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New York Yankees: Rained Out But The Texas Rangers Aren’t Fooling Me

It is still cold and raining here in New York making it was to wet for baseball, so the Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins game was eventually cancelled.

Clicking back and forth between American Idol and ESPN 2, I got to see San Francisco Giants Timmy Lincecum shut-down the San Diego Padres. Let me say that Timmy-Jim is legit. Then I watched the Giants closer Brian Wilson pitch his first inning, as he is on my fantasy team; and finally witnessed the Boston Red Sox lose again. The Red Sox are now 0-5.

As a Yankees fan, you would think I would be elated with the way things are going for Boston but I am not.

How can that be?

The Red Sox will without a doubt get it together because the level of talent is too grand for this to continue much longer. Whether the Red Sox are 0-5 or 500-0 heading into the weekend series against the Yankees because it doesn’t change New York’s approach or need to win.

What is bothering me is all this talk of the Texas Rangers. Yes, the Rangers are the reigning AL Champions but to be frank it is by courtesy. I have never thought the Rangers and still don’t consider the team one of the elite.

Sure, you can argue that the Rangers swept Boston last weekend, but can you also agree that was not the real Red Sox?

You have to consider that the Cleveland Indians are following in the Rangers footsteps, having taken the first two games for the Red Sox and going for the sweep on Thursday. This makes you realize how truly shell-shocked the Red Sox are.

So, even though the Rangers are 6-0, their last three wins were against the Seattle Mariners. Seattle is about as competitive as the Indians, King Felix or not. This just proves my point even further. Oh and

Looking back at 2010, the Rangers were in a very similar situation losing six games in a row between April 15-April 21, so surely they can relate.

Well, sorry to burst Ranger fans bubble, but the party is about to be over.

Why or how can I say this about the Rangers with such conviction? Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: Rained Out But The Texas Rangers Aren’t Fooling Me’ »

New York Yankees: Still Too Cold Even For A Hot CC Sabathia

Hosting the Minnesota Twins for game two of a four game set, the New York Yankees had everything alined to win for the second night in a row.

Ace CC Sabathia would be on the mound, the Yankee bats have been hot and the bullpen had been lights out.

As the night got colder, Mark Teixeira hit another 3-run bomb and that was followed by a début homer by Andruw Jones putting the Yankees up 4-0.

Sabathia kept up his end of the deal, by the end of the seventh he had held the Twins scoreless, retiring the last 17 batters he faced and posted six strikeouts.

Every frozen fan at the game, like myself was hoping that Sabathia would be back to start the eighth inning but we knew better and gave CC a well deserved standing ovation as he walked to the dugout.

Hey stranger things have happened, but not when your manager is Joe Girardi and the fact that Sabathia’s pitch count was at 104.

Without even having to glance into the bullpen to confirm what I already knew, Rafael Soriano jogged out and got on the bump after throwing 19 pitched the night before in the Yankee win.

Soriano walked three batters, but managed to get two outs but in the process handed the Twins their first run scored of the night. Girardi’s new pitching coach Larry Rothschild had already made the call to the bullpen to get Soriano off the mound.

This is where I questioned Girardi’s tactics. Soriano was clearly off, but the umpire calls were also questionable. With two out already, I would have left Soriano in, just for the mere reason that I trust him more than Dave Robertson or Boone Logan.

I get that his pitch count was at 32 but one more batter wouldn’t have killed Soriano. Even knowing that most pitches Soriano threw in a game last year was 33, with Delman Young coming to the plate with the bases loaded an exception could have been made.

I however do not disagree with Girardi pulling Sabathia after the seventh inning.

Sabathia is the Yankees most precious cargo and there are still 157 games left to play. The risk is even worth losing a game like the team did tonight because I can promise you that Yankees Universe is sleeping a lot better knowing that their ace is still perfect.

In the post game’s Bryan Hoch quoted Sabathia agreeing with his skipper:

“I know [manager] Joe [Girardi] and how he is,” Sabathia said. “It’s early in the season, and he’s trying to protect us. I kind of had a feeling that was my last inning.”

Well, now it is official that the only thing New York hot Tuesday night were the Mets, and of course the Amazins’ were not even home. Typical.

