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New York Yankees: Finally Baseball Starts On Saturday

Baseball is about to start, as the New York Yankees will play their Spring Season opener against the Philadelphia Phillies this Saturday at Steinbrenner Field.

It looks to be a nice change from all the usual drama that comes with being a Yankee and playing in New York. Sometimes you forget why the team is in Tampa in the first place.

Skipper Joe Girardi announced that Bartolo Colon would start Saturday’s game, which is mind-numbing.

Colon showed up to camp, which has been a problem for the 2005 CY Young winner in the past. He came in 25 pounds heavier, which is almost unimaginable considering he has never been accused of being skinny prior.

Colon hasn’t pitched in over two years for a Major League team, but has been playing in the Dominican League over the winter.

Here is the rest of the pitching order:

Saturday vs. Phillies: Bartolo Colon

Sunday at Phillies: Ivan Nova

Monday at Tigers: CC Sabathia

Tuesday at Pirates: A.J. Burnett

Wednesday vs. Astros: Phil Hughes

Thursday at Rays: Freddy Garcia

The press is already starting World War III against the Bombers, asking Girardi why Burnett is behind Sabathia and not Hughes.

I would more concerned with why Colon is starting, but Girardi stated it was because he had been pitching the most recently. This is the same Colon that cannot partake in drills because he is so out-of-shape, right?

For crying out loud, it is just Spring Training and even I am guilty of acting as if this is the Yankees post-season rotation. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: Finally Baseball Starts On Saturday’ »

New York Yankees Spring Training: First Week News And Notes

2011 New York Yankee camp is in full swing down in Tampa, Florida.

As usual, Yankees are never short of drama and this week was no different, but both good and bad; with some heavier and some lighter notes.

The Yankees first Spring Training game is against the Phillies, this Saturday at Steinbrenner Field with first pitch at 1:30pm, which will force mouths to shut and baseball to finally be played.

Positive things to note:

  • Derek Jeter doesn’t seem to be done quite yet. The Captain went to work way before Spring Training and it was the first time in his career he met with hitting coach Kevin Long about three weeks prior to Spring Training to work on his swing. It is time for everyone to layoff Jeter, as a few bad months can be put to rest on the field and trust me Jeter will prevail.
  • All of A-rod’s jet setting paid off, as the slugger showed up seven pounds lighter and is in complete health. Rodriguez said he is ready to get back to work and is ready for a big season. Controversy free, minus Page Six on occasion, this A-rod seems ready for business, as the only number he is focused on is #28.
  • Robinson Cano worked out six days a week this off-season. Minus some plane ticket confusion, as Cano showed up a day late to camp, this season has MVP written all over it. Cano is ambitious and with his natural talent, he could put up numbers that will be mind-boggling.
  • Joining Cano in the Dominican Republic was Yankee catcher Francisco Cervelli, who credits Cano for his guidance in his off-season workouts. Coach Cano pushed Cervelli to help prepare the catcher to win the competition to be the back-up catcher on Opening Day.
  • The team seems hungry and motivated to win following what in Yankee Universe is considered a failed 2010 season. This is all great news for Yankee fans that still have a bad taste from Cliff Lee’s rejection.

  • Pitching prospect Andrew Brackman put on a talent show for Joe Girardi and the coaching staff in a bullpen session.

Not-so-positive things to note:

  • Brian Cashman said Yankees prized pitching prospects lefty Manny Banuelos and righty Dellin Betances will be headed for Double-A Trenton at the end of Spring Training. It would seem the rotation competition is not as open as originally thought, which is disappointing to think that Bartolo Colon is still a possibility.
  • Speaking of Bartolo Colon, it would seem that his chance to pitch at the major league level again wasn’t motivation enough for him not to show up 25+ pounds overweight. Colon has never been fit but now the Yankees have to put him on a special cardio workout, which is just another distraction and extra work. Attitude hasn’t changed much, as Colon stated: Continue reading ‘New York Yankees Spring Training: First Week News And Notes’ »

Breaking News: Big Apple Welcomes Carmelo Anthony To Knicks

Great news for the New York Knicks tonight….as it is official Carmelo Anthony has officially been traded to the team from the Denver Nuggets.

This trade puts the Knicks in the top five conversations for this season and for years to come.

