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Yankees: Premature postseason predictions are not promising, Baseball Prospctus and top baseball sabermetrician Clay Davenport predictions all assert that the 2014 New York Yankees fate is destined to follow in last season’s footsteps.

Translation…there will once again be no postseason baseball played in the Bronx comes October.

2014 New York Yankees - Season Predictions
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Fangraphs gave the Yankees a 33.4% chance of making the postseason, and a 2.9% possibility of winning the 2014 World Series.

Baseball Prospectus infamous PECOTA postseason projections will not be shared until the regular season starts. But with BP’s project low of 82 wins, the percentage will not be greater than 25.

All three projected a positive run differential for the 2014 Yankees. At least that is an improvement from last season’s -21 RD, but not significant enough to offer fans much comfort.

The reason is the Yankees had a run differential in 2012 of 136, 210 in 2011, 166 in 2010, 162 in 2009 and 62 in 2008. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Premature postseason predictions are not promising’ »

Yankees: Pineda over Phelps pretty please

The New York Yankees, like many other ball clubs, are holding a Spring Training competition for the 5th rotation spot.

Michael Pineda - Seattle - 2011 Alternate

Michael Pineda – Seattle – 2011 Alternate (Photo credit: BaseballBacks)

The battle is between David Phelps, Michael Pineda, Vidal Nuno and Adam Warren.

Manny Banuelos, a once top pitching prospect who had Tommy John surgery in 2012 is going to start the season in Triple A, which

Even though skipper Joe Girardi won’t name the 5th starter until the end of Spring Training, my guess is Phelps and Pineda are the two major candidates.

Phelps does have a slight edge due to Pineda’s health.

Pineda was traded from the Mariners to the Yankees following an all-star rookie campaign in 2011 when he led MLB rookies in strikeouts (173) and was second in innings pitched (171), opponents’ batting average (.211) and quality starts (19). Continue reading ‘Yankees: Pineda over Phelps pretty please’ »

Yankees: Sorry my offseason report card got lost in the mail

First let me apologize for the delay, as I forgot to post this article a week ago, but as the saying goes better late than never.

English: Image courtesy of Keith Allison on Fl...

English: Image courtesy of Keith Allison on Flickr. New York Yankees v/s Baltimore Orioles 08/31/09. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s pretend that the New York Yankees got graded on the off-season, what would you give them?

I would hand the Yankees a C+.

Now that might seem like a low-grade, if you only contemplate the amount of money the Yankees spent, as obviously that gets an A+.

But how the Yankees spent all that money, and still ended up with holes at numerous positions spells R-E-C-K-L-E-S-S to me.

Looking at the last free-for-all spending spree back in the 2009 off-season the obvious difference was how well the money was spent.

The only position battle heading into 2009 Spring Training was filling the back-end of the starting rotation, which is not uncommon for most teams.

The Yankees blew past the $189 million for Masahiro Tanaka but would not budge for Robinson Cano. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Sorry my offseason report card got lost in the mail’ »

Yankees: Dream start to prediction nightmare literally

Last night, I was exhausted.

The Captain - "I'm melting."

The Captain – “I’m melting.”

My girlfriends and I took this crazy cross-fit class that didn’t end until 8pm.

I barely had enough energy to take a shower, so I was out like a light the moment I crawled into bed.

And from the second my eyes shut, the 2014 New York Yankees were all I seemed to be dreaming about.

During my slumber, I was attending games at Yankee Stadium and sitting in seats where I could lean my elbows on the New York dugout.

The games were very fast, one or two inning at the most. But what was so enjoyable was the Yankees didn’t lose one game.

One victory ended in dramatic walk-off fashion causing such excitement that Yankees fans started storming the field.

And that is when my dream took a turn for the worst.

The Yankees fans were so frantic to get on the diamond it turned into a literal stampede that marched right on top of me.

When the chaos finally subdued, I stood up and brushed myself off only to realize that another baseball game was playing on the field. Continue reading ‘Yankees: Dream start to prediction nightmare literally’ »

Yankees: Brett Gardner’s new deal is exception to the rule

It is a safe bet that this past weekend was one, if not the best in New York Yankees Brett Gardner baseball life.

Brett Gardner makes a outstretched catch durin...

Brett Gardner makes a outstretched catch during a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on April 24, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Yankees handed the speedy outfielder a 4-year, $52 million with a 5th year club option $12.5M or $2M buyout. The deal does not have a no-trade clause so that door is still very much open, but if the Yankees do send Gardner elsewhere he gets a $1 million goodbye gift.

Gardner is a good, gritty player who can steal bases and is a solid defender when healthy but this did not change where the Yankees rank on MLB Futures odds at TopBet Sportsbook.

The 2005 third round pick, Gardner was set to become a free agent at the end of the 2014 season, but the Yankees obviously did not want that.

Actually, Gardner has become rarefied air in the Bronx. After the departure of Robinson Cano to the Mariners, Gardner is one of the last homegrown position players the Yankees still have on their 40-man roster.  Continue reading ‘Yankees: Brett Gardner’s new deal is exception to the rule’ »

Yankees: 7 situations you want to see work

On Opening Day 2010 at Yankee Stadium, Derek J...

On Opening Day 2010 at Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter receives his 2009 World Series Championship ring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The hype surrounding New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter’s last season has generated a lot of emotions amid the sports world.

But as this resonates within Yankees Universe, the fans I have spoken believe that sending Jeter out on top is already preordained in baseball history.

As perfect an ending that World Series Champ would be for the Captain, a lot has to go right for the Yankees this season for them to even contend.

Not only do the Yankees have the reigning champion Red Sox to deal with in the AL East but three other competitive teams.

The Rays have won 90+ games for four seasons in a row, while the Orioles continue to grow into a more legitimate pain to beat. And the Blue Jays have had everything possible go wrong for too many years that time’s about up on their bad luck.

Add Jeter’s departure to the Yankees missing the 2013 postseason and that equals an immense amount of pressure not to fail.

Am I saying that winning #28 for Jeets is impossible for the 2014 Yankees to do? Continue reading ‘Yankees: 7 situations you want to see work’ »