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Jumping The Gun: 7 MLB Headlines You Might Be Reading At 2011 All-Star Break

Every MLB season, the All-Star break is viewed as the halfway point of the 162 games season. Even with still a lot of baseball to play, this is the time when a team’s reputation and attitude have been backed by enough play on the field.

At this point, there are the obvious observations that only a miracle could change, but there are many more what if’s than anything.

Now, I have gotten way ahead of myself, in predicting seven headlines that fans might be reading at this 2011 season’s half-time. The headlines, in no specific order, are the forecasts, while the summaries below give the present reasons why each lead could be future news.

1. New York Mess: Finally Cleaning Up The Mets

No one from the fans to the players expect much out the New York Mets until 2012. Still, Citi-Field’s atmosphere certainly feels different, with a new GM and Skipper.

Even without Santana, the Mets have the pieces and it’s about time the puzzle started coming together.

The team should be more relaxed, respectful and the players’ natural competitiveness to win, as that’s what pro athletes like to do, could actually do just that. My bet is 2011 will be a nice surprise for Mets

fans, to finally get some genuine hope.

2. Twins, White Sox, Tigers – AL Central Looks To Be A Fight To The Finish

The AL Central will be a tight three-team race that should continue till the end. This division did have to have a tiebreaker back in 2009, when the Tigers lost to the Twins in a literal baseball dual.

Definitely throw the White Sox back in mix for 2011. If the AL Central didn’t house the Royals and Indians, it could rival the AL East for toughest division.

3. Perfection Or Bust: Philadelphia Phillies Aiming For Better Second Half

The moment the Phillies signed Cliff Lee expectations soared in Philadelphia.

Now, the 2011 season is a World Series or bust situation. Lee came to win; the Phillies broke the bank to get Lee in order to win; which makes leading the NL East at the All-Star break by a half-game completely

unacceptable. Phillies should only lose every fifth game and they might have to start to if they get behind the Marlins and Mets.

The Phillies should effortlessly win a minimum of 98 games or else the Lee signing will look like a failure. Lucky for Philly fans the team always plays better post-All-Star break.

4. Jeter Still Finished? No Way As The New York Yankee Captain Is Proving Everybody Wrong

I can guarantee what a bad idea mocking the Yankee Captain’s ability was this off-season. Jeter wills and hard work is going to shut-up his detractors in 2011.

Hopefully, Jeter will earn the well overdue respect from all who have criticized this man’s every move.

Jeter is moving all right, but it isn’t away from shortstop, as Jeter has taken his off-season workout up a few notches. He is already in Tampa, and amped-up for the start of Spring Training.

5. Giants Are Struggling Out In San Francisco

The Reigning Champs felt so good in 2010, that they did nothing in the off-season. Why mess up a good thing?

Well, reality bites and the Giants will realize that winning the World Series once is just good timing, but repeating is what makes a team truly worth keeping together. It is presumable that their young pitchers will have growing pains as a group. The bats can’t not score runs like last year, but Posey and Huff have to lead the way. Also, Cody Ross will prove to be a postseason fluke or a legit player??

Lucky the NL West is home to D-backs, Padres who pose no threat this season. Still, Giants are not in the clear as the Colorado Rockies have the complete package, while the Dodgers will either be much better than expected, or embarrassingly awful.

6. For What It’s Werth: The Phillies Miss Jayson’s Clutch Hitting Continue reading ‘Jumping The Gun: 7 MLB Headlines You Might Be Reading At 2011 All-Star Break’ »

Brain Cashman: GM Makes New York Yankees Look Desperate By Signing Bartolo Colon

Brian Cashman
Image via Wikipedia

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman signed another ex-superstar to a minor-league deal, ex-Angels-White Sox-Red Sox pitcher Bartolo Colon.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Colon will earn $900K in the majors and has the right to be released if he isn’t on the team after Spring Training.

Is Cashman really this desperate?

In 2005, Colon won the AL CY Young award, but has since completely imploded, both physically and mentally.

The following three seasons, 2006-2009, Colon had 14 wins in 47 starts, one complete game, allowed 44 balls to go yard, only had 172 strikeouts and pitched a total of 226 innings.

You might remember Colon back in 2008, when the Red Sox were the only ones interested in signing the overweight pitcher, who stood at 5’11″ and tipped the scale at 245 lbs.

Making seven starts for Boston, the injury-prone Colon found himself back on the DL again.

Colon then left Boston for his home in the Dominican Republic to tend to personal issues and never returned. The reason given was, “He didn’t feel like it.”

Colon’s attitude is why no team wanted him in the first place; add that to all the injuries and that, my friend, is the definition of being unreliable.

