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2011 New York Yankees: What Do May, June And # 28 Have In Common?

New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia earned his second win, as the team whacked the Chicago White Sox right out of the Bronx after Thursday night’s 12-3 win and spilting the four game set with Ozzie’s boys.

The Bombers have been cruising right along in April, and certainly earning their nickname leading the Majors with 41 homeruns. Just so you get how good a number that is, following behind the Yankees with 33 homers is the Texas Rangers, who have played three more games due to all the rain delays in New York.

The Yankees also lead in slugging percentage with .485; rank third in RBIs with 125; fifth in OBP posting a .335; fifth in runs with 126 and they are tied, with the Minnesota Twins for second to last in strikeouts with 145.

Look I am well aware that these are just April’s numbers, but something has to be said after all the negative pre-season talk surrounding the 2011 Yankees.

Having a bench of veteran All-Stars might be brilliant and I expect it to continue through the season because between Andruw Jones and Eric Chavez they have 16 Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers and appearing on the MVP ballot in nine seasons.

Sorry, I have even had enough of my new Brian Cashman fixation when in essence the man was just doing his job.

My point is that as fun as April has been and about to be was, in the next 24 hours the calendar will read May and looking at the Yankees schedule to say they will be tested is an understatement.

May gradually gets pretty tough, as the Yankees play a series against all four AL East teams, who all want to kill each other.

Then the Yanks hit the road three times to visit the Tigers, Rangers, squeeze in a Subway Series at home and end the month out West with three game sets against the A’s and Mariners.

The above is accurate, except the AL East series are scattered but all are happening in May.

Why am I bothering to recite the Yankees schedule, like some babbling idiot?

Well, have you looked over the Yankees schedule for May and June?

If your answer is YES, than you must understand exactly where I am coming from.

The months of May and June could very well decide the Yankees fate because the summer is going to be brutally hard.

Don’t think I am jumping the gun here.

In June the Yankees, like every other team, play four inter-league series and they will face the Cubs, Reds, Rockies and Brewers. All four are hot NL teams with pitching that the Yankees are entirely unacquainted with, which does NOT work in their favor.

Then throw in series against the Red Sox, Angels, Indians and Rangers before even wishing America a Happy Birthday.

So, now do you get what Do May, June And # 28 Have In Common?

Simply, that the next two months will prove a lot and it could end any hope of #28 in 2011.

Hey maybe this first month’s courteous start is officially over, but it surely doesn’t mean the honeymoon phase has to end.

Let’s go Yankees!!


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New York Yankees: Mark Teixeira Leaves Game Listed As Day-To-Day

ESPN New York is reporting that New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira had to leave the 3-1 Wednesday night against the Chicago White Sox because of shoulder discomfort.

Tex exited that game in the middle of the eighth inning, instead of finishing the last inning and a half.

Losing Tex would be a HUGE blow to the Yankees, as he is the part of the Yankees 3-4-5 heart of the batting order.

Tex has five homeruns, 13 RBIs and five doubles already this season. It was the best start to a season in Tex’s career.

ESPN has changed Teixeira’s player profile status as DAY-TO-DAY.

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Bartolo Colon: CY Young Zero To New York Yankees Hero? Who Knew

After winning the 2005 CY Young Award (MVP for pitching), Bartolo Colon went from pitching hero to CY Young zero pretty quickly.

Physically, Colon was never the poster boy for anything athletic. Standing at 5’11 and hovering around 250 lbs. certainly explained the numerous injuries, which understandably exhibited a poor and lazy attitude.

In 2005, the 32-year-old Colon made 33 starts and posted a 21-8 record, with a 3.48 ERA, 157 strikeouts, over 223 innings for the Los Angeles Angels.

Even though 2005 earned Colon the coveted CY Young Award, this was not his best season on record but it would prove what seemed to be his last.

Following being the best pitcher in baseball, the next four seasons were atrocious, as Colon’s downfall compares best to that of the 2007 New York Mets. It was that bad.

From 2006-2009, Colon played for the Angels, Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox. In total he made 47 starts, posting a 14-21 record, with an ERA just shy of 5.00, while striking out 172 batters, over 256 innings in total.

So, anybody saying that Yankee fans had no foundation to be apprehensive is just a hater because Colon’s history did not spell anything but possible problem.

Rightfully the Brian Cashman criticism followed, as confusion over the definition of a GM’s job was being questioned. Wasn’t a GM supposed to sign players to help the team win?

Well, Colon is making Cashman look like a certified genius.

Look, I am not forgetting that this was a HUGE gamble for Cashman and even though it is working out BIG time, it could have easily gone south too but it didn’t.

Fact is at 38-years-old and still way over-weight, Colon can still pitch and completely control a baseball game. Colon throws the ball sharply, with enough velocity (clocking a mid-90’s fastball) and movement to be game winning effective starter.

In 2011, Colon has made two starts and three appearances in long-relief, posting a 2-1 record, with a 2.77 ERA, with 26 strikeouts over a total of 26 innings. Opposing bats are averaging .237 when Colon is on the hump.