As for Wednesday night, the votes are in and the  motto for the Yankees is avenge and revenge, as their good-old buddy the American Idol, Carl Pavano will be pitching.

Pavano has been on the mound at Yankee Stadium more as a Twin making less money, than he did in the pinstripes that made him rich. What a perfect time to make Pavano payback and get another win.

“Most ball games are lost, not won.” -  Casey Stengel

New York Yankees: A New Hughes Problem?

New York Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes has not looked like the 18-game winning player from 2010, not even for a moment.

Hughes did not have a good Spring Training, but to be fair that is what the time is allocated for, guys to get ready for the regular season.

So, is it too early to jump ship on Hughes?

Yes, but there is no doubt his first outing did not breed any comfort that better things were coming.

Hughes’ fastball lost it’s velocity to the point of being ineffective, as Tigers Miguel Cabrera proved hitting two bombs without a blink off him.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post reported that this has actually been a problem for weeks now, and Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild continues to be baffled about what the problem could be.

“This is going to be a concern until you see [velocity],” Rothschild said. “When you get going and start to see velocity, you can relax a little.”

Declining velocity is not unheard of and is all to common for pitchers, even ones as young as the 25-year-old Hughes. The reason?

Well, there are many theories from taking on a heavier workload to physical changes.

Renowned pitching coach Alan Jagar claims that continued conditioning of the arm is key to help young pitchers avoid losing their arm speed.

Jagar recently told Tim Keown of ESPN that implementing the Long Toss, Surgical Tubing Exercises, Core Work, Yoga and a pitching coach that takes video to help with sound and supportive mechanics has to be done more.

Jagar also says that when a young pitcher hits the majors being put on restrictive throwing limits is the fastest way for loss of velocity to happen.

Is it incurable?

Not at all, according to Jagar it is just a matter of re-awaken the arm because it is in there somewhere, but it will take time.

Whether this is a case with Hughes I yet to be seen, but it will be addressed sooner than later. Just remember Hughes velocity skyrocketed when he was moved to the bullpen in 2009. Maybe Hughes carried that into last season and now his arm is just overworked. That seems the logical to me.

Regardless, Hughes is talented enough to fix the problem and Rothschild is just the coach a pitcher would want to guide him.

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New York Yankees: CC Sabathia Participating in Special Auction That Benefits Autism

CC Sabathia signed Lindt Bunny. (this is the actual item)

New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia is participating in a special online auction benefiting the charity Autism Speaks.

Sabathia is one of the celebrities participating in the 2nd annual Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction, to help to celebrate the Easter season and support the autism cause.

Lindt is auctioning off celebrity-signed, porcelain versions of the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting Autism Speaks.

The auction is part of Lindt’s partnership with Autism Speaks – this is the third year Lindt has partnered with Autism Speaks during the Easter season to support those affected by autism and to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

Fans can start bidding on this one-of-a-kind item, signed by New York Yankees CC Sabathia at starting today April 4, 2011 thru April 9, 2011.

This is the greatest gift for any Yankees or baseball fan, as it is the gift that gives back. The picture above  is the real item you will be bidding on.

Good Luck and thank you CC for always making New York Yankee fans so proud!



New York Yankees: Super-Nova vs. Minnesota Twins Preview

In his first match-up, New York Yankees rookie pitcher Ivan Nova will take on the Minnesota Twins.

Technically, it is not Nova’s first time pitching in the Bronx, but it is his début as the official fourth starter in the 2011 pitching rotation.

Nova popped up mid-pennant race last season for seven starts; he posted a 1-2 record, a 4.50 ERA, striking out 26, over 42 innings pitched. He walked 17 batters and allowed 21 earn runs, but Nova’s overall performance wasn’t as bad as the stats make it seem. Still, the Nova from last year would not have been named as the Yankees fourth starter.

Nova improved from the experience and worked hard this off-season, as the pitcher that showed up in Spring Training was the Nova that won the job.

The game is at home and Yankee fans are hoping for a big performance from the 24-year-old in the Bronx, just like the Nova that posted a 1.80 ERA over 20 innings in Spring Training.

Nova did pitch one scoreless inning in relief against Minnesota last May.

The Yankees bats hit nine home-runs over the weekend, three from a typically April-slumping Mark Teixeira. The Yankees took two of three from the heavily loaded Detroit Tigers in their first season’s series; and even in the 10-7 loss, the Bombers were hitting as Jorge Posada went yard twice

As for the Twins, things haven’t been so smooth, dropping two of three to Toronto to avoid a sweep by winning on Sunday 4-3. It was closer Joe Nathan’s first save since 2009, but it was a little too close for comfort.

The Twins-nation has a major bone to pick or at least to break with the Yankees. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: Super-Nova vs. Minnesota Twins Preview’ »

New York Yankees: The Not So Evil Empire

The media has always made the New York Yankees payroll a focal point for criticizing the franchise for, in truth, their generous wallets.

So, after reading the recent article by Ronald Blum of the NY Post about how Yankees Alex Rodriguez is earning a paycheck that is just shy of the entire payroll of the Kansas City Royals, it got me thinking.…

This topic is not anything new for Yankee fans or anyone for that matter, but just as the media thrives on reminding people why to resent the Yankees, fans like myself need to let you know the truth.

The fact is the Yankees reputation is based on famously over-paying players, that are undeserving and overrated. The Yankee haters claim they grab the best of whatever the current baseball market has to offer, and unfairly presenting individuals with monster contracts that are impossible to match or to decline.

This way of thinking made me feel sorry for the literally poor Royals, as their lack of success was being hampered by their own abilities to offer only petty paychecks. This makes it seem that what is just one player to the Yankees could be new life for the Royals.

So, are the Yankees to blame for this and are they worthy of this reputation?

Most definitely, but why is this such an ‘evil’ thing? The Yankees aren’t stealing or asking for handouts, and the owners are beyond generous in their efforts to give New York the best team they possibly can.

Now, back to Blum’s article.

Blum was not openly criticizing A-rod or the Yankees, it is a mere comparison of actual numbers. It also reminded everyone, like we could forget, how rich A-rod is and how much the Yankees spend.

Blum is stating proven facts, and it makes the Royals out like abandoned orphans who are doing the best with what they have.

Conveniently, Blum omitted some important facts that made me change my whole original thoughts.

Here is what was left out:

Blum’s article states:

Kansas City’s payroll was cut in half from $72.3 million at the start of 2010. The Royals traded Zach Greinke and Gil Meche retired. The Yankees, as usual, had the top payroll but dropped to $201.7 million from $206.3 million at the start of last season.

This explains the Royals payroll, which currently stands at $36.1 million.

What Blum forgot to mention was that after the 2010 season, the Royals received a revenue check for $32 million (or more). This check comes out of the wealthy pockets of teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies, who each give up 34% profits so these lower market ball-clubs, like the Royals can have the funds to stay competitive.

According to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star, Forbes reported that the Royals are worth $351 million and that 2010 marked the seventh running year in a row the Royals have finished the season in the black (meaning the Royals were profitable). This was shocking, until I did some research on my own.

The Royals owner, David Glass the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc is worth billions of dollars. Translation is that Glass could spend $50 million on his team without blinking an eye, but instead Glass makes a profit at the expense of giving Royals fans a non-contending team.

While running Wal-Mart, Glass was the anchor behind the company’s expansion. The methods and ethics used to obtain the success with Wal-Mark are horrific. Glass boasted the fact that Wal-Mart products were made in the USA, when the truth is they were coming out of sweat-shops in Asia. You can read his reactions when asked about by Dateline in this blurb called NAILED in TIME MAGAZINE.

This makes me feel even worse for Kansas City and the Royals fans because their beloved ball-club is at the hands of a greedy billionaire, whose priority is to add more zeros onto his billions.

In turn, this makes Blum’s article lose its creditability, as it is pointless without giving us all the facts. Unless, Blum was just taking a subtle jab to remind people why they should hate A-rod and the Yankees.

All Yankee fans can do is thank their lucky stars that the Steinbrenner family is so overly unselfish. Continue reading ‘New York Yankees: The Not So Evil Empire’ »