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Yankees Hot Stove: Waiting to be fixed

New York Yankees fans are chomping at the bit for some action to happen this off-season.

English: Jorge Posada (#20, left) with Mariano...

English: Jorge Posada (#20, left) with Mariano Rivera (middle) and Derek Jeter (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wound from Boston’s dagger is still fresh, and Yankees fans want what inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner promised, a “championship caliber team.”

Of course Hal said this last year, and he has yet to rescind his “goal’ of keeping team payroll south of $189 million. Actually, he reaffirmed it earlier this week, which is suspect for sure.

As I have stated countless times already, the Yankees cannot field a World Series contending team without going over $189 million bucks.

Why not?

I will give you a short list:

-       The farm system, which the Yankees have worked hard at developing since after the 2004 World Series, has now completely rotted.

-       In turn there is no homegrown prospect emerging, sorry to bust the bubbles of the fans that think the Core Four part deux is on route.

-       Too many holes fill that cannot be filled correctly on the cheap. Second base – third base – two maybe three starting pitchers – a closer – a legit catcher (two backups do not count) – a lefty reliever – right fielder – best bench in baseball.

-       Shopping in the bargain bin last season failed and things are much more dire this offseason.

What boggles my mind is how many naïve Yankees fans answer is to rebuild from the bottom and work on the farm system. Continue reading ‘Yankees Hot Stove: Waiting to be fixed’ »

Yankees Hot Stove: Cano’s contract could be a casualty of bad timing

The New York Yankees have a big problem.

Robinson Cano holds a bat prior to a game betw...

Robinson Cano holds a bat prior to a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 28, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, actually the franchise has many but there is one dilemma this off-season that has Yankees Universe divided, and his name is Robinson Cano.

The 31-year old, second baseman is without question the top free agent on the market right now, so logically you would presume that teams would be salivating over him.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman and inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner have made no secret of their wish to keep Cano in the only place he has ever played, and that is Yankee Stadium.

But now Cano’s once secure Yankees future seems to be in jeopardy, and the only rational explanation is simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Just as the infamous expression goes, “Timing is everything,” and alas Cano could become its first causality this off-season.

Back on September 26th, CBS Sports Jon Heyman reported that Cano asked the Yankees for a deal in the 10-year, $300 million range, which would make him the highest paid player ever.

Yes, when you think about that number sounds ludicrous, but monster contracts have become the norm in MLB the last few years. And that is why makes even less sense that fans were in such disbelief over Cano’s greedy asking price.

The truth is the going rate for a player of Cano’s caliber would be somewhere in the 8-10 year, $200+ million range, so his demand is not coming out of left field here.

The issue now is mounting evidence proving that these gigantic contracts are way too risky for team’s to make. Continue reading ‘Yankees Hot Stove: Cano’s contract could be a casualty of bad timing’ »

Yankees Hot Stove Rumors: Don’t let the Grandyman move to Queens

Curtis Granderson gave the New York Yankees the Heisman yesterday when he said no thank you to the $14.1 million qualifying offer that was on the table for the 2014 season.

Looking at the bigger picture, the 33-year old Grandyman will garner multi-year deals on the free agent market from other teams; so not accepting a one-year deal is the logical thing to do.

And if rumors are true, he might not even have to move, as according the New York Posts Mike Puma, the New York Mets are supposedly Granderson’s biggest suitors.

The Mets would love to meet with Granderson’s agent Matt Brown this week at the General Managers meetings down in Orlando if he is in attendance other wise it will be immediately following.

Losing Granderson to the Mets would be another dagger in Yankee Universe, and not a positive way to start the off-season.  Continue reading ‘Yankees Hot Stove Rumors: Don’t let the Grandyman move to Queens’ »

Yankees: Who else wants that Boston feeling?

Here's to the past...2014 Bronx owned.

Here’s to the past…2014 Bronx owned.

First let me apologize in advance for being so cheesy, as I know keeping the past in the past is good advice. And especially if you are a New York Yankees fan, like myself.

The Yankees 2013 MLB regular season started out under false hope, but reality did finally bite at the start of June, and the promising start ended up being beginner’s luck.

Those four months were filled with adversity, a lack of homers and resulted in things ending a month to earlier then usual.

The month of October is what Yankees fans live for, as postseason baseball is Christmas in the Bronx.

I predicted that what happened would but even as a fan you can get lost in the haughtiness of the infamous Yankees pinstripes.

Inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner is the Big Apple’s own Scrooge, and he can shoulder the blame for making the city’s pride and joy regular.

I wonder if Hal even watched the World Series, or if he even felt the jealous and angry rage the rest of us did watching the Yankees biggest rivals be crowned the Champs.

No doubt, the Boston Red Sox got what they deserved as they were the best team, and I respect that to the core. But that still doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Who else wants that Boston feeling?’ »

Yankees: Granderson, Cano and Kuroda who should take the qualifying offer

The New York Yankees made a three qualifying offers this past week to Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano and Hiroki Kuroda. This means each of their free agents were offered a one-year, $14.1 million deal for 2014 seasonbut it also guarantees if any of the three sign elsewhere the Yankees a receive a compensatory draft pick between the first and second round from the player’s new team.

Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the Yankees missing the 2013 MLB postseason for just the second time in 19 seasons, the need to get back to October is immeasurable. And now with sportsbook odds suggesting that the Yankees are not one of the top favorites to win in 2014, inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner has to give GM Brian Cashman much leeway to field a World Series caliber team in2014.

So will Granderson, Cano or Kuroda accept the Yankees qualifying offer?

I can guarantee you that Cano will definitely reject the offer, as he is the most coveted free agent on the market and will get a monster deal; hopefully one that will keep him in the Bronx.

As for Kuroda, he might retire from MLB to go home and finish his career in his native Japan. Otherwise if Kuroda wants to pitch one more season in MLB and wear the pinstripes, he would be stupid not to accept this offer.

The Yankees paid Kuroda $15 million last season, and even though he was on CY Young pace over the first half of 2013, his age started to show in the second half. Kuroda will turn 39-years old this February, and there is no way he will get more than $14.1 million for the 2014 season. No doubt Kuroda would get multiple offers, but it would be more around $10-$13 million range. So unless he wants to wear another uniform, Kuroda should ink this qualifying offer. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Granderson, Cano and Kuroda who should take the qualifying offer’ »

Yankees: Omg! The latest Alex Rodriguez guilty story is absurd

If you can believe it, new drama is plaguing New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

This past Sunday, the New York Times reported that people involved with baseball’s anti-doping program claim that A-Rod failed a drug test for stimulants back in 2006.

Why is this the first time anyone has heard this?

If this news were true that would mean MLB gave A-Rod a bye and swept this supposed failed test under the rug for seven years.

So the New York Times is telling me that MLB broke the rules for A-Rod?

Considering all that is currently happening between A-Rod and MLB Commissioner’s Office this supposed cover up of a failed test seems unlikely.

It was public knowledge that MLB suspended Mets Yusaku Iriki, Diamondbacks Jason Grimsley and Mets Guillermo Mota for 50 games in 2006 but they let A-Rod walk.

I don’t buy that for a minute, as this would mean that MLB Commissioner’s Office would be on the hook for not punishing a player for failing a drug test, which is completely asinine. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Omg! The latest Alex Rodriguez guilty story is absurd’ »