seem more like TMZ.

So, which headline gave me the biggest headache in 2010?

Without question it was “The Decision” starring NBA star Lebron James.

I will never forget that day, when I almost fainted when my mother asked me “Are you going to watch ‘the decision’ at home? Your father and I have a cocktail party but will be back in time.”

My mother, who is a wonderful woman, could care less about sports. This woman reads a book at Yankees games, has been to three Super Bowl‘s in the 70s, sat on the 50-yard line but can’t remember who was playing and all she recalls is how it was too loud.

So the fact that she even knew about “the decision” gave proof that I was not just a crazy sports fan who watched too much ESPN.

The idea that Lebron James could take his talents anywhere made 2010 the most-anticipated NBA season ever.

The entire nation was obsessed, as cities everywhere groveled in attempts to land James, even going as far as using huge poster boards begging James to come play.

It was a pathetic display that I never imagined would get so out of control.

For the poor state of Ohio, it meant heartbreak, as James was their homegrown hero as a Cleveland Cavalier.

These were no longer the days when athletes based decisions on loyalty.

Now a decision became our reality, as an athlete became bigger than his sport.

The media counted the seconds until the moment James sat down. “The Decision’ drew more national viewership than the President’s State Of The Union Address just days earlier. All to hear one athlete declare that his talents where Miami Heat bound.

It was a sad day for me as a sports fan, but I was glued to my TV like everyone else.