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Yankees: Omg! The latest Alex Rodriguez guilty story is absurd

If you can believe it, new drama is plaguing New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

This past Sunday, the New York Times reported that people involved with baseball’s anti-doping program claim that A-Rod failed a drug test for stimulants back in 2006.

Why is this the first time anyone has heard this?

If this news were true that would mean MLB gave A-Rod a bye and swept this supposed failed test under the rug for seven years.

So the New York Times is telling me that MLB broke the rules for A-Rod?

Considering all that is currently happening between A-Rod and MLB Commissioner’s Office this supposed cover up of a failed test seems unlikely.

It was public knowledge that MLB suspended Mets Yusaku Iriki, Diamondbacks Jason Grimsley and Mets Guillermo Mota for 50 games in 2006 but they let A-Rod walk.

I don’t buy that for a minute, as this would mean that MLB Commissioner’s Office would be on the hook for not punishing a player for failing a drug test, which is completely asinine. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Omg! The latest Alex Rodriguez guilty story is absurd’ »

Yankees: Hal Steinbrenner’s genuine reason for giving Jeter a raise

ESPN broke the news a few days ago that the New York Yankees re-signed Captain Derek Jeter for the 2014 season for $12 million.

Jeter connects for a hit against the Tampa Bay...

Jeter connects for a hit against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeter had a $9.5 million player option for next season already in his current contract, and considering he played in 17-games in 2013 due to a recurring injury to his surgically repaired ankle, the $2.5 million raise must be incentive for something.

The rumor that this new deal lowers money counted toward the luxury tax is a farce, as Jeter’s new deal adds to payroll because of how it is calculated.

Rumor is the inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner actually mandated the deal himself with the 39-year old shortstop, which is out of the ordinary for him.

Contemplating Hal’s penny-pinching approach to his father’s Yankees made me curious about why he would hand a player a raise with so much risk.

The easiest argument is that it is Derek Jeter, a walking baseball icon that any team would be ecstatic to wear their uniform.

But this is the Hal who skimped on a starting catcher last off-season.

The same guy who sent GM Brian Cashman to the 2013 Winter Meetings with zero authority to do anything, which resulted in veteran and proven bench guys Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez to sign elsewhere.

Everyone and their mother knows that Hal wants to keep the team’s payroll below $189 million next season, so every penny counts so why the raise for Jeter? Continue reading ‘Yankees: Hal Steinbrenner’s genuine reason for giving Jeter a raise’ »

You, Me And Yankees Hot Stove: Cashman’s to do list

Baseball’s Hot Stove is officially about to start, and with all the question marks the New York Yankees will be headlining the show this off-season.

Red Sox's fans... To Do List

Red Sox’s fans… To Do List

After having to endure the Boston Red Sox winning the 2013 World Series, Yankee fans are anticipating that inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner will be filling all the team’s holes with legit and costly players instead of other team’s castaways.

The day after the World Series ended, 11 Yankees filed for free agency so technically they are no longer on the team.

Free agents:

• 2B Robinson Cano
• RHP Joba Chamberlain
• CF Curtis Granderson
• DH Travis Hafner
• RHP Phil Hughes
• RHP Hiroki Kuroda
• LHP Boone Logan
• 1B Lyle Overbay
• LHP Andy Pettitte
• RHP Mariano Rivera
• SS Brendan Ryan
• 3B Kevin Youkilis

The Yankees have so many holes to fill on their starting roster, not to mention getting solid bench guys and not leftovers like last season. Below are some notes on just the guys who became free agents last week. Continue reading ‘You, Me And Yankees Hot Stove: Cashman’s to do list’ »

Yankees: David Ortiz revealed

Now that the Red Sox World Series winning celebrations have wrapped up in Boston, I can address something that has rubbed a lot of New York Yankees and

Cover of "Big Papi: My Story of Big Dream...

Cover via Amazon

baseball fans the wrong way.

And that is the fact that any player linked to PEDs (performance enhancing drugs_ could win the World Series MVP, like Red Sox David Ortiz (aka Big Papi) did this past week.

Watching MLB commissioner Bud Selig present the 2013 WS MVP award to Big Papi literally made my stomach churn.

Back in 2003, Ortiz had tested positive for PEDs in a league-wide drug test, along with 103 other players including Yankees Alex Rodriguez and his teammate Manny Ramirez.

After his name leaked, Ortiz played the blame game for a week. He did admit to taking supplements that he had purchased at a GNC in his native Dominican Republic and that he would look into it.

Ortiz pretty much discounted that he failed a PED test, and the usually ferocious media followed suit.

Unfortunately, other players, like A-Rod, did not get the same pass as Big Papi. Continue reading ‘Yankees: David Ortiz revealed’ »

Yankees: Do you think Red Sox David Ortiz should have been named World Series MVP?

Opinions wanted!

Do you think Boston Red Sox David Ortiz should have been named 2013 World Series MVP?

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Do you think Red Sox David Ortiz should have been named 2013 World Series MVP?

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Yankees fans want to say Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox

It was tough in New York to watch the Yankees biggest rivals, the Boston Red Sox win the 2013 World Series but admittedly well deserved.

The Red Sox were without question the best team throughout the entire 2013 regular baseball season, and so it is only fitting that they finish as World Champions.

I genuinely want to congratulate the Red Sox, their loyal fans everywhere and the great city of Boston.

It was a historic night in Fenway Park, as it was the first time since 1918 that the Red Sox home had a championship been won on its field.

So please enjoy the many celebrations to come this week, and what I am sure will be an incredible parade this coming Saturday on the streets of Boston, MA.

This is your time, which I will honor by not writing about anything, unless it about the Red Sox and this championship until your parade concludes this weekend.


Also, to the St. Louis Cardinals….I could not dream up a more worthy and tough opponent to watch on baseball’s biggest stage.
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