By no means am I trying to erase how talented Colon used to be, but since he took home pitching’s biggest honor, he has been a mess. Continue reading ‘Brain Cashman: GM Makes New York Yankees Look Desperate By Signing Bartolo Colon’ »

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New York Yankees: 3 Yankee Youths Make MLB Network’s “Top 50 Prospects”

Last night, Tuesday January 25, 2011, the MLB Network Special analyzing the 2011 “Top 50 Prospects” aired, and just three New York Yankee minor leaguers made the cut.

Making the list…

  • PLAYER MUST HAVE ROOKIE STATUS TO BE ELIGIBLE (To qualify for rookie status, a player must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues or accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the 25-player-limit period, excluding time on the disabled list or in military service)

So, which pinstripe prospects made the cut?

To be exact, two catchers and a left-handed pitcher out of the Bomber’s farm system graced MLB Network’s Top 50 Prospect list. Click here to see the entire list.

Jesus Montero No. 9

Jesus Montero has been atop the Yankees prospect list for two years, so it was expected that the 6’5″ catcher land in the top 10 across the minors, as well as being the top catcher on the list. Montero has Yankee Universe salivating in anticipation of seeing this youngster up in the Bronx in 2011. Montero is hitting .300 and averaging 30+ home-runs. Montero has a great arm, but the Yankees are still toying with moving him from catcher due to his large size. Being compared to All-Star Mike Piazza is not a bad rap to have.

Gary Sanchez No. 32

At just 18-years-old, catching prospect Gary Sanchez is said to be the real deal. picked Sanchez as the third best catching prospect, so this kid has superstar potential. Sanchez has the bat of Montero and the defensive skills of Yankee prospect Austin Romine, but considering his age he looks to surpass both. 2011 will mark Sanchez’s first full minor league season, so Yankee fans will have to hold their breaths a little longer.

Manny Banuelos No. 35 Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: 3 Yankee Youths Make MLB Network’s “Top 50 Prospects”’ »

New York Yankees: ESPNw Uses The Bombers In Pathetic Attempt To Be Get Popular

With a tad under two weeks before Superbowl XLV and a lack of sports news to report, ESPN finds some time to get their new w-brand some readers.

Without much breaking news to report, the easiest answer is to create some, right?

That is the only justifiable answer for why ESPN had a statement made by New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman about team Captain Derek Jeter scrolling on its news tracker all day. Oh, ESPN did plug it as reported by ESPNw.

Slick move, but ESPNw slogan is ESPN’s “Online Destination for Female Sports Fans and Athletes.”

Guess that is going well for the company, as all of a sudden ESPNw is reporting on men’s sports, which completely contradicts the need to be gender separate.

Regardless, every news outlet is reporting on Cashman’s statement, which was a response to a question asked at his annual breakfast during the Q & A.

Cashman was asked about Jeter playing shortstop for the next four seasons.

Cashman’s answer was this:

“I like corner outfielders and corner infielders who have power, so for me, if he’s ever gonna move, it’s probably gonna be a Robin Yount situation. But we don’t have to deal with it at this point. We’ll deal with it when we have to.”

Cashman made it clear following that by saying, “Jeter’s our shortstop, period.”

What is the big deal about this statement?

Nothing, because like anything in life, it is a possible, but to take this statement and turn it into a circus because the Yankees want to generate listeners is pathetic. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: ESPNw Uses The Bombers In Pathetic Attempt To Be Get Popular’ »

2011 MLB Predictions: Is the AL East a 3-Team Race Again?

Last week the Tampa Bay Rays reunited two old pals, but will it feel good enough to make the Rays legit in 2011?

The Rays are now proud owners of Johnny Damon‘s and Manny Ramirez’s talents heading into the season.

Veterans, who both have two World Series rings (Manny’s are both with the Boston Red Sox, and Damon has one with Boston and the other with the New York Yankees). The two were teammates on the historical 2004 Red Sox, who broke an 86-year-old curse.

Now, as part of the Rays organization, the two 38-year-old stars have a chance to stick it to their old teams, but is it enough to help Tampa Bay finally beat their two division rivals?

Not necessarily, but it does give the Rays something they have been missing the last few seasons, and that is experience.

Even with Manny being Manny, his power bat gives the Rays a solid DH. Over his 18 seasons, Manny has 555 home runs and 1,830 RBIs. Manny only played in 90 games last season, with nine home runs and 42 RBIs as part of the Dodgers and White Sox organizations.

Damon is a solid clubhouse guy and he will play everyday as an outfielder. Damon is not physically close to making up for Carl Crawford, both on the field and on the bases, but he can get the job done.

In 2010, Damon played in 145 games posting his lowest numbers with eight home runs, 51 RBIs and 11 steals.

Still, nothing calls for motivation more for these two than sticking it to both the Red Sox and Yankees. Continue reading ‘2011 MLB Predictions: Is the AL East a 3-Team Race Again?’ »