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New York Yankees: Waiting Game Continues With Andy Pettitte’s Decision

At the end of 2010 season, New York Yankees ace Andy Pettitte used the word retirement when speaking to Yankees GM Brian Cashman about whether he would return to the team in 2011.

For the last two seasons Pettitte made it pretty clear that his intentions were to return for another season but the final decision would be made with his family.

Pettitte’s sentiments couldn’t come in a worse off-season, as the Yankees need his talents back in the Bronx more then ever. With the team failing to pick-up another starter, the pressure and guilt has unfortunately fallen on Pettitte’s lap.

All there is to go on is unconfirmed hearsay that Pettitte’s decision is leaning towards retirement. That is what fans have to go on and it seems the Yankees don’t know much more.

During the Winter Meetings, Pettitte did call GM Cashman, as his main concern was that the Yankees were not waiting on him. He did not want them to miss any moves or opportunities waiting on his decision. Cashman said that was the first time he became uncertain of Pettitte’s need to play baseball any longer.

Pettitte’s added silence is making all the retirement rumors seem more like the Yankees upcoming reality. Life in the Bronx sans the Southpaw and the core four will be no more.

If Pettitte waited past this week, I would be shocked because he is not pulling a Brett Favre. Rest assured, Pettitte is really torn.

This choice has to be unreservedly unfaltering with no regrets. I will respect Pettitte’s decision no matter what the outcome. He deserves that at the very least.

It was always an honor to cheer for Andy Pettitte, whatever 2011 brings.

As for the Yankees, it has been an off-season of waiting and so far nothing has gone their way. As they say, when it rains it pours.

“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in-between.” – Pat Riley

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ESPNW: A Sincere Opinion From A ‘W’ About New ESPN For Women

On December 6, 2010, ESPNW was introduced, as a website for women who are passionate sports fans and athletes.

In essence, it is the women’s version of ESPN.

As a female sports blogger, I’ve been asked for my opinion numerous times about ESPNW, so now I will share it.

The sports world has always been predominantly male in all aspects. Women were not supposed to be passionate sports fans because the gender divide was so vast.

Even as women have risen in most industries over the last two decades, the sports industry did not budge.

Then the Internet came along, it opened a new door for women in sports because it allows anyone to express their opinion without being prejudged by gender.

In a sense, it shielded us from gender discrimination, and in turn women utilized the opportunity and have taken major strides because of it.

Now women are hosting Sportscenter, sitting at round tables, writing columns and—like myself—blogging about sports right along side men.

Here are my two reasons why ESPNW is not going to work—

  1. Professional Women’s Sports are boring in comparison to men’s. Literally, the WNBA is about as fun to watch as paint drying. The only female sports that I watch are tennis and the Olympics, which is minimal anyway. So, the thought of a website dedicated to the female fan and athlete seems senseless considering the huge lack of interest. What drives me nuts is that—because I am female—other women get quite upset that I have zero interest in writing about our my own sex. Why do I have to like female sports? The fact is, the skill level and overall talent doesn’t compare to the male athlete, nor will it ever. Continue reading ‘ESPNW: A Sincere Opinion From A ‘W’ About New ESPN For Women’ »

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Here Is A Bad Idea: Bartolo Colon In New York Yankee Pinstripes

The name Bartolo Colon and the New York Yankees should never be linked in a sentence again this offseason.

Yes, Colon won the 2005 American League Cy Young Award, but that is not what resonates in my memory.

Back in 2008, the Red Sox were the only team interested in signing the overweight pitcher, who stood at 5’11″ and tipped the scale at 245 pounds. Making seven starts as a member of the Red Sox, the injury-prone Colon found himself back on the DL again.

At the time, Colon left Boston for his home in the Dominican Republic to tend to personal issues and never left. The reason was he didn’t feel like it.

Colon’s attitude is why no team wanted him in the first place. Add that to all the injuries and that, my friend, is the definition of being unreliable.

By no means am I trying to overlook how talented Colon used to be, but since he took home pitching’s biggest honor, he has been a mess.

In 2005, Colon had 21 wins in 33 starts and two complete games, giving up 26 home runs, striking out 157 and pitching a total of 222 innings.

Then, from 2006-2009, Colon had 14 wins in 47 starts and one complete game, allowing 44 balls to go yard, recording 172 strikeouts and pitching a total of 226 innings.

Need I say more? Continue reading ‘Here Is A Bad Idea: Bartolo Colon In New York Yankee Pinstripes’ »

Going from Good To Great: Why the Yankees Need To Sign Rafael Soriano

I have mentioned this a few times already, but he is worth the attention again.

Rafael Soriano is still a free agent, available and on the market. Whatever it is shocking considering he was the AL’s dominate closer in 2010 with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Even before Cliff Lee’s decision, Soriano as a player would have been more than enough for the New York Yankees to walk away with heads high.

Soriano was the best closer in the AL in 2010, leading the league with 45 saves, posting a 1.73 ERA, striking out 57 in just shy of 63 innings. Soriano was named to the 2010 All-Star team, won the 2010 AL Rolaids Relief Man Award, finished eighth in CY Young and 12th in MVP voting respectively.

Soriano will cost his new team two-draft picks as he falls into the Type A free agent category.

Yes, he will not come cheap especially considering his agent is Scott Boras, but it would be money well spent.

Boras makes any team pay no matter what, but the greediest agent has some tainted history with the Yankees, which might drive the price up some.

Look it is no secret the Bombers are a tad desperate, whether GM Brian Cashman and the little Steinbrenner’s care to admit it, fans know it, the players know it and Boras knows it.

Soriano’s role would change, as he would set-up to the great Rivera. Soriano was in the bullpen for the majority of his early pro-years. Continue reading ‘Going from Good To Great: Why the Yankees Need To Sign Rafael Soriano’ »