New York having great basketball has been long overdue and MSG will be on fire once again.

Here is the exact outline of the three-team trade:

Knicks get: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter, Renaldo Balkman, Corey Brewer

Nuggets getTimofey Mozgov, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and Raymond Felton

Timberwolves get: Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph.

Today Was One For The Ladies

Today, Monday February 21, 2011 will go down as the first time in baseball history a lady threw to Major League hitters.

Congratulations to Justine Seigal, for sticking to her passion and making her dreams come true.

Here is the story, as reported by Jordan Bastian on

Ladies’ first: Siegal makes history at Tribe camp

GOODYEAR, Ariz. — Justine Siegal reached into the green basket to her left, placed three baseballs in her left hand and one in her right, and then tried to keep her emotions in check as she prepared to throw to a professional hitter.

Siegal then fired off four-seam fastballs, doing her best to give a group of Indians prospects some nice targets for this historic round of batting practice on Monday. It was a moment Siegal had been dreaming about for years — becoming the first woman to throw to a Major League ballclub.

“I’ve been thinking about this almost every hour for the past month,” Siegal said. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING…..

New York Yankees Camp Is About To Get Crazy

Look for the big press tent to be erect at Steinbrenner Field today, as the press frenzy is about to begin.

The New York Yankees position players officially arrive at Spring Training, which entails media darlings Alex Rodriguez and the Captain Derek Jeter.

A-rod has done a number on himself over the last month starting with his lady pal Cameron Diaz and the infamous Super Bowl feeding.

Then three days later on February 9th, gossip hounds TMZ filmed A-rod on a shopping spree with Diaz back in NYC. What started out as signature A-rod checking himself out in the mirror, turned into him picking his nose.

This last week A-rod has been seen working out with Diaz and now the unfortunate couple is rumored to have bought an apartment together at the Rushmore over on Riverside Boulevard. This seems more like an A-rod buy, as Diaz would never buy at 64th-65th street on the Westside Highway, as it is not exactly a glamorous section of the city.

Regardless, as long as A-rod plays well this season the tabloid jargon will get forgotten about quick, just not today.

As for the Captain, he doesn’t want any of this attention and readily doesn’t deserve it. Jeter’s contract negotiations caused a media shi*-storm, and quotes were taken out of context to generate headlines before knowing the whole story.

For Captain Class, it will be business as usual and he won’t even address what is not even relevant anymore.

I can already hear the Captain stating that he is the Yankees shortstop now and that is what matters.

My prediction is Jeter puts up great numbers in 2011 and what can be said than?

Yankee fans get ready for media circus today.

Please remember don’t bring your popcorn until Monday, February 21st because according to Steve Marcus of Newsday, that is when A-rod is scheduled to speak with the press.

Yankees Hot Stove: Brian Cashman Needs To Stop With Kevin Millwood

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman is still in talks with veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood, who wants $4-$5 million for the 2011 season.

NY Post’s Joel Sherman confirmed this:

The Yankees definitely have interest in lingering free agent Kevin Millwood. But they remain adamant that they will not pay a significant amount for him and it may be that the Yankees will only do this if the righty accepts a minor league contract like Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon. The other issue the Yankees have is just how many starters that they find untrustworthy do they want to throw into the competition for a back-of-the-rotation spot.

I could not agree more with  the Yankees only offering Millwood a minor league contract.

Sherman nailed it on the head, because it’s hard to understand why Cashman even offered to give Millwood a contract in the first place?

Millwood is 36-year-old, 230 lbs. righty and last season he had 4-16 record in 31 starts playing for the Baltimore Orioles. To Millwood’s credit he was pitching on the worst team in baseball for about three-quarters of the season, because he did eat 190 innings.

Millwood did give up 30 homeruns, 223 hits, 116 runs and 65 walks; but than you look at the 132 strikeouts he racked up in 2010 and it makes you wonder for just a second.

Eating innings is a plus, but only when it is done successfully. The pros don’t supersede the cons regarding Millwood. He would get killed pitching in the Bronx’s hitter friendly park.

The Yankees already have enough veterans to start a nursing home or an old timers all-star game.

No teams are signing these guys for a reason. Continue reading ‘Yankees Hot Stove: Brian Cashman Needs To Stop With Kevin Millwood’ »