I witnessed Colon throw eight brilliant innings against the White Sox at the Stadium on Wednesday night, leading the Yankees to a much-needed win following two losses in a row.

Point is, what potentially could have been a mess with the unfortunate Phil Hughes situation; has actually become an unexpected shock.

At this point, even if Colon fell on his face, he has delivered well beyond any Yankee fans expectations and it has been an absolute pleasure thus far.

To be honest, I am still in complete shock at what Colon and the rest of the tattered veterans are doing in the Bronx thus far in 2011.


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New York Yankees: White Sox Not Struggling Thanks To Rafael Soriano

It was another tough night in the Bronx, as the New York Yankees lost for the second night in a row to the Chicago White Sox.

Rookie pitcher Ivan Nova pitched a great game, as did White Sox’s Gavin Floyd who was still on the bump on the ninth inning. Skipper Ozzie Guillen knows that his bullpen has blown too many close games already this season so it was a no-brainer to leave Floyd out there while he was still dealing.

Ivan Nova left the game to 40,000+ Yankee fans on their feet cheering on a great outing, smart move by skipper Joe Girardi to get Nova out on a high like that.

David Robertson came in and did his job, keeping the White Sox at bay 2-1 but handing the ball to 2010’s AL top closer once again failed the Yankees.

Rafael Soriano is definitely proving GM Brian Cashman’s reasoning behind NOT signing him during the off-season semi-true.

Hey, I was a huge supporter in grabbing Soriano after being burned by Cliff Lee. I thought Soriano would make the bullpen lights-out, but he honestly just looks like he doesn’t care.

Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan and Robertson have all shaken off their early season jitters and are whizzing threw innings to keep the team in a position to win. These are the younger pitchers who should be admiring Soriano and it is not even his performance necessarily, but his attitude, which is evident and apparent when he gets into trouble.

Look, I hate to admit booing players and up to this point, other than Kyle Farnsworth I have been not participated in that at games. Then I sat tonight watching a pitcher who just didn’t seem to care, as if it was everybody’s fault but his and that is what bothered me more.

At this point I need to get a tattoo on my forehead that reads, CASHMAN RIGHT. I AM SORRY.

This is not disregarding what Hank and Hal Steinbrenner had to do because Yankees fans would have rioted if the off-season did produce some big-time player contract signing. That my friend, is a fact.

So after the amount of time I wasted criticizing Cashman, look at how things are turning out. Guess that is why I am not the Yankees GM, but can I please blame something for all of my anger?

Yes, it is crazy but the rejection by Cliff Lee did break my heart a little because who would not want to come to New York? It is my hometown and isn’t everything about money these days?

Add that to the re-signing Derek Jeter stress, and my aggression had to be taken out on someone, I guess. I just forgot that being the most expensive doesn’t guarantee anything but a nicer seat.

Hey, now who looks like the fool?

I do but booing doesn’t make me look any better.

What it really comes down too is the reality is that Soriano has appeared in 10 games this season and the team boosts a 7-3 record respectively.

So, it is more of just expecting Soriano to be a little bit better and maybe it is because I wanted him to be the Cliff Lee the Yankees will never have.

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New York Yankees: Remember Pitcher Ian Kennedy, Let Me Help

After watching the New York Yankees bats waste a great outing from AJ Burnett in a 3-0 loss to the Chicago White Sox in the first of a four game set, I turned to the MLB Network to see what else was happening in baseball.

First came the phone-in from White Sox pitcher Phil Humber and some well-deserved congratulations for stunning the Yankees, getting the White Sox a much needed win. This was Humber’s sixth start in his career and the first time he went past six innings ever, as he had a no-hitter through seven until A-rod broke it up.

This is a typical performance from the Yankees, who are known to get beaten by pitchers they have never faced before, a theme that was repeated over and over by the MLB Network’s round table.

I almost changed the channel after the tenth Brian Wilson beard commercial, but I held out once I heard Arizona Diamondback and ex-New York Yankee Ian Kennedy was flanking the Philadelphia Phillies was coming up LIVE.

Kennedy was part of the Yankees trio of Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes, and tonight he posted his first complete game shutout tonight against the Phillies.

What is even more gratifying is that Cliff Lee was the opposing pitcher, but I am not done yet. Kennedy became a dad this past Sunday morning at 2:04am and it took the new dad 2 hours and 4 minutes to get the win. Kennedy still has that wicked change-up that seems to be clocking in in the low 90’s.

Goodness, maybe the Yankees let the wrong one of the trio go? Considering Chamberlain is about to hang up his gloves and call it a career; while Hughes is getting an MRI as his dead arm is still well…. dead.

Congratulations to Kennedy, his family and the Diamondbacks for shutting down the predicted 2011 World Series Champions.

Quick note: This is regarding Wilson’s beard; after getting embarrassed by the Atlanta Braves in your own house, don’t you think it is time to shave that thing off. I presume Wilson’s extra paycheck is coming from the beard, but the Giants are not winning. You would think a four game sweep by a team that you beat in the playoffs last season would be enough of a reason to grab that BIC, because no one is fearing much except Timmy Lincecum, who might not even like baseball that much